Polling Day: LIVE reports from Ground Zero


Hope for the future: The next generation celebrates an Anwar and Reformasi victory in a kampong in Penanti earlier this evening

Send in your “citizen journalist” eye-witness reports from Permatang Pauh as it goes to the polls. Others share with us your thoughts on polling day.

All eyes in Malaysia and beyond are trained on this constituency of 58,000 voters in mainland Penang, the scene of a pivotal by-election on Tuesday that could determine if an opposition alliance can press ahead with its plan to take over the federal government in the coming weeks. Check out my pre-election IPS news analysis here.

The official final majority is 15,671 votes. Anwar secured 31,195 votes; Ariff 15,524 votes and Akim’s Hanafi Mamat 92 votes (deposit lost).

2154: The unofficial final tally is a majority of around 16,500. On a more sobering note, the simple and friendly Malay kampong shopkeeper here says,”We don’t get anything whoever wins, you know.” Ariff, he says, is a nice guy. “He just happened to be in the wrong ‘car’ (party).”

Two little Malay boys were peering into my laptop earlier, a 12-year-old and a younger boy around six. I asked the older boy what he wants to be when he grows up. “Dreber (driver),” he replied proudly. “Dreber lori.

2016: Anwar has bagged around 32,000 votes so far to Ariff’s 14,000; that’s a 17,000-18,000 majority. “He has taken on the whole BN machinery and all the resources at their disposal and come out tops,” says a lawyer.

2010: TV3 confirms that Anwar has won. But counting is still in progress.

1936: Out of 9,000 votes tallied, the BN has secured just over 2,000. Anwar is leading by about a 4-to-1 margin. The BN has even lost Seberang Jaya, according to my source.

1905: Another police convoy, sirens blaring, passes by heading to the central counting area, this time followed by scores of motorcyclists carrying PKR flags and waving in triumph. They are already celebrating!

1858: It’s a landslide for Anwar! Out of 5,000 votes counted, about 4,100 go to PKR, according to my source.

1854: Police outriders, their sirens wailing, a police van and police on motorbikes beat the long queue to the counting centre. Behind them a motorcyclist follows, the pillion rider, a woman, pumps her fist in the air. More motorcylists carrying PKR flags pass by. The police chopper circles above.

1852: Turnout is reportedly 65 per cent, lower than expected. (This was  based on a Bernama report carried on the NST website.)

1848: In the distance, I can hear kampong children, probably sensing something in the air, continually crying out “Reformasi!”

1825: A convoy of bikers waving PKR flags passes by as a police chopper hovers ahead. Motorists continue to honk on the roads. Traffic on the roads here has come to a standstill. A siren wails in the distance.

1800: It all points to an Anwar victory by a large majority. An elderly Malay gentleman, Din, from the kampong here ambles up to me and we exchange pleasantries. I ask him what the level of support for Anwar is in this area. “Out of a hundred residents here, you could say 60 to 70 support PKR.”

1755: I have also received a report that Pakatan supporters have apprehended five buses of hantus in Seberang Jaya. But Gobalakrishnan has been arrested in the process. Motorists are honking and I can hear  more cries of “Reformasi!”

1750: Abdullah Badawi is said to have returned to KL. I was heading to the counting area but there’s a massive crawl from Permatang Pauh heading to the central counting area. So I have parked in a little kampong area, Kampong Petani in Penanti. It’s an amazing sight on the roads here. Children are on the roadsides, shouting Reformasi!, come of them are carrying PKR flags while others are wearing Anwar masks. The childen at least are already celebrating!

1647: RPK and Mkini are both predicting a winning margin of 10,000 – but could it be more – or less, if the hantus get to work?

1636: “We are witnessing a turning point in our country’s history,” a friend of mine says in a text message.

1617: Hisham Rais reports that alleged hantus (phantoms) have been caught in Mengkuang Titi. What next? Check his blog for more about these mysterious hantus.

Calon PKR Anwar Ibrahim bersama dengan penyokongnya telah menangkap “hantu”.

Kejadian berlaku di Mengkuang Titi. Keadaan agak tegang di sana.

PEKIDA a.k.a geng adik beradik juga berada di sana untuk memanaskan keadaan. Penduduk kampung nampaknya lebih “matang” daripada PEKIDA untuk mengawal suasana.

1610: Ah Singh has this update for us. Could this be true? Interesting “mental estimates”! Polling’s not yet over though… We shall see.

Anwar won already-lah. My kaki just rang me at 3.15 pm to say landslide victory for Anwar after he and some guys did some ‘mental’ estimates at the polling stations. No fight-lah. Anwar won hands down. All hail the new Prime Minister of Malaysia.

1600: Bright sunshine bathes the town centre, keeping the rain away. I am now preparing to head to the central counting centre, for what should be an eventful evening. Stay tuned!

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1530: While having some fruit juice at a coffee-shop nearby, I notice a couple of the waiters wearing shirts/T shirts in PKR blue. I look at the Chinese waiter’s cap when she serves me my drink. It’s the same blue. I look more closely at the emblem stitched onto her cap. It is a small portrait of Anwar.

A PKR man, a Chinese Malaysian, joins me at the table in the crowded shop. A party member for the last eight years, he says he has come from Ipoh because “I want to see democracy in Malaysia”.

