‘Listen! Listen!’ – Malaysia’s answer to Gangnam-style

‘Listen! Listen!’ – Malaysia’s answer to Gangnam-style

Step aside, Psy. The Gangnam craze is giving way to Malaysia’s very own “Listen! Listen!” dance remix, which is going viral across the country.

Indeed, creative and outraged Malaysians are turning the tables against the latest attempt at brainwashing and indoctrinating our university students.

Why, netizens have even made “Listen! Listen!” ring tones that can be downloaded!

In case you are wondering what this is all about, the clip below is of the original indoctrination session. It is a classic example of how our students are brainwashed by the system. Notice the bullying and intimidation of the courageous and outspoken student, Bawani, who to her credit remains unfazed:

In this instance, the brainwashing session has been exposed. And what an “insanely idiotic” response from the emcee. Thanks to blog reader Ranen Bhattacharyya for sending in the following link:

Listen, listen, no more brainwashing, okay? Listen, when we the people speak…

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