#KL112 was historic in more ways than one. Those Malaysians at yesterday’s rally unchained their fears and soared to new heights.

KL112 at Stadium Merdeka

Malaysians now have a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the country and they can see the change sweeping the land – Photograph: Allan

They flew so high they touched a rainbow. No, no, THEY were the rainbow, a splash of colours representing various causes and strands of Malaysians society.

And they proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Malaysians can rally peacefully if there are no provocateurs, if force is not used against them.

Tens of thousands of ordinary Malaysians unshackled themselves from the chains of fear. They reclaimed Merdeka Stadium, the venue where the nation hosted the official ceremony of the Independence of Malaya.

Ready to roll - Photograph: Allan

Ready to roll – Photograph: Allan

In so doing, they have inspired countless others to believe that a new Malaysia is possible.

How times have changed. Even the police found a new way of managing rallies – though how much that was due to an impending general election is hard to say. Never mind that they later downgraded their estimate of the crowd size to 45000 on second thought and for obvious reasons. People – at least those with access to alternative media – know the real turnout, though perhaps the target of the official figure were the rural voters with no access to the new media.

It was pathetic, however, to watch the mainstream trying to ‘manage’ the news when the photographs of the huge crowd all over Twitter and Facebook are unmistakable.

Whatever it is, the well over 100000 Malaysians have galvanised many others across the country to ‘think the possible’ (which was once deemed ‘impossible), that real change is possible.