Alert: Pota bills up for reading in Parliament on Monday (Updated)


Update (3.40pm): The Prevention of Terrorism bill was tabled today in Parliament. The bill, which allows for detention without trial similar to the ISA, will go for a second reading this week. “They’re going to steamroll the bill through,” says one MP in Parliament.

Preventive detention could very well be making a return soon with the tabling of the Prevention of Terrorism bill and a string of other related bills in Parliament tomorrow. We got rid of the ISA, which allowed detention without trial, not too long ago. Now this…

Apparently, the MPs have not yet seen the bills? Why the hurry to table them then?

Remember, when the ISA was introduced in 1960, assurances were given to MPs that it would only be use against terrorists, a reference to the communists back then. But we know how the ISA was used after that.

Besides, we already have an array of laws now to deal with terrorism e.g in the Penal Code etc.

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  1. Malaysians would rather have the police concentrate on their crime and security mission rather than take on a political role.

  2. The opposition were given the chance with the abolishment of the ISA but they took advantage and abuse the democratic rights and freedom they had

  3. The opposition were given a chance with the abolishment of the ISA but they took advantage and abuse the democratic freedom given to them.

  4. With PR in shambles, they are going to do this no matter what the objections..The ohly practical issue to really go at is what is the definition of “terrorism” and “terror” in the first place?

  5. The govt & Najib in good faith when repealing the ISA had hope that the opposition would act responsibly it was not so. Instead they have acted very irresponsibly going against the law disrupting others` democratic rights of freedom. It was the right move

  6. DAP & opposition praised Lee Kuan Yew wholeheartedly from top to bottom. They should not opposed this bill if they have heard what he said.


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