Live – Aliran forum on the coming general election


  1. Our GDP/capita has been increasing since 1978 and we are heading towards becoming a high income nation in 2020 (according to PEMANDU) BUT how much can we buy back in 1978 and how much can we buy NOW?

    Is the GDP/capita really reflected in the realities of our daily livelihood? Has Malaysia improved in totality or only reflected in the TOP 1% Richest?

    What can we do to correct things?

    What has happened?
    – Ringgit depreciation?
    – Wages distortion due to foreign workers?
    – Skyrocketing car taxation?
    – Uncontrolled Property speculations?
    – Policies favouring corporation vs Rakyat?
    – And how can we have better Wages % over our Total GNI?

  2. According to Astro AEC’s News Talk program last nite, About 200,000 Chinese registered as voters in the last 15 months. Chinese now form 35% of th total voters.

  3. Why waste your time with Aliran, Mr Netto? That setup is an UMNO-stooge and a trojan horse. They had Chandra as their leader, didn’t they? Leopard cannot change its spot, Mr Netto. Remember that.

    • What comes from the mouth reaches the ears. What comes from the heart reaches the heart. – Arab proverb in Aliran.

      Don’t know what comes from where in Chandra’s case.


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