Someone has suggested there may have been cloud-seeding operations to get it to rain! But it’s not raining now, though the sky looks grey and overcast.

About an hour earlier, I ran into a couple of Mafrel election observers. They told me the turnout at a Chinese school was high at lunch time – around 60 per cent. They also said they spotted three plainclothes police personnel in the compound of one polling centre and reported the matter to get them out of there.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission is reported as saying that the turnout could exceed 80 per cent. A friend of mine estimates turnout of at least 75 per cent and a winning majority of 15,000. So we know turnout won’t be low, although there are unconfirmed reports that the turnout was low in a few Malay areas. But there’s still time yet.

1452: Selvarajah Somiah reports on the unofficial turnout:

I have unofficial reports that the turnout at 2.00pm is at 65-70 per cent. At this rate, the voter turnout before 5.00pm should be more than 80 per cent. More people are coming out to vote now.

Anwar should be winning with more than 10,000 votes if this is the trend.

PKR supporters hoist a “coffin” in anticipation of a BN defeat as FRU personnel keep them from spilling onto the road

Hishammuddin fires up the BN crowd in front of a polling station and BN service centre.

1440: Over the last couple of hours I have been walking around the Permatang Pauh town centre. It’s all peaceful folks, nothing to worry about – so far. People are milling at the junction of the town. A chopper “parks” itself in the sky above for several minutes. Supporters from both sides are just boisterous and exhuberant.

A bit of pandemonium breaks out when Hishammuddin and Khairy arrive in a car which stops right smack in the middle of the junction. They alight and walk briskly around a bit. The BN crowd mob them, while the PKR supporters jeer, showing the thumbs down.

Hisham walks to a BN service centre. The BN supporters’ chant goes up, taunting the PKR supporters, “Angkat sumpah! Angkat sumpah!” and “Mana Magnum?” – the latter a reference to Nalla’s allegation against Anwar regarding Magnum funds.

The police and FRU here are adopting a low-key approach, but their presence is visible. A traffic cop directs traffic at the junction.

A rumour spreads that Najib is about to drive by. The PKR women folk quickly rush to the roadside, ready to give him a “hot” reception. They tell one another excitedly, “Mongolia datang! Mongolia datang!” A guy standing nearby adds, “Ya, Mongolia Altantuya.”

1315: Muhammad Firdaus Christopher shares some unconfirmed information:

I have unofficial reports that the percentage of voter turnout as of noon is between 49 and 50 per cent. Reckon that this is pretty high and should hit above 80 per cent by 5.00pm.

I hear from my running mates that there is intimidation of voters not only in Seberang Jaya but at Tanah Liat area as well but the folks there ain’t bothered.

1311: Karma sends us this report:

The support for Anwar can be seen all over. People cheer and approach him wherever he goes. This charismatic politician has won the hearts of most people here. Ariff was relatively a loner this morning. He looked quite subdued when not many people gathered around him. He was quite deprived of the cheers and handshakes given to Anwar.

The sentiment is Anwar will win with a sizeable majority. The people seem to show more support for Anwar, seemingly. Cheers and boos are common but security is tight in all areas.

1245: Uh-oh, looks like some over-exhuberant supporters around. This from The Edge Daily:

26-08-2008: FRU disperses crowds at polling centre

From Regina William in Permatang Pauh

PERMATANG PAUH: Hundreds of Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) personnel and plainclothes policemen moved in to disperse thousands of vociferous supporters outside Sekolah Kebangsaaan Seri Penanti voting centre in Kubang Semang.

The crowd had inched their way onto the road, disrupting the smooth flow of traffic.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his wife, PKR president Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, had earlier cast their votes at the school at 9.48am and 9.53am, respectively.

The crowd started to gather beneath the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway as early as 7am. By 8am, the crowd has swelled to a few hundreds on both sides of the road. At one point, police moved in and arrested a PKR supporter who attempted to cross the road to taunt the Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters.

Police then used the loudhailer and gave the crowd five minutes to disperse. Both sides of the crowd moved back but remained, while FRU personnel formed a human chain in front of the groups of supporters.

Police helicopter hovered above to keep a watchful eye to ensure there were no untoward incidences.

Despite the sweltering morning heat and tense situation, including the traffic snarl stretching 5km on either side, voters kept “swimming in” to fulfill their obligations.

Earlier, Anwar told reporters that he was confident of a win but was skeptical about the majority, which he claimed would be affected by vote-rigging and “uncleaned” electoral roll.

Anwar was dressed in a baby blue shirt. When asked about his message to the BN, Anwar said: “Behave and accept the stark reality of the day.”

Despite him being early in the day to claim victory, Anwar expressed confidence that he would be in Parliament tomorrow morning, indicating a victory is imminent.

1230: A lot of activity on the streets. People are just milling around, some sitting around in coffee shops. The honking of motorbikes and cars continues. Almost like a carnival atmosphere. I am going to walk around now, maybe grab some lunch. Next update around 1400.

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1209: Turnout (not sure as at what time) is believed to be around 30 per cent, which PKR officials are describing as “okay” and “not bad”. They tell me the turnout at the general election was 81 per cent.

The noise decibel level where I am is rising. Music is blaring, flag-waving canvassers are cheering passing cars, police sirens are wailing, people are chattering away excitedly, cars are honking.

