Johor police show the way in separating Red Shirts from Bersih 5 convoy


Johor police appear to have acted professionally and firmly in keeping the Red Shirts away from a Bersih 5 convoy on 1 October 2016 without resorting to heavy-handed tactics or brutality. This is in sharp contrast to what happened in Perak.

Hopefully, their counterparts in the other states can emulate the Johor police in the way they separated the Red Shirts from the Bersih 5 supporters.

On a different note, politicians and the media should stop using the word “clashes” to describe the Red Shirts’ attempts to intimidate Bersih 5 supporters. This is a distortion of reality. The word clashes implies that both sides were out for a fight or to confront each other, when clearly this was not the case.

In what we witnessed, one side was clearly the aggressor in the way they harassed, intimidated, confronted and blocked the other side, who were asserting their democratic right to assemble peacefully.

So, use words such as intimidation, harassment and aggression instead to describe what is happening in reality.

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  1. Two men wearing Bersih T-shirts were pelted with eggs by red shirt supporters in Sabak Bernam today.

    The two motorcyclists were attacked when they crossed the street into the red shirts area.

    An eyewitness said the men approached the red shirts after they were pelted with eggs from across the street.

    Police however said the men had wanted to go home, and decided to go through the road controlled by the red shirts.

    • Johor gets many foreigners to buy the condominiums in Iskandar. The authority and the Sultan would not want Jamal and the red gang to create unrest and nuisance that could jeopadise the buying mood among the foreigners.

      • Many “foreign” owners of Penang condos, so red shirts better beware don’t fall into bad records.
        Now Penang has no own peacekeeping security to counter such nuisances, so blame who?


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