Countdown to Bersih 4: The moment of truth


Another three days to go before the Bersih 4 gathering and those in power are doing all they can do discourage and deter people from attending.

This suggests to me that they are concerned and worried about the upcoming display of public dissatisfaction with the way this country is being run.

But we have heard from two influential sources that the Bersih gathering cannot be deemed illegal. Suhakam, in an excellent statement, says the concept of “illegal assembly” no longer exists. Remember, Suhakam commissioners are appointed by the government and they are tasked with upholding and safeguarding our rights.

The Malaysian Bar says the authorities should be facilitating this peacefully assembly rather that deterring it. These guys at the Bar should know a thing or two about the law, right?

Meanwhile, check out this moving piece by Cheah Wui Jia, published by Aliran. She explains why she is staying put in Malaysia at a time when many are heading for the exit doors. She is staying back because this is her homeland, this is where she was placed, and this is where she belongs. And she is determined to be part of the people’s collective effort to put things right.

It is not going to be an easy task. We are living in difficult times. This morning, a neighbour told me that a stall-holder at a nearby hawker centre was about to throw in the towel as she could not afford the daily stall rental of RM70 any longer. I suspect business has dropped as many regulars are cutting back on eating out to save money and stretch their fast-shrinking ringgit.

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This is happening while those at the top are leading ostentatious livestyles, thanks to easy access to stupendous sums of money, which somehow finds their way into their bank accounts.

How many people will turn up for Bersih 4? Let’s put it this way:

The last rally, Bersih 3 in 2011, drew over 200,000 people.

This time, the Bersih 2.0 organising team collected over RM1.5m – that is, three or four times the amount collected at Bersih 3. (Somehow I don’t think there were any large donations from the Middle East!)

This time around, T-shirts have been sold out in the nothern region, buses are full and many others are making their way down on their own. When I checked last week, KTM’s new electric train service from Butterworth to KL was sold out from 24 August to 1 September.

The turnout at a forum organised by Aliran a couple of nights ago surprised the organisers when close to 500 people turned up. Even more notable was the determination on display among those who turned up. They have had enough and they are disgusted with the state of affairs. A long line of people snaked their way in a queue to get their bright yellow Bersih 4 T-shirts selling at RM20 each.

Later, when the donation box was passed around, the total collected for the Bersih cause exceeded RM8,000!

Despite all the deterrents and warnings and obstacles, many are resolute about going. Last night, 17 students were arrested outside Parliament in an early indicator of what Bersih 4 participants can expect.

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But you know what? Judging by the mood among many Malaysians – their unhappiness over the rampant and blatant corruption and the squandering of the nation’s wealth – that is not going to stop many from turning up.

Taking all this into consideration, I expect close to half a million Malaysians to pour into the streets of KL.

The news that the Catholic Church has announced that three churches are making available their premises for weary rally participants on compassionate grounds is heartening. Well done, Archbishop Julian Leow. The interreligious council, the MCCBCHST, has invited temples and other churches to do likewise.

May the light of truth and justice illuminate our blessed land as concerned Malaysians prepare to express our collective heartfelt desire for a clean-up and revamp of our system of governance. May this light turn the sea of yellow into a golden hue rising from the streets – a symbol of our hope that the country can some day realise its true potential instead of being held back by the greedy and the corrupt.

It is going to be a most meaningful Merdeka, when we join one another in saying Yes to our collective freedom and No to oppression and corruption.

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    • Mat Sabu has confirmed that the GHB would try to ensure that at least 1,000 members from the GHB’s Amal Relief (Arif), wearing orange shirts with black sleeves, would protect the people regardless of race during the rally.

      DAP’s Balakong assemblyperson Eddie Ng said DAP would send 2,000 members to look after the security of the people during the rally.

  1. Satan was once an angel. Deities and saints also fight amongst themselves for benefits and control. Who know they may be on the sides of Najib. Haha

    • You must be totally sick in ‘jiwa’.
      Go see a psychiatrist or a priest.
      Take a moment to stand out of your body & read all you have written.
      I feel very sorry for you, brother Yang.

