Live – Aliran forum on the coming general election


Bringing you live coverage from the Aliran forum at the Caring Society Complex in Penang. Video streaming (if it works!) and live blogging from 7.45pm.

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream


  1. Our GDP/capita has been increasing since 1978 and we are heading towards becoming a high income nation in 2020 (according to PEMANDU) BUT how much can we buy back in 1978 and how much can we buy NOW?

    Is the GDP/capita really reflected in the realities of our daily livelihood? Has Malaysia improved in totality or only reflected in the TOP 1% Richest?

    What can we do to correct things?

    What has happened?
    – Ringgit depreciation?
    – Wages distortion due to foreign workers?
    – Skyrocketing car taxation?
    – Uncontrolled Property speculations?
    – Policies favouring corporation vs Rakyat?
    – And how can we have better Wages % over our Total GNI?

  2. According to Astro AEC’s News Talk program last nite, About 200,000 Chinese registered as voters in the last 15 months. Chinese now form 35% of th total voters.

  3. Why waste your time with Aliran, Mr Netto? That setup is an UMNO-stooge and a trojan horse. They had Chandra as their leader, didn’t they? Leopard cannot change its spot, Mr Netto. Remember that.

    • What comes from the mouth reaches the ears. What comes from the heart reaches the heart. – Arab proverb in Aliran.

      Don’t know what comes from where in Chandra’s case.



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