Stateless residents rally at Penang NRD, they want citizenship too


Stateless residents, after hearing what happened in Sabah, have gathered at the Penang NRD to ask that they be given citizenship as well.

This was the scene at the NRD office at Anson Road this morning:

stateless people apply for citizenship
Photograph: Henry Loh


Earlier, police had tried to block them from entering.

The stateless residents were led by PKR lawyer N Surendran.

They were also accompanied by Penang state assembly members Sim Tze Tzin, Ng Wei Aik and Jason Ong.

I can emphatise with their plight: my own maternal grandmother had a red IC until her demise despite residing in the country for three decades and prior to that in Singapore after her wedding in the pre-War era.

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  1. Dear Anil,
    Thank you very much for this article. I am interested in conducting research on citizenship claims being made by stateless persons in Malaysia, and am wondering if I could get in touch with you to ask a few follow-up questions about this piece? I can be contacted at the email address provided. Thanks!

  2. The Indians who were ferried by buses to Kuala Lumpur to celebrate Ponggal at Dataran Merdeka’ were promised (some allgedly paid) money … Can we compare that with the 112 Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat at the Merdeka Stadium organised by the Pakatan Rakyat? We went by commuter train and had lunch at our own expenses. We contributed to the economy in a small way by buying drinks/food and cap to keep away the hot sun from the hawkers there. And on top of that, instead of getting money, we donated to the cost of the gathering. We heard that the sum of over RM 250 thousands was collected on that single day. That is what we called commitment from the heart.

    • The Indians here also deprived of the entertainment from that latest Kamal Hassan’s movie that has been suspended, so that they could focus on the IM4U message for votes?

    • Also sad to see rich Indian like Tony Fernandez decided to waste money on QPR and F1 instead of channeling the money to help fellow Indians in need.

  3. Most Malaysians are just tired with all the bulls… mismanagement and corruption going on. In the end it’s not really about BN vs Pakatan. It’s about change and fighting for basic human rights.

    I am for change and as a mature citizen, I will exercise my right to push for that, based on what’s guaranteed in the Constitution. BN started out with good intentions but after 50 years or so, they’ve become corrupt and rotten to the core. Yes, there are still noble BN politicians out there but they aren’t given a chance. I have no doubt that if KuLi was made PM back in the day, Malaysia wouldn’t be in the current state it is now in.

    I will be voting for change. I care enough about the future generation and other Malaysians to not let my vote go to waste.

  4. During the mkutty period the Muslim from Bangla, Indonesia and Cambodia were allowed to come and work in the country and in the process given citizenship. The Malay here thought that mkutty were doing them a favour but in fact these Muslim immigrants were allowed to have the same rights and privileges which have diluted the Malay participation in the country development and privileges. Look at the Indian Muslim and Indonesians where they have grab most of the many development that were supposed to be given to the Malays. It is this ytype of racism and chauvinism that have divided the country through races and religion that our country have lagged behind many of the developing nation such as Korea, HK, Taiwan, Singapore & Thailand. Indonesia, Philippine and Cambodia, Vietnam and many countries that have once lagged behind us are now catching up and on par or ahead of us.

    While many recent immigrants such as from Bangle and Indonesia are able to obtain citizen, many Indians who have stayed here for decade are still stateless. This is the divide and rule of the mukktyy who until now have spewed racism and religiousn as patronage of pekasa.

    Lets us kick ou 54 years of racism and chauvinism. Make the right choice

  5. One can be born and live in Malaysia for all your life the fact remains you are unlike the imported immigrants who can get his or citizenship within hours of arrival so long as the shenanigan Mahathir was assured of your vote for him to remain in Putrajaya.
    That was how he remained as chief tenant in Putrajaya for 22 years, you can go along with whatever he is scheming for the scumbags and parasites and may be he might have his cronies in the home ministry to grant you the citizenship before you die.

    • PKR vice-president N Surendran described the raft of measures for the improvement of the lot of Indian Malaysians announced by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak as “dabbling in Bollywood-style theatre rather than dealing with the sorry realities on the ground.” How true!

      BN was not able to solve the issue of several thousand stateless Indian people in Malaysia for past 55 years, do Indian still need to vote for BN? Wake-up Indians! Why not Indians give a chance to PKR for one term (5 years) and see what PKR can do for Indian. I believe the state of Indians will not become worse than what they have now in 5 years’ time.


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