      • You are simply stupid. Am I not telling the truth. Your deities and saints are all man made. An angel can become Satan, what more are these man made deities and saints. Even the Angel Lucifer can wage war in heaven. Better feel sorry for yourself. DUNGGU Sure somebody like it the way you act because its to their benefits. moron

      • 31 August is for tunglang to Merdeka and break free from evil Yang.
        Thou shall be released! Praise The Lord, Hallelujah!

      • All the while, I fully support Bersih.
        Bersih is not only for Chinese if one may suspect, Bersih is for all Malaysians with a heart for a Better Malaysia free from corruption & Nak Cheat elections.
        I may criticise Niao Kong (CAT) for Penang environmental issues related to development, but my heart is for a better Niao Kong to run Penang which is now far better than the lost decades under the Ostrich leadership of Gelakan.
        At least we now have a CM who is not a Boh Hoot like Ostrich.

        I am very sorry for that Yang whom I suspect that just b’cos LGE set a housing ruling (to curb speculations) affecting sales of affordable housing (RM400K), he evolved into turncoat overnight & into a deranged critic of LGE & DAP.
        How can he think & truly care for the rest of Malaysians when his deranged anger clouds his perception of Bersih which is also supported by LGE? He even dares to mock God, deities, prophets, etc & comparatively praises Lucifer as if this Devil is God. Na Ji (Naik Jeep, Nak Cheat) is also good … in his eyes & heart of deranged anger!

  2. As claimed by someone, there is free transport, food, lodging, tee shirts and jollying oneself, with thousands, he must be a real dunggu and pea brain not to go unless he gets part of the donation.

      • Very good, fully agree as who is the real idot who earlier said about those going to bersih for 3 days holiday. Who is the idiot who did not read earlier message below.

    • Then you should encourage more to go to bersih giving your master grounds to impose emergency and have more control, restriction and less say and movement. Even this website may have to shut down. Mate what about a big thank you to us for achieving your master objective and happily you get your share of the donation.

  3. Sometime do you really think the people are going down there because of Bersih. Free trip, free T shirts and definitely free makan couple with 3 days holiday for happy jollying.

  4. Even where revolutions “succeed”, change is tepid at best. Decades after the collapse of the Marcos and Suharto regimes, corruption and mismanagement are still rife in the Philippines and Indonesia. By every metric, Malaysia is less corrupt, more economically prosperous, and more economically competitive — you may consult rankings by the World Bank, World Economic Forum, Transparency International, and others.

    Did God help Cardinal to change Phillippine for the better. Did the ousting of Suharto through revolution chnage Indonesia for the better. Did not the ARAB SPRING make the countries in the Middle East even worse. After years of protest in Thailand, did it change for the better.

    WAKE UP, STREET POWER MY FOOT. They are only for loser and rejects.

    LOOKING AT IT our country ARE MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN ALL THOSE THAT CHOSE STREET POWER. Street power my foot. Its only those that fail, that cannot get in through the legitimate door. A good example are the progressive, the defacto, DAP & PAS

  5. The reason BERSIH can move easily from fighting for a fairer elections to whatever mumbo-jumbo is because it avoids SPECIFICS. All it screams is replace bad with good. Is what is bad and good have been agreed to in specifics? It just appeals to the unsatisfied, protesting about the flavour of the day which, by the way, did not become flavour of the day without being chosen democratically.

    • The reason the BERSIH can attract so much followings is that too many SPECIFIC questions or issues of valid public concern were not given credible SPECIFIC answers, if any, by the government.

      There are enough SPECIFICS on the reason why our election is not free and fair. For instance, gerrymandering that resulted in multifold differences in the number of electorate between constituencies is as clear as day. This matter has been brought up time and again by all and sundry but was ignored by the EC.

      Many SPECIFIC questions has been raised pertaining to the 1MDB, not least many of its questionable dealings in its JV with the PetrolSaudi, one of which involved the alleged rerouting of USD 700 million away from the JV company. This same amount also coincidently matches the amount of ‘Middle-East donated funds’ that found its way into some PM’s accounts. Many were waiting for SPECIFIC answers form the horses mouth ie. the 1MDB current and former CEOs until the PAC hearing was disrupted by the PM himself.

