Unruly mob disrupts Zunar’s exhibition in Penang


What’s going on in our country when even the authorities seem helpless to contain the lawlessness perpetrated by another pro-Umno mob?

Those in the mob didn’t even seem the least bit perturbed about the police who were present. Who are these people to give a 30-minute ultimatum to Zunar? Did they have a court order? Did they give the police 10 days’ notice for their assembly as required under the Peaceful Assembly Act?

What they don’t realise is that they are only making Zunar more famous locally and internationally while further tarnishing the image of the party they support (as images of the thugs in action spread on social media).

Komtar, where the exhibition took place, is less than one kilometre (actually about 700 metres) away from the Penang police contingent headquarters. And yet, these people felt they could act with impunity.

You can see a familiar face among the mob, if you look closely enough.

Where is the rule of law? What do the national leaders have to say about this?

Meanwhile, Maria Chin, who peacefully campaigns for basic rights and electoral reforms, languishes in a cell in solitary confinement without trial under the draconian Sosma.


  1. “familiar face among the mob” – same people who protest regularly at Komtar, perhaps being fed with dedak to display rowdy and kurang ajar behaviour.

  2. Pro Umno mob are getting bold as the police are closing one eye. They can even attack MP at the parliament compound!

    Are they trying to evoke the memories of May 13?
    Already some of the readers on this blog are so scared that they are trying to be indebted to the police to protect them.

    I think it is good that the new purple brigade in Penang can counter such Samseng elements.

    I also hope that (a certain party) can control the emotions of its members and not be manipulated by those pro Umno elements.

    • Don’t fall into their trap using Purple Brigade.
      Already, a man with no violence but instead was punched get arrested.
      What more an excuse to arrest the Brigade should they act on their own against such (paid?) gangsters in the name of public security. You get what I mean?
      Think carefully, not get EMO.
      Praising the Polis @ Bersih 5 (read this: @ Bersih 5) for protecting a peaceful assembly & thus has thwarted the Reds’ propensity for violence has actually averted a possible 513 incident. Does praising the Polis gets one protection? You must be dreaming!
      Maybe, you should learn a thing or 2 from “Superman” Hew Kuan Yau on the Art of War.

      • Art of War is a strategy to counter enemies.
        Much like playing Chinese chess of strategic moves.
        Art of War is a useful business tool in day-2-day management for competitive advantage, building employee trust & strong corporate culture, disruptive marketing, deceiving competitors & winning customers with better perception + brand promises.

        Today, Naik Jeep Brand is slipping further as a loser brand with zero brand equity & absolute brand distrust.

  3. STAR sooooooo quiet!!!
    It is as if such local (Penang) public disturbance & gangsterism escaped the eyes & ears of its reporters.
    What a media shame to be a Penang paper now worthy for the hawker stalls’ ‘tar pau’ wrappings.
    Again, SHAME on You, The Star Kay Bo!

  4. Will Zunar cower to these ‘B…
    State gomen should request security protection for the exhibition programs already planned.
    let this gangsterism be not a precedence for these B…..

  5. Rowdy group lodges report after thrashing Zunar event

    What the hack! These Transgressors have the bile to make a report after committing violence in public?
    They should be arrested on the spot for throwing threats, disturbing the peace, damaging private properties & disobeying law enforcement officers.
    Is this the beginning of Gangsterism Without Fear of Law & Order Enforcement in Malaysia?

      • Take a look at the key transgressors & you will see a number of hot-headed …
        FYI, I have met some … in business dealings & they are more fired-up (without common sense nor EQ) than any genuine Nusantara Malay (majority of whom are courteous – budi-bahasa) when it comes to politics for the Melayu…

      • (Some) are more fervour in their blind support for Umno and (may) turn violent in their action repeatedly at Komtar. I have stopped patronising Nadia Kandar for the obvious reason.

      • Using social media such as Twitters & WhatsApp to spread perception & influence on change / switch of brand purchase is perfectly legal. Whether it’s for bad or for good perception.
        It is also called sharing customer experience & brand votes.
        More effective & high trustworthiness esp when shared among friends, relatives & colleagues even before actual brand experience.
        Twitters, Snapchat & WhatsApp for fast-track brand change or brand avoidance at all costs.

      • Nasi Kandar is no cheap meal.
        Save some money eating Economy Rice or even Nasi Lemak & if you like Zunar’s comics, buy one from above mentioned saving to help him & his family.

    • Penang’s Gerakan won’t voice out loud for fear of the same fate as Malaysiakini.
      Remember KSK’s poster tear-up by incensed-on-the-verge-of-madness individuals?
      Gerakan should change its name to KIWI G.
      Slogan: “When your BN shoes shine, so do you” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Another day of Gangsters-on-the-Loose.
    There is one Polis beat base on 4th Flr (just above) from where the officers frequently ronda Komtar.
    Now, what are they supposed to do where rowdiness is concerned?
    The increasing number of such unwarranted threats to others (Malaysiakini, Bersih 5 supporters, Pg CM LGE, Khalid Samad) shows only one trend:
    whoever the cowards are using these (paid?) Gangsters-on-the-Loose to intimidate others from expressing.
    No point sending in riot control after the fact of thrashing Zunar’s exhibits.
    Zunar, be strong.

    • A country’s rule & order is reflected by it’s ‘parenting’ of its citizens.
      Gangsterism (on pay-roll) reflects on the mentality & cowardice of its leaders.
      Abuse of laws shows deficit of morality in the hearts of the ruling.

      Only Karma will hit back on those (evils)…



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