‘Listen! Listen!’ – Malaysia’s answer to Gangnam-style


Step aside, Psy. The Gangnam craze is giving way to Malaysia’s very own “Listen! Listen!” dance remix, which is going viral across the country.

Indeed, creative and outraged Malaysians are turning the tables against the latest attempt at brainwashing and indoctrinating our university students.

Why, netizens have even made “Listen! Listen!” ring tones that can be downloaded!

In case you are wondering what this is all about, the clip below is of the original indoctrination session. It is a classic example of how our students are brainwashed by the system. Notice the bullying and intimidation of the courageous and outspoken student, Bawani, who to her credit remains unfazed:

In this instance, the brainwashing session has been exposed. And what an “insanely idiotic” response from the emcee. Thanks to blog reader Ranen Bhattacharyya for sending in the following link:

Listen, listen, no more brainwashing, okay? Listen, when we the people speak…

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  1. Very intimidating: “Listen, Listen, Listen, Let Me Speak, Let Me Speak”.
    Very Rude, Very Rude, Very Rude, Cutting Short Other’s Freedom of Truth Opinion.

    Yet she craved for respect from a junior, intimidated. She think she has more right over other to speak. She Got Big BTN-Head Problem with Anjing, Lembu, Ikan. Apa Lagi Bodoh-an?

    This Sha-lee-f… has no iota of good public speaking skills. Much less emotional intelligence. My Indian friends in the estates have better ‘education in human discourse’.

    Another instance, why show a video of end-time in USA?

    Bawani, this is not the end of the world (for you & like-minded brave).
    Anyway, the private sector would love to employ you who have more brain & brawn than some dudes in the hall.

    The last time I drank a toddy bought in a coconut estate from an Indian off the trunk road on my way to Mahang rainforest, it was the best pure afternoon toddy drink of my life. An unforgettable first time drink of great social camaderia among the color blinded.

    Cheers Toddy kau kau to all who think & breath beyond Lembu, Anjing, Ikan.

  2. What she is implying is that Malaysian Indians are “pendatang”(immigrant,outsiders).It seems to Norhayati that her community had sacrificed a lot in giving us Indians citizenship and we are an ungrateful lot and asking for more than what we had bargained for.Looks like a certain section … is still reluctant to accept Malaysian Indians of South Indian(Dravidian)descent(the offspring of those South Indians who had slaved and laboured in the plantation sector,construction of railway lines,roads and buildings in the then Malaya to make it prosperous)as citizens with equal rights..It’s funny though, if the Indian is of North Indian(Aryan) descent or muslim this ethnic group will have no qualms in embracing him and giving him citizenship and other privileges(note: Shah Rukh Khan and the Bangladeshi workers) while Malaysian Indians (whose forefathers had toiled day and night with blood,sweat and tears ,some even sacrificing their lives clearing the virgin jungles to bring modernisation to Malaya)now had to bear discrimination,taunts and other insults.We Malaysian Indians are not asking for free handouts.We are only asking what is rightfully ours in accordance to the constitution.

    • Wonder how Kayveas of PPP and that Kamanathan of MIC would response to such racist allegations by Wanita Umno. Chances are they would kow tow to Umno’s brand of ketuanan melayu. Indians being the so-called kingmaker in PRU13 should know how to vote to punish Umno.

  3. Hopefully more undergraduates can use their Najib-subsidised smartphones to capture BTN brainwashing in session in their campus and post them on Youtube for all to see.

  4. i neva seen such and idiotic character like you sharifah, u look so beautiful but ur behaviour so ugly. u say dun compare our malaysia with others country… but when there is things like fuel hike, tol price YOUR UMNO MINISTERS ALWAYS COMPARE our country with other country price. U SHUD ASK THEM Y THEY ARE HERE ALSO. do not think u are too smart, listen and think logically before commenting. take it easy.

    • Wanita Umno member Norhayati Saiddin wrote in her Facebook posting: “Deii Bawani.. kalau mau pendidikan percuma tanggechi pergi ler belajar sana India… you mother land.. sana tanggechi boleh dapat pree… ammakk!!” (Bawani… if you want free education, go and study in India, your motherland. There you can get free…)

      “Untung lorrr… dulu India banyak duduk estet… itu jamban pun lu orang tarak tau… sekarang India org banyak mahu sebab itu BN ada perintah ini negeri.” (It’s a privilege.. before Indians mostly lived in estates. They didn’t even know toilets. Now Indians have a lot of demands that is why BN rules this country.)

      Norhayati’s Facebook also had a photograph of her posing with three other Wanita Umno members at a function.

      This is really an insult to the Indian community.
      Wonder what MIC would say.

      • You know why?
        These dumb BTN-ed brains can’t see a multi-racial country, much less has any respect for other races. Makan, tidur, makan like this dumbed Sha-lee-f…

  5. In the video, we see a panellist “Peter” who stood up and said he wanted to say something but he was very rudely and condescendingly shut off by Sharifah (respect?? obviousy she does not know the meaning of the word) who said “No” to him in no uncertain terms, curtly saying that the audience was already tired.

    Wonder what was it that Peter wanted to say?

    • Yes, we will never know now… And then there is the classic diversion tactic to hawk off Galaxy stuff.

  6. We are now witnessing the effect of the damage of BTN in the university campus.
    BTN ideology has infiltrated the enviroment in the higher institution of learning.

    DPM/Education Minister has introduced a third paper for SPM Sejarah that is compulsory.
    Be afraid, BTN doctrines is now reinforced in the secondary school curriculum.
    Your children will be brainwashed by those propaganda/ideology subconciously in their pursuit of another A in SPM!

  7. Anil, I was waiting for you to comment on this incident!! Thank you!
    SW1M is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. I visited their facebook page and found their posts laughable. Very immature, which makes me wonder just how easy it is to “make it” in this BN led country.

    Bawani KS and Adam Aidil are role models for young Malaysians to follow.

    I love how this video popped up right after KL112!

    • Yes, perfect timing. The video has turned the tables against those who indulge in such brainwashing sessions.

  8. I listen come, listen go , listen up, listen down, but can’t caught her b…

    Anyway, it was a superb chance for me to vent my anger, upsets for 50 yrs of these umnoic way of behaviour (i talk you listen, don’t question). It was very satisfying for pst few days…. thank you Bawani!

  9. Listen ,Listen,listen Even prostitues have trouble and where do they go ?
    Ofcourse to Listen listen sharifah zombie for effective mareketing technics.


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