1140: The mood is upbeat at the PKR office, which is a hive of activity. I run into the amiable Mustafa Kamal (not the blogger!), the PKR campaign director. He is more optimistic. He predicts that the majority will easily exceed 13,000. I ask him what he bases his optimism on.

“The high-spirited support – more high-spirited than during the general election.”

Does he think his earlier target of a 20,000-majority can be met?

“That I can’t say!”

Okay, time for me to take a little walkabout and poke my nose around.

1122: I don’t know how to describe the atmosphere here in Permatang Pauh. Electric, magical, heady… It’s all that and more. I spoke to the guy in charge of the PKR office, and he is cautious. He expects a 3,000-5,000 majority. Right now, he is concerned that there are not enough PKR canvassers at Seberang Jaya, Ariff Shah’s stronghold. Many of the PKR volunteers are in Penanti.

The scene in Permatang Pauh this morning: There is electricity in the air!

1023: Superpoorman tells us that voter turnout appears as high as the 2008 general election and Ariff Shah has received a lukewarm reception:

I went to queue up in front of the SK Seberang Jaya II voting centre’s gate @ 7.45am. There were already several early birds in the queue and hoards of reporters. Ariff Shah and his wife and several women walked from his house and arrived there @ 7.50am. He attempted to chat up the voters but their responses were lukewarm. From their expressions and body language it looked as if they were not voting him. Nobody offered to salam him. Even those extended salam by him merely shook his hand and quickly pulled back. Not a single voter was heard uttering any ‘good luck’ wish.

Instead, a Malay man next to me was quite pissed off by Ariff blocking the entrance; I could see this man roll up his eyes and draw a deep breath.

Sensing the poor response from the real voters, Ariff quickly turned his attention to the media and gave a short interview plus photo taking.

The voting centre finally opened at 8.00am and people started streaming into the compound in droves. The turnout was as much as the one in 080308 (I was there voting @ 8.00 sharp too).

I casted my vote while Ariff casted his in Saluran 2. While on my way out, I saw Ariff still hanging around the compound, walking listlessly, trying to shake the hand of anyone who looked familiar to him. By this time the press had deserted him and he appeared to be alone, like a lone sea-gull. Again, nobody went up to shake his hand.

Judging by that kind of response, I am confident BN will lose big this time, real BIG, probably 20,000-30,000 majority.

Well, Malaysia, I have discharged my duty in voting for Anwar. The rest will be history.

1023: Muhammad Firdaus Christopher provides an update on the mood from the ground:

My sincere apologies for not being able to send in my updates last nite as I was caught up with the action and only managed to get home at 3am… Last nite was just amazing and I was there since 9pm, laying my tikar and sharing them with five of the local folks around Seberang Jaya.

Despite the downpour, they were in high spirits and very excited about listening to their wakil rakyat. Whilst awaiting we chatted quite a bit and here is some input:

– They do not believe the sodomy allegation, say it was a political ploy
– Arif is really needed as an Adun in Seberang Jaya as he has excellent track record
– BN particularly Umno has become a racist party
– Too much propoganda played up by the media on the sumpah laknat/sodomy allegations
– Puteri/Putera Umno’s allegedly obscene gestures
– They feel that Najib/Rosmah are (allegedly) linked to the Altantuya case (may her soul rest in peace)
– and many, many, many more…. can’t continue.

Bottomline, with the feeling of the voters at Ground Zero where it matters, I’ll bet my dough on Datuk Seri with 80-20 in his favour.

0924: Just receive a text message from a friend: “Hopping from foot to foot in nervous energy. Keep us in d loop even if you have 2 pay a phantom voter RM10 to hold an umbrella over your notebook”! Ha ha. Quite. On that note, I am off to scour the streets of Permatang Pauh for a bit.

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Malaysian folk heroes: Aliran president P Ramakrishnan runs into popular Malaysia Today blogger Raja Petra at the big ceramah last night (Photo credit: mustafakanuar.wordpress.com)

0845: For eye-witness accounts of last night’s big ceramah, check out the coverage by Aliran members-cum-bloggers Mustafa K Anuar and Susan Loone.

0815: Already there’s a text message being circulated: “Pls fwd. Pastikan anda/jiran/rakan keluar undi awal tanpa tangguh @ ragu. Tiada siapa dpt halang anda dari mengundi…”

It’s D-Day! That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I wake up and rub my eyes.

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  1. Folks, notice that estimates of majority had been going down from 22K at 10pm to 10K at 2.00 pm, up to 18K at 7.30 pm, and then down again to 16.5K at 8.30 pm before finally arriving at the official figure of 15.6K. So in future, watch out for phantom votes inserted into polling boxes during lunch and zohor prayer (12 noon – 2 pm) and during Maghrib prayer (7.00 pm – 8,00 pm)

  2. Dear BN Sakthi, I am thinking very hard and sincerely believe that if we had changed the BN government 10 years ago:

    1) Malaysians would not only own a laptop, but manufacturer of Laptops.
    2) Malaysians would be owning a large chunk of the internet.
    3) Malaysians education certificates would be highly respected instead of being used as toilet paper.

    In short, Malaysia would have been a highly developed country instead of sliding down to being a forth world country. Your narrow minded mentality restrict you to see that the rest of the world is fast slipping us by …

  3. Dear Anil

    Congratulations to you and your team for the hard work
    you did during the election period by updating the people
    what was going in Perm Pau. It is a major task.