      The accusations by WSJ, SR and The Edge against the PM were also very SPECIFIC but what are the PM’s response? Is he prepared to sue and in the process provide SPECIFIC answers when cross-examined in court? Or is his preferred option is by the use of draconian law, the PPPA, to suspend The Edge with NON-SPECIFIC charges.

      Last but not least, isn’t the public call for the investigation into the motive of the murder of Altantuya a fair SPECIFIC expectation? Would the PM, HM and IGP dare to take this challenge by calling for a proper investigation (with no stones unturned) that would bring justice to the murder victim and her family?

  6. I would venture to say that the police are aware enough exactly what the law allows and does not. They have enough senior officers in Bukit Aman who are smart and knowledgeable in matters legal. Aiyah, even the IGP himself is a lawyer, as he has so proudly announced before.

    As to why there appears to be a gap between what the law says and what the police seem to be interpreting it to say… that is shall we say, open to debate.

    At least the IGP came out last night with a statement warning UMNO Sg Besar chief Jamal Yunos and his Red Shirts abut “criminal intimidation” after Jamal escalated his trhreats from agressive words to that “monkey show” at Sogo and then issued his ominous “training with parang” threat.

    Not that we should hope too much that Jamal & Co will tone down his spiel. He is very well connected to high-level UMNO leaders, and I would expect that he can only be counted on to “defend” his “war general” (as another UMNO tin-kosong put it). A war general who once declared that Putrajaya must be defened even if “bodies are crushed” lest we have forgptten.

    A war general who is now warning Malays that if UMNO falls, they will be bangsat, with even Islam being threatened. Echoed by another UMNO tin-kosong who added that UMNO must continue to rule this land which belongs to the Malays. I wonder what the Malays in PAS, PKR and DAP have to say about that.

    Najib is bankrupt of any moral high ground to continue to hold on to Seri Perdana. Much more sadly, by not abiding by the due processes, which he has torpedoed left and right of late, and hence dishonouring justice and democracy, he has betrayed his father’s name. I pity Tun Rahah.

    History will not be kind to Najib.

    • Wait for Karma to take its sure course very soon.
      That Naik Jeep has too many baggages to throw away into scenic Putrajaya lakes too late.
      And the Red Shirts looks like a rehearsal of the days before 513 (they should be thrown into jail to ward off violence with weapons.
      Until the dawn of a New Malaysia, this land is putrefied & cursed by MadHatterism legacy which gave birth to what we are witnessing as rampant depthless evil – corruption, injustice, racism, murder, nepotism, leeching (of Ah Kong’s monies), lies & whatever you can fathom in your nightmares of Malaysia – A Land of Endless Possibilities (of Shocking, Unimaginable, Unexpected, Evil Proportions, Bluffs, etc).

      Have a good energising night sleep before Bersih 4.0

  7. Traffic jams and long queues for Bersih 4 merchandise

    Large group gathers in Batu Pahat ahead of Bersih 4.0 rally

    Bersih 4 Rally – The whole world is watching and Malaysia must not fail the global test of human rights, democracy and good governance so as not to head towards a rogue and failed state

  8. Who is the pea brain, dunggu and hypocrite starting to believe church is a holy place? There is no God shout someone and hence no such holy ground.

  9. Those who are Anti Nuclear should come .
    As BN govt planned to have 2 Nuke Power Reactors.
    Although Bersih4 is NOT about Anti Nuke but when is a better time?

  10. Church are holy place. It only show how despicable the organizer are for using the church for their own end

    • So are mosques. Most religions advocate standing up against corruption and tyranny, and their houses of worship offering sanctuary to those subjected to despotic actions are entirely kosher in my opinion.

    • Cardinal Sin played a significant role in the deposition of the corrupted President Marcos of the Philippines. The Christian churches were at the forefront in bringing democracy to the South Korea.

      • To be frank the West, Church and Christian are one of the most trouble maker the world ever has. Remember how million were killed or forced to be converted during the Crusade and during the Europena colonization by the Christian during the previous centuries.

      • Bersih 4 just like 1, 2 & 3 will come and go.

