Protest against fuel price hike, GST held in front of Parliament


This was the protest held in front of Parliament a couple of days ago.

Thanks to blog visitor Don Anamalai for the link.

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    • You talk like a robot just the same as the Pakatoon. The govt is trying to adjust prices of petrol in line with current world prices by reducing some subsidies. Currently price of petrol is still being subsidized and is still one of the lowest compared to many countries in the world.

    • A lot of money are wasted on consultants. But I bet there are middlemen (cronies) getting commisions along the way, right?

    • KJ will most likely follow the Umno path/pattern of his predecessors Azlina and Shabery. So do not bet on any improvement in local sports but expect more money is wasted.

  1. I actually blame the opposition for their failure to educate the public on how GST is such a failure of the UMNO/BN govt.

    Truth is if we get rid of corruption and leakages, GST could be postphoned for many years..The increase in meritocracy and productivity from better governance would mean it could be postphone for two decades or more. Over that time, subsidy or oil could be removed and the surplus put into a reserve fund that could be invested for returns that could mean GST could be postphone for decades and when we are already developed and have high income.

    Not only that, the truth is GST is not going to stay at 6%,. In every instance, its raised very quickly after a few years. When you accept GST, you should expect it will double to that amount within a medium period. That means you really should be thinking GST of 12% if you are going to accept it.

    Think about it the difference is GST of 12% within say 10 years and NO GST for DECADES… The difference for the average person is in the hundreds of thousands over that period..

    • BN said GST can balance the budget to ease the deficit.
      Opposition should have educated the rakyat the deficit was due to the failure of BN financial policies all these years due to leakages, corruption, overspending, wastage etc as the AG Report has been highligting..

  2. No matter how we dislike a leader, its very disrespectful to use shoe to hit the photo of any leaders. Surely that should not be the norm and it seem that this is the norm of Pakatan leaders and supporters that condone such action. And when that person is charged for this action, the opposition will then raise high and low and capitalize on it. Many such examples have happened throughout the world and these people have been charged, fined or sent to jail. Try it against the King picture in Thailand and you could get 15 years in jail. The police should take such action against this guy but it did not. So talking of rights and the Sedition Act, the govt and police have been very lenient and patient and only take action against those that abuse their rights and seditious statement overboard.

    GST tax have been imposed in more than 160 countries with France being the first country that implement it in the 1950s. It is to replace the Sales & Service Tax (SST) the aim of which is to streamline the country tax system to be more effective, efficient, transparent and business friendly. SST was levied at 10% while the GST will be levied at only 6%. Once implemented some items may come down. In the Asean region, only Myanmar and Brunei have yet to implement it. So there is no cause to object as in the long run the rakyat will benefits from it as can been seen in most of the countries that have implemented it.

    The opposition are just capitalizing on every petty issue just to get votes. We must think rationally and not be used by these oppositions from Pakatan DAP, PKR. In the the recent Hong Kong demonstration the senior academician and NGO use the youngsters as young as 17 to the front line including making statement, threats and intimidation. From the western media it was portrayed as friendly but not so as commented by the citizen of Hong Kong. In the event the police or the PLA start to take a harsher action, the first to be arrested, injured or killed will be these people not those senior who are not at the scene. So beware before we start going along with these illegal gathering by the opposition from Pakatan. You will be in the front firing line.

    There is full employment, prosperity and peace in the country and we just cannot let some “smart“ people to disrupt the peace and livelihood just because they want their style of democracy and freedom of rights and expression. We must always remember that there is no such thing as full or total freedom of rights, democracy or expression. Some times bodoh is not that bad and too smart is not good either. Remember the Hokkien saying. Gong Gong Chiat Ti Kong. (Stupid stupid will be fed by the heaven)

  3. I see 1,2,3,4,5 and the most 10. And where are all the others. You know what I mean lest I be deemed a racist. The people must most probably have accepted GST which they feel will streamline the tax system in the country

    • oop sorry there is more, did not see the video but it is led by most of Pakatan leaders and supporters not the people themselves

  4. Minister in PM Dept Nancy Shukri said no action will be taken on Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali over his threat to burn the Malay-language bible as he was “only defending the sanctity of Islam”.

    So no action to be taken against those who may create havoc to Octoberfest Beer festival in defence of the religion sanctity ???? In that case, Nancy Shukri only encourage more to create troubles !

    All this to sidetrack your attention to the evils of GST ????

  5. Now you know why so many of these kind are held back in their application to become Malaysians, thus to become the voters in the election ? This government rather imports people that (allegedly) promise to keep them in Putrajaya that giving people who are born and brought up in Malaysia. This is Malaysia !


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