    I need your mail address. Last week I requested ALIRAN
    but may be they are very busy.


  4. First of all, a big congratulation to DSAI for winning with an even bigger majority at Permatang Pauh, and also to all those who worked tiredlessly under PKR, PAS, & DAP banner to earn this victory and making Malaysian history.

    To Anil and all those at ground zero: Thank you so much for your hard efforts in keeping those of us Malaysians who could only be at Permatang Pauh in spirit.

    Now may God help and guide us all Malaysians towards a better Malaysia under DSAI.

  5. A note for Anwar. Anwar needs to give hope to the Malay Kids in the kampung. It’s sad that the kid’s dream is to be a lori driver. Also, I’ve heard from my friend that there is not much development at Permatang Pauh. I want to challenge Anwar to do something about it.

  6. remember us!…the car that shout ‘blogger unite’ at you (1 to 2pm…in permatang pauh town)..about the winning statistic 70% for PKR and 30% to BN..and you ask back..”are you sure?”..than my brother reply…now..it’s 80% to 20%…(after check the crystal ball)….we are from kepala batas…

    and the rest of us like to thanks (you and all the bloggers)…for coming to p44 and make our dreams come true..zillion thanks!

  7. A jubilant mood all over permatang pauh. The poor are proud that Anwar has made it. Pak Din, a farmer said, “Biarlah Anwar tak beri saya apa-apa. Saya kesihan kat depa. Teruk sangat orang kutuk kat depa. Saya sekeluarga undi depa.” I talked to an Indian man in his late 30s, introducing himself as Rama, he declared in Malay, “Dia orang mau kasi malu sama itu Anwar Brahim. TV kasi malu. Video kasi malu. Cakap orang besar pun mau kasi malu sama dia. Apa ini politik ka? Itu pasal saya kasi undi sama Anwar. Dia orang baik. Mau tolong sama kita.” I met a Chinese who introduced himself as, Uncle Leong. His immediate reaction to Anwar’s victory was, “Kita semua sudah kata, ini Anwar mesti menang punya. Olang BN manyak kacau. Tadak malu lo. Apa ini cakap cakap bikin ini macam. Anwar bukan olang macam itu lo. Dia manyak baik. Ini BN tak boleh kasi menang. Kita mesti mau itu Anwar jadi perdana menteri. Dia manyak pandai punya orang. Ini budak apa itu cakap itu macam. Dia tada maluka. Dia punya ayah pun tada maluka? Kasi malu itu orang Melayu.” Yes, with all the machinery BN had – the TV, the newsprint, the money, the swearing, prominent spokesmen including top government officials to counter Anwar – they still lost. The people want a change. BN’s 51 years at the helm, they feel is enough. People are now united as Malaysians. They are no more talking about racial matters. It’s the oneness they want now. Said a foreigner from Australia at this vicinity, “It’s Anwar against the whole government machinery and yet Anwar won with a comfortable majority. Anwar is charismatic, intelligent and is one of the best leaders Malaysia has. Next to Mahathir is Anwar. Only Anwar can bring Malaysia to the forefront in the next decade like what Mahathir did. Malaysians should give him the chance to lead the country. It would be a lost to the country if this man suppressed for whatever reason”

  8. Anil,

    You are also a winner today!!

    “63,557 viewed so far today”!!!

    Yours going to be like the grand old man’s blog!!

    Time to joke and relax, and celebrate a bit!

    Hope Anwar keeps his promises and will not let us down !

  9. Dearest Anil, THANK YOU. I would have gone crazy without your updates. Am overjoyed with the results – as is everyone else i know.
    Thanks again.

  10. Congratulation to Anwar and PKR for the resounding victory despite all the odds stacked against him. And not forgetting PAS and DAP too for their tremendous efforts in assisting Anwar in his victory!

    What I am perplexed is why the EC announced a voter turnout of 65% initially but in the final tally the voter turnout increased to over 80%. That’s a huge difference and how can the EC be so far wrong?

    Could all these be due to last minute phantom voters or irregularities in ballot boxes, postal voters and vote counting?

    We must get to the bottom of this, lest it will happen again in the next General Election!

  11. Anil, a BIG thank you for all the hard work! March on PR….we are with all of you till we get to Putrajaya!

  12. heard there is some kecoh and gaduh by dumno election team cause they are not being paid as required..mayb they are run out of $$$..
    KM sabah need to bring more that 16 million next time..mayb try 160milion…hope some update on that incident..understand no PKR involved..

  13. how come the total votes so much higher then votest cast???

    31195 + 92 + 15524 = around 47 000 votes

    but according to EC total casted votes = 38 144


    KEPUTUSAN/RESULTS – PULAU PINANG P44:PERMATANG PAUH:PP:58,459 1.Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (PKR) 31,195 undi.
    2.Hanafi Mamat (AKIM) 92 undi.
    3.Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah (BN)15,524 undi.
    Jumlah mengundi/Votes cast 38,144
    Peratus/Percentage 65.25 peratus
    Undi rosak/Spoilt votes 447 undi
    Majoriti/Majority 15,671 undi.

  14. Dear Anil

    Many thanks for your running progress report today. I followed it closely here in London (as I did Haris as well). You guys were more on the ball than Malaysiakini.

