Incredible. I am lost for words. But then again, this photo says it all. Words are superfluous.

[Terkini] Saudara Rafizi direman lagi 3 hari.Hanya kerana melawan rasuah dan kezaliman.

Posted by Rafizi Ramli on Friday, 27 March 2015


  1. Becoming arrested is becoming a badge of honour (and not of shame) in 1Malaysia ?

    Like during the days of apartheid South Africa ?
    Where ANC political leaders and activists experienced the same thing ?

      • segar ; Yes a fool understand his democratic rights and will not disrupt the democratic rights of others unlike the too smart that keep on disrupting the democratic rights of others through illegal rally, gate crashing through public university gates, rally at public place like Sogo and so on. When arrested they say their democractic rights of freedom and expression is being infringed. What a joke. I have been a real fool for too long

  2. Makes a FANTASTIC poster for GE14. What more proof needed that Rafizi is doing great job fighting corruption and abuses?

    Reminds me of the votes that Anwar’s mata lebam (courtesy of then-IGP Rahim Noor) won for Parti Keadilan.

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