        This week end is a long stretch of holiday. The people are just going there for some holiday mood, fun and jollying, nothing else.

        Did Bersih 4 really received donation totalling 1.5 millions or is it another DECEPTION. Its the sale of T shirts that netted 1.5 millions. This is how Bersih become opposition that lie and deceive just like their counterpart the Cat. Can you call a Sale a Donation.

        Moreover its not the drove of people that come up and buy the T shirts. Its some big timer cronies companies that support in snapping up in bulk and distribute to these obsessive goon for free.

        For those who spoke against God, wait for His tight slaps – piaaakkk!

  11. Wish that event all the best even though the 29th and 30th of Aug are not auspicious days according to Chinese Farmer Almanac.

      • The two days in Aug look ominous as 29th Sat. is “Sui Po 岁破” – Broken year vs daymaster ie. contravening the year of 2015 and worse still, it follows by 30th Sunday’s “Yue Po 月破” – Broken month vs daymaster and even nearer in the Chinese Ghost 7month which is Ominously bad.
        Hopefully, it’s all only superstitious hearsay.

      • Correct question !

        Just like an economic crisis hurts the majority but a minority
        will gain from it (those with access to hard currency).

        If we have to crawl to the IMF with hat in hand for help because of
        the 1MDB mess and our worsening economic crisis, the IMF will
        demand “liberalisation” of the economy and foreigners
        will rush in to snap up our assets at cheap (to them) prices.

      • “月破” literally means Moon Breaker.
        It is thus appropriate that PAS will disintegrate on 30 Aug with the official registration of Gerakan Harapan Baru?

      • Anil blog is not just God driven but now feng shui driven. Tomorrow what will it be ?????
        I wonder whether God can really help these despair opposition and sycophants.

        RPK can tell all of you whether Najib want a vote of confidence of not. Vote of confidence, rally or not, YOU ARE ALL JUST SHIOK SENDIRI.

    • John R Mallot, the former US ambassador to Malaysia wrote this:

      On Saturday, tens of thousands of Malaysians will march in Bersih 4 to protest Najib’s authoritarian rule.

      It is certain that Najib, the man who brazenly stood before international fora and proclaimed himself to be a reformer and a liberal, will send his police force in to break up the rally.

      Najib will deploy tear gas, chemical-laced water, and police batons to ensure his rule. The whole world will be watching – and finally will realise what kind of man he is.

      It truly will be game over for Najib.

  12. Wasting their time and creating trouble for the ordinary rakyat but a boon for the opposition political opportunist

    • Still drinking that Ooo Thong Kopi???
      Anyway, sinking Ringgit is good for you & your family & your children studying overseas (?).

      • No worry for Lester ooo thong with MARA scholarships fully paid for to study in English overseas while the rest of us study locally to appreciate Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa and Tamaddun ooo thong!

  13. Yes, let’s all go down to KL to show support, we dont want damn to find fault with the Pg govt.

    Yes, there is no reason the rakyat eating sand to support them, 1pm and his 1cabinet indulging in fine dining day and night, living a life which we ordinary people will not achieve in a million year !!!

    Another friend also lamenting that his motorbike shop has no business now…

    It is time we slumber no more lest we will all be eaten alive, wake up …

    I was informed many churches in KL are burning midnight oil for the rally.

    Their days are numbered, let us all pray to the Almighty for the safety of all participants !!!

    Long live, BERSIH, BERSIH, BERSIH !!! Q

    • Yes, believe in Almighty God for His Intercession.
      Better still strike a billion megawatt lighting at Putrajaya.
      We don’t need daily yang-yang sermons but God’s power & justice in this Tanah Air Cinta Ku.
      May the angels, prophets, saints & deities come down to KL on the day of reckoning – Bersih 4.0.
      Let us pray to God Almighty for safety & protection on 29th – 30th August, 2015
      Btw, I have great admiration for Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, the Crown Prince of Johor. Not only he speaks no funny politics, he has a heart for his people. And he roars like a tiger. Malaysia needs more of these tigers.

  14. Anil
    Penang island not one of the 3 (KL, Kucing, KK) major Bersih 4 event. Will there be a gathering spot at Esplanade as well ?


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