    Best wishes,


  15. Anil,
    This question i posting for the very confident warlord and their cronies.

    Will they keep their word all the promises they make to get support to win this by election.

    rajraman.warlords lately swearing everywhere.I Swear now they will ignore the poor kampung folks all the promises after lost the election.

    This for you anil,

    The small boy want to be driver (lori driver) – help him to have a bigger dream – maybe at least his dream will be achieved by dreaming big to own a fleet of lorry.He will be the BOSS later part in his life.Past the word to his family if u can.

    rajraman.will keep dreamimg for my dream.I have achieved some from zero.My next target will be the dream you ask me before personally.(if you remember)

  16. to people of PP …… syabas and thank you; today you guys made and become part of a very important historical event in this country.

    thanks to all the bloggers for impartial news while the mainstream media can go bury themselves … i say stop and boycott buying shares of these mainstream media companies and let them go dig s***

  17. Thank you for your brilliant on-the-site coverage of the past week.

    Your analysis and predictions ( turnout at least 75% with a majority of 15k) were spot on.

    Well done and keep it up.

  18. Has anyone actually think that the mask thing is just too much?

    To me it further publicizes PKR as one man party… LOL

  19. Dear Anil,
    Thanks for the excellent updates. Mkini is inaccessible and really appreciate the live reporting. Take care, be safe.

  20. Must say thank you to you and the gang for the life report. However there were instances when I was not able to log into your site.

    Cheers and pat in the back!

  21. Thank you for your most commendable effort for bringing us live news to us who are from afar.
    May God bless you & your family richly!


  22. Thanks Anil for all your efforts.
    Most of the websites giving live coverage of the PP election are down due to overwhelming access. M2Day was down since 4.00pm.
    Thankfully, yours appear to be still stable and accessible!

    Its not down, according to M2Day, Malaysia Today is being blocked by TMNet. To access Malaysia Today please go here http://mt.harapanmalaysia.com/2008/

    spread the word around… hopefully more people will be aware of the new link…

  23. Thanks for your steadfast reporting and updating throughout the day. You so deserve some Olympic award for your time and effort.

  24. Hai All,
    From a technical index point of view, this victory is significant because it broke key barriers of the BN formula irreversably.
    The barriers it broke are

    1) BN concept
    BN concept is dead. There is no permuafakatan in BN, its just UMNO. Thats UMNO business concept.

    2) The BN Message
    The BN message is dead too. When BN talks, the message is first for the Malay and then for the non-Malay via component party. This is dead, the voters of Permatang Pauh wants a party that talks to Malaysia first, and they trust DSAI to defend their constitutional rights

    3)BN Machinery
    Notice how the BN machinery now is dominated by youngsters. What does this tell you. BN can only indoctrinate the simplest minds – they have lost complete credibility with working individuals. But that said, Wanita UMNO was still there, however, with Rafidah not getting a cabinet post and her ally being whacked by Al Habshee, dont be surprised to see this bastion crumble

    4)BN Media
    You can take it and spit on it. The whole country does not trust it, save for perhaps in Felda land.

    5) BN Money
    Thats still in place, but now they have to use different scheme. … 70% of Malaysia will be voting against you, where are you going to get the 70% Ghosts?

  25. Thanks Anil for all your efforts.

    Most of the websites giving live coverage of the PP election are down due to overwhelming access. M2Day was down since 4.00pm.

    Thankfully, yours appear to be still stable and accessible!

    Unofficial at 8.00pm: Anwar is the winner, obtaining a majority of 16,210 votes. He garnered 26,646 votes while Arif Shah Arif Omar got 10,436.

  26. oopps… sorry, my apologies…

    according to MT, its something like a 81% turnout and not the initial reported 65%

  27. 2216: Anwar has bagged around 32,000 votes so far to Ariff’s 14,000 – an 18,000 majority. Anwar is on track towards a 20,000 majority!

    erm, i was wondering, how is this possible? i understand that there was only a total of 38,144 voters who casted their votes….

    anyway thanks anilnetto for keeping us up to-date..

    appreciates ur effort 🙂

  28. greetings from port lincoln south australia. reformasi!!!! all the way
    patiently waiting or the good news
    down the BN crooks

  29. Anil, if your source observation that 4100 of 5000 for Anwar turn out to be universal, Anwar could get 25k majority, even at 70% turnout+unspoiled, and about 80% voted for Anwar. The majority would be at least 14k at 70% turnout+unspoiled and if only 67% vote for Anwar.

    Hope my table of forecast scenario below turns out alright (you have no preview features).

    (or you can grab the table from this temporary blog. I’m going to delete it because it is off topic there.

    Scenarios P044 By-Election Outcome
    Total voter 58,459 58,459 58,459 Voter turnout, unspoiled70%75%80% Votes cast 40,921 43,844 46,767 . % for Anwar67% 27,417 29,376 31,334 70% 28,645 30,691 32,737 75% 30,691 32,883 35,075 80% 32,737 35,075 37,414 85% 34,783 37,268 39,752 . % for Arif Shah33% 13,504 14,469 15,433 30% 12,276 13,153 14,030 25% 10,230 10,961 11,692 20% 8,184 8,769 9,353 15% 6,138 6,577 7,015 . Anwar majority67% 13,913 14,907 15,901 70% 16,369 17,538 18,707 75% 20,461 21,922 23,384 80% 24,553 26,307 28,060 85% 28,645 30,691 32,737

    Assuming third candidate received few votes.
    Historical 2008: Wan Azizah vs Datuk Pirdaus Ismail: 30,348 (35.8%) vs 16,950 (64.2%), majority 13,398 (28.3%)

  30. How many boxes are there altogether? I’m sitting on the edge of my seat in the UK. Please let DSAI win with a majority bigger the 15000!

