Jamming in support of migrant and refugee rights


Come on everyone, let’s show our support – and have some fun in the process – for the rights of migrants and refugees, who often suffer much exploitation and abuse.

Migrants and refugees
Migrants and refugees
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  1. To stop human trafficking, the best way is to learn how to do without foreign workers.
    Without the need for foreign workforce, we could curb illegal activities of human trafficking.

    • This is a good comment on Malaysiakini:

      Malaysia has been over dependent on foreigners, no thanks to Umno Baru’s screwed-up policies. Malaysia is a small country with a small population and we should have up-skilled using more automation, adopting the New Zealand/Australia model.

      Unfortunately due to Umno Baru’s self-enriching policy, Malaysia is importing millions and millions of cheap and low-skill labour.

      The labour importing agent (cronies) make a huge sum of money for every labourer imported, and then dump them with another sub-agent (another crony who makes another sum of money) and finally to the employer.

      By allowing cheap labour into Malaysia, it discourages local employers from upgrading or automating. Thus Malaysia today is becoming a low-skill economy.

      And every year billions of ringgit are sent home by foreigners, causing a huge outflow and depreciating the ringgit and bleeding Malaysia.


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