#KL112 – Did you hear the people sing?


Oh, and did you hear the people sing? Amazing scenes here as Ito Mohd of the Blues Gang took to the stage.

Ito himself said he had never performed before such a large crowd before. Coming from the vocalist of a popular local blues and rock band, that is saying something.

Ubah sekarang…, he sang, as the crowd joined in.

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  1. That uprising may not be loud enough for those at Putrajaya, may be the morons were too far away from Mederka Stadium or may be they were all deaf for what the people want and wish to say to them.
    Nevertheless to ensure these morons do not give any more excuses just kick them out of Putrajaya in the coming GE ! Best of all have them indicted for all the abuses and atrocities they have committed over the past 56 years and don’t forget … Petronas … why he is hanging on to the post of adviser of Petronas, what does he know about petrol he and his wife are only small country town doctors.


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