  31. what’s the final result in P.Pauh…I am desperate……plz somebody…..announce…i want to have a weet dream tonite!

  32. According to all blogs/live reports that I read, it is confirmed that DSAI has a landslide win over BN candidate, Arif Shah who is still hoping for miracle

  33. 6.25pm: EC secretary Datuk Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor says that 38,144 or just 65.25% of voters had cast their ballot.

    low turnout.

  34. Anil,

    Any news about YB Gobalakrishnan. Last I heard (Malaysiakini) that he was arrested by the police and roughed up together with his sons.

    In this country, everytthing works upside down, UMNOputras runs all gormen institutions including PDRM, nothing is independant.

    Wont be surprised if this incident involved a few black eyes. In the meantime the hantus are released and dissapear in thin air

  35. During the retention of the suspected phantom bus in Seberang Jaya, MerdekaReview.com reported police arrested PKR Kedah Bagan Serai MP Gobalakrishnan, his 2 sons, and his driver.

    In the process, the reporter said they saw police kicking one of the four.


    [machine translation is full of funny mistakes. The “poetry Brown” is actually “Seberang Jaya.”]

  36. Dear anil,

    Greetings from Qatar

    More latest updates please. Waiting to hear the triumph of DSAI and the begining of Malaysia truly Asia

  37. I think the battle is not over yet! Still a long way to go. They will not let Anwar gets into parlimen. Also, now that they are trying hard to push for the DNA Bill for you know what. Hope that in the end, justice will prevail!

  38. I hope Anwar Ibrahim will wi and go to Parliament to be the opposition leader. We need a strong opposition in Parliament to provide a check against BN.

  39. ” YB Gobalakrishnan and his two sons were arrested and beaten up…”
    Above was reported in MT. Hey, why (are they arrested and beaten up … when they were only helped to catch the ghosts. This is Fxxxing rediculous..

  40. from me in New Zealand..its night here.and ive been in froont of my laptop since morning…refreshing refreshing refreshing…i pray that when i come back to Tanah Tumpah Darahku i can come to a refreshing malaysia..

  41. I’ve been on this blog for about 20 minutes now, refreshed about 10 times but still no updates!!!
    Plz feed me…
    I’m a little bit disappointed becoz DSAI canceled his decision to compete in Kulim/B. Baharu, that is my ‘mukim’ man…however, p.pauh is only 15 minutes from there, so its oklah.
    sodomist or murderer (if its true), they’re both villains, so vote wisely.

  42. And suddenly , ACA does not need a report to investigate Nalla’s allegation. If indeed, the securities commision should investigate Magnum for corrupt practices. And if not true, Magnum can sue Nalla back.

    Indeed, some people need attention when they are not given respect.

  43. 5pm: Polling ends for the Permatang Pauh by-election.

    4.35pm: Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is understood to have left Penang to Kuala Lumpur, an early indication that the premier has accepted defeat and has no reason to stay back.

    He also denied rumours that the EC had extended the voting hours to 6pm. Polls will close at 5pm.

  44. Reports on MT of a lower majority at about 6k compared to 13k on 8 march 2008. This is worrying, UMNO’s dirty tactics working at its best? CMON VOTE PP PEOPLE. DO NOT BE AFRAID . OUR ONLY HOPE LIES IN YOUR HANDS.



  45. What’s this about which I read at RPK blog? Anybody??

    “…ACA will be talking to Nallkaruppan today/tomorrow on the 60 million Ringgit issue. The ACA is preparing to arrest Anwar by 28th August to deprive him from attending parliament.”

  46. Tukang Tiub reports that the nest for the ghosts and phantoms is at UiTM Seberang Jaya. Be on the look out.


    Tempat persembunyian hantu-hantu pilihanraya telah dikesan.

    UiTM Seberang Jaya telah menjadi lokasi persembunyian hantu-hantu.

    Sila perhatikan individu dan kenderaan yang keluar masuk.

  47. I sincerely hope and pray that DSAI wins so that all Malaysians can be free from race politics. 51 years of BN rule had only divided the people and caused so much tension and disarray. Today the people of PP can cause all this to go away by casting their votes to DSAI.

    And I salute to RPK for his endless effort in digging for the truth to show Malaysians how corrupted this BN politicians are. Long live DSAI and Raja Petra Kamarudin


  48. Woo.. my heart pounding like a train man. my palm sweat although i’m in air con office.

    no update for the last half hour? pls give me something guyz..

  49. 3.45pm

    PKR workers have detained two busloads of phantom voters at Mengkuang Titi. Many police reports about fraud and vote-rigging have been made. Voter turn-out has exceeded 60% but still far short of expectations. UMNO, however, reports a 70% voter turn-out.

    From Malaysia Today

  50. 3.30pm

    Malaysia Today has received a phone call from a reliable source that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has conceded defeat and has left for the airport. Can Malaysia Today’s readers please confirm this information or whether this is a Red Herring meant to lull PKR supporters into complacency so that they don’t work too hard to get the voters to come out and vote.

