Fairyland of flickering lights reflect fervent hope for democracy (Video)


A warm glow from tens of thousands of flickering lights pierced the darkness outside Amcorp Mall in PJ as tens of thousands of Malaysians raised their hands to toast the cause of democracy and reformasi.

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  1. Than God all those who made their statements evident for the whole world to see were unharmed! We have yet to make serious INroads into this quest of dislodging Najib’s GOM! Next thing which needed done will be to file as many Petitions to warrant by-Es! The road is though for the Court is not the final stage! We will be banking on Bersih’s People’s Tribunal a great deal!
    Let us see what Malaysian Courts have in store for us!
    We have done rallies and will be facing Sedition Acts before the airhead HomMin Zahid …. ! He has so much to lose!
    We are still waiting for him to explain the `missing’ residual 160 Kiram Invaders!
    Its deathly quiet on the `war’ front with 12 battalions, hardware and Police in tow!
    Wait the Police is now under his watch!… Where else can a `war’ waged but lulled for GE13 and then hardly any peep!


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