Alert: Now they are trying to deny bail for sedition


Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse. They are trying to amend the Sedition Act in Parliament.

Why should the public prosecutor be given the power to decide who is entitled to bail? Who appointed him/her judge? Shouldn’t this be left to the magistrate or judge to decide?

Abolish the colonial era Sedition Act! No to authoritarian rule!

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  1. Alert: Now they are trying to deny bail for sedition

    What a shame…

    It can only happen in Bolehland.

    “I am not interested in power for power’s sake, but I’m interested in power that is moral, that is right and that is good” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    “No matter how noble the objectives of a government, if it blurs decency and kindness, cheapens human life and breeds ill will and suspicion – it is an evil government” – Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind 1954

    What power has law… where only money rules – Petronius

    You be the judge.

  2. My support of the ISA, POTA or Sedition Act is not because of BN or PR. Let me narrate why there is a need for such act. China opened up the country in 1979 under Deng Xiao Peng. It has been progressing very well until today only with a small blot in 1989. In 1989, millions come out to demonstrate. It later spread to others cities. Our demonstration is minute compared to them. The govt take action and hundred were killed. During that time as a businessman in Komtar, we were debating whether it is right or wrong. My friend said it is wrong while I agreed with the Chinese govt action.

    I think I am right, because if such action has not been taken, China may go the way of the Soviet Union and disintegrated. China would not have been what it is today if such action has not been taken. The country could have been destabilize and more will be killed and there could be chaos and disorder. As such, I support the sedition and ISA/POTA act which is still relevant under current circumstance. Recent happening in Hong Kong is a good example of how the opposition can misuse their democratic rights and freedom.

    • The ideology of the Communist Party of China has always been the one party system with total allegiance of its citizens towards it; which is a replica of the emperor-subject relationship of the past. Under such an arrangement, the government rules over but not necessarily for the people. After all, there is no mechanism such as a free and fair election for the people to decide on their government of choice. That was why the leaders had had no compunction to massacre hundreds of peaceful protesters at the Tiannanmen Square in 1989 which were deemed as threat to the existing order. For the same reasons, social and political activists are being sent to prison today for simply asking their leaders to declare their assets.

      The current economic progress of China is due to a hardworking and industrious people who also place great importance in education. Given the right environment and opportunities, the people of this particular ethnic group tends to thrive in almost everywhere they set their feet on, be it in Asia, Europe or the American continent. However, the centralized economic and social policies of the Mao era proved to be too stifling. But when Deng Xiao Peng liberalized China’s economic policies, it was akin to the unleashing of the long suppressed human potential of hundreds of millions of people thus bringing about the phenomenal progress of the country. In short, I am convinced that the economic success of China, just like Singapore, is due mainly to their people and the liberal economic policies and not the draconian laws that are largely aimed at stifling political dissents.

    • Another one of those jerk trying to pin the blame on others just like DAP trying to pin the blame on hudud to BN UMNO Gerakan and MCA when they are the one that is the cause of it. Why did you not blame Pakatan when their MP goes missing during the POTA vote

      • Knee jerk reaction from Yang to criticize others not looking into the mirror? Someone whose housing career being monitored for no hanky panky transactions still playing cat and mouse games? Truly give a bad name to historically illustrious Yang clans from China Song dynasty what ang moh says a rotten Apple spoils the whole barrel???

      • tua kee lang ; As usual you are ignorant. I am not in housing career. I hate to see the people being cheated with lies and deceit. They keep telling the people they are building so many 72k LMC when in fact there is none. The 72k LMC is in fact 180k – 240k. Do you remember those that go to Komtar and cry. They betrayed us on hudud. Now they have betrayed us on POTA. Pakatan members ponteng. Our heritage and environment have been compromised. Botak hill is one good example. Enough with the CAT lies and deception. .

        I have always been a supporter of the ISA and Sedition Act since at a very young age as a police officer in Singapore. Its not because of any political affiliation but I think it is a good act I would not want to continue to be an obsessive and foolish DAP sycophants like you anymore. DAP victory open my eyes to their lies and deceit. If you ask me now, I would tell you I trust BN more than Pakatan. Remember the defacto called you Chinese stupid. I believed you are very happy about that since you are such an obsessive supporters.

      • Tua Kee ; Ya and don`t use such history as an example. You ain`t seen nothing yet of the drama which is being make it up piece by piece by historian. Only an obsessive mind would believe 100% in it. A wise man never knows all, only fools know everything.


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