  51. hi Anil,

    There has been a bit of inconsistency in the voters’ turn out reported on your site and RPK’s. RPK’s reported voter turn-out is not as good as expected and at an estimated about 60% @ 3pm. I am a bit worry about this. Anyway… I wish PKR all the best and I salute all those who has contributed for this election including Anil yourself.

  52. Let us all pray for a peaceful by-election
    With smooth balloting at every polling station
    Bearing in mind the need to keep good name of nation
    Let all parties do their own things without friction

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 260808
    Tue. 26th Aug. 2008.

  53. Hi Anil,

    It is great to be able to stay in touch with this life-changing events happening in Permatang Pauh.

    I’d been pressing the ‘refresh’ button every few minutes for an update. All this while i’m at work here in Seri Kembangan.

    Kudos for covering the polling live.

    I’m only worried of a low turnout cos getting report of it in Malaysia Today. Let’s hope there’s more than 80% turnout before deadline to give Anwar a solid win.

    Take care.

  54. Man.. I Hope I am there instead of looking at this moniter while biting my lips.. but thanks God i still have this channel to rely on.

    hold on tight, all my brother in arms. The force is with us..



    3.30pm more sms on invading hordes of phantom voters. The last minutes of the polling time is expected to be critical for the monitoring of phantoms…


  56. Anwar won already lah. My kaki just rang me at 3.15 pm to say landslide victory for anwar after he and some guys did some ‘mental’ estimates at the polling stations. No fight lah Anwar won hands down. All hail the new Prime Minister of Malaysia.

  57. The early rain followed by sunshine is sybolic of a struggle/apprehension followed by victory for PKR and DSAI in particular!
    God is with us this day!

  58. Hi Anil,
    Great job in your Permatang Pauh coverage. Has there been any unofficial report or signs of vote rigging or phantom votes by BN?

    By the looks of it only a MEGA vote rigging can bring Anwar down… Think Najib Muthusamy will try that?

  59. Obama may not qualified to be president because he has at one point in time kenya and indonesian passport. Apparently he still has indonesian citizenship. No president of USA can be of dubious loyalty to the country. The candidates for president cannot be recent immigrants.

  60. Selvaraja bro, thanks for the up date! I feel much better with that 70% voters turn out figure.
    Though we Sabahans are not there physically, believe me, our spirits are!
    Take care and may God be with you all!

  61. Thanks guys! Reminds me of 1976 mood in Sabah when we kicked USNO out under the banner of Berjaya (who since has turned into a devil).
    My prayers and thoughts are with you all at Permatang Pauh!

  62. Mr Anil

    Check this out. Heard from a RMAF man that the weathermen from the Government chartered a couple of RMAF C-130 transport planes to cloud seed above Permatang Pauh this morning. The planes took off from RMAF Butterworth air base. I am not in Permatang Pauh now and please comfirm if it has rained there.

  63. DSAI has a strong, positive and dynamic personality unlike our PM who is weak, indecisive and possess a tunnel vision. Despite being a good nature person, our PM is unable to see the big and small picture of the political, social and economical scenario of the environment. The parts of the small and big picture he can’t see causes him to err in many of his decision making processes. I predict DSAI will win with a bigger majority than his beloved wife in Permatang Pauh.

  64. Vote for change,vote PKR! I appeal to Permatang Pauh voters to vote PKR.

    We don’t want a corrupt government with no integrity and treat the rakyat like s***. Show BN who is the BOSS!!!!!

  65. I have unofficial reports that the % of voters turn out at 2pm is at 65% to 70%. At this rate, the voter turn out before 5 pm should be more than 80%. More people are coming out to vote now.

    Anwar should be winning with more than 10000 votes if this is the trend.

  66. Anil,
    I really ponteng from my work today,your coverage better than Malaysiakini.(half day lah – worker bee also need some rest)

    With witticism slot in between.

    Your Aliran Presiden got guts Anil.(read in Malaysiakini)
    Not like the other guy jump camp and flip flop,maybe our TUN blood running into him also aleady with some big pie slot in from warlords)

    rajraman.The warlords keep updating false news.

  67. Make no mistake: The world wants Barack Obama and the world needs Obama. Africa has a long and rich history of leadership that is wise, just and truthful. A former student of mine took the above photo during a recent trip to Nigeria. Africa already recognizes Obama as a world leader as does most of the non-white world.


  68. Saya anak Melayu dri Singapura – mengucapkan selamat Berjuang kapada warga Permatang Pauh. Undilah DSAI / PR demi untok kemajuan negara yang tercinta. TIDAK AKAN HILANG MELAYU DIDUNIA – Kapada DSAI dan Keluarga serta kawan kawan dari PAS & DAP – KEJAYAAN anda adalah kurnia ALLAH swt dan amanah rakyat.

    Semua jasa anda kapada rakyat akan mendapat balasan yang setimpal dari ALLAH swt samada didunia atau akhirat.


  69. I have unofficial reports that the % of voter turn out as of 12pm is between 49 to 50%. Reckon that this is pretty high and should hit above 80% by 5pm.

    I hear from my running mates that there is intimidation of voters not only in Seberang Jaya but at Tanah Liat area as well but the folks there ain’t bothered.

  70. the support for anwar can be seen all over. people cheer and approach him wherever he goes. this charismatic politician has won the hearts of most people here. ariff was relatively a loner this morning. he looked quite subdued when not many people gathered around him. he was quite deprived of the cheers and handshakes given to anwar. the sentiment is anwar will win with a sizeable majority. the people seem to show more support for anwar, seemingly. cheers and boos are common but security is tight in all areas.

  71. Hi Uncle Anil, my mom said that I cannot go to ceramahs to do reporting yet cause I am too young. But, I can send loads and loads of metta and well wishes because this is the invisible super force behind the people power.


  72. A powerful shallow quake with magnitude of 6.6 rocked West Java province of Indonesia on Tuesday, with potential for tsunami, Xinhua news agency quoted the Indonesian Meteorology Agency as saying.

  73. I am expressing the sentiments of many of us here in Selangor who are not voters in Permatang Pauh. Nonetheless we are griped with excitement, knowing that a new dawn is soon to be upon us. Justice, fairness, competence, accountability and all – towards making Malaysia a great country once more.
    From us to the voters over there: pangkah PKR

    Long live a re-born Malaysia

  74. I pray to God that DSAI will be our new Prime Minister!
    UMNO is so over.. let it be a dinosaur that will extinct!! pre-historical, let us “bury” KJ and all the cronies.. UMNO is nothing but cronism.. even all the previous PM of malaysia has inherited their SONS to UMNO supreme councils!

  75. A new government is waiting;BN sure will be nailed in its coffin;Anwar is our saviour;Malaysia will return to democratic rule;corruption will be reduced;fair & transparent judiciary,PDRM,& ACA will be envisioned!

  76. Let’s Fast and Pray for Peace & Tranquility to prevail.

    Pray that the non-Malay voters acknowledged & see “positively and feel honored ” to be well protected by 1st class by red carpet treatment accorded to VIPs and feel very welcome by the heavy presence of Police & FRU. Just like accorded & given VIPs police outriders escorts.

    Syabas Barisan Rakyat.

  77. Mr.Anil,

    Great Job Man!! Thanks for the updates.. I am dying for updates.. MT and your site are always place to get great coverage..




  78. Go Pakatan Rakyat Go!

    I have been watching the PP by-election news from Calgary in Canada!
    Ready hope DSAI can win and Malaysia need you to be the leader and form a new government!

    Best wishes!

  79. The Return of the KING-Premier on 16.09.2008-across all TV screen everywhere, every household- Directed by Rakyat of Malaysia. Narrated by RPK

  80. Can someone in Penanti help me to check my name in the SPR list? I’m currently located in Beijing and are not eligible to vote. Below are part of my info:

    Lokaliti 044 / 11 / 05 / 010 – PENANTI MK 3
    Daerah Mengundi 044 / 11 / 05 – KAMPONG PELET
    DUN 044 / 11 – PERMATANG PASIR
    Parlimen 044 – PERMATANG PAUH

  81. Dear Anil,

    Well done! I have been on the lap top since 8 am and tuned on to your blog. DSAI must win this one for us to have any hope for this country.

    I am hoping you will report every hour to update the situation.

    May the forces be with you.

  82. superpoorman

    many thanks for playing your part and may God bless you always. the march to a new era of united malaysians has just begun.

  83. Keeping my finger cross and a prayer for PR/DSAI to win this without any incidence. From USA… Keep up the good work of providing us with live updates.

  84. Latest news from Ground Zero, I am receiving reports that MIC, MCA & Gerakan youths are telling voters to “pangkah” Pakatan Rakyat. They are saying enough with race based politics that UMNO is practising… If this is true, I salute this chap’s and wish them well.

    On top of that, there are also reports that PKR supporters are increasing as I write this and more police personel are moving in.

    Stay tuned for more… Cheers, Christopher

  85. Hi there Anil,

    My sincere apologies for not being able to send in my updates last nite as I was caught up with the action and only managed to get home at 3am… Last nite was just amazing and I was there since 9pm, laying my “tikar” and sharing them with 5 of the local folks around Seberang Jaya.

    Sepite the downpour, they were in high spirits and very excited about listening to their “wakil rakyat”. Whilst awaiting we chatted quite a bit and here are some inputs :

    – They do not believe the sodomy allegation, says it was a political ploy
    – Arif is really needed as an ADUN in Seberang Jaya as he has excellent track record
    – BN particularly UMNO has become a racist party
    – Too much propoganda played up by the media on the sumpah laknat/ sodomy allegations
    – Puteri/ Putera UMNO obscene gestures
    – They feel that Najib/ Rosmah are linked to Altantuya case (may her soul rest in peace)
    – and many, many, many more…. can’t continue.

    Bottomline, with the feeling of the voters at Ground Zero where it matters, I’ll bet my dough on Datuk Seri with 80-20% in his favour.

    Cheers & Ciao for now.


  86. Anil, you did a superlative job throughout the campaign bringing to us folks down here in KL the sense of happening at ground zero. Keep it up! Enjoy reading your blog, it is one of the best around.

  87. Vote for PKR…!

    I don’t want to be so…. miserable in Malaysia !

    Give me a better Goverment !

    I thank you…!

  88. The present national leadership is ruderless.We need a leader and that leader is no other than Anwar Ibrahim.Malaysia needs Anwar!!


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