Citizens Chant group holds public dialogue on Penang tunnel project


The Citizens Chant group is holding a public dialogue on the Penang tunnel project on 27 March.

The topic: “A vision for an international liveable City” – A tunnel at liveable Gurney?’

The speakers will be :

Dr Lim Mah Hui Phd. MPPP councilor


Professor Jimmy Lim
Architect, former PAM PRESIDENT
Winner of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture

TEL 04 2271926

DATE & TIME: 27 MARCH 2013, 8.00PM


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  1. Teng Chang Yeow is playing a dangerous game by associating himself with Perkasa!

    Sure get backlash in the GE!

  2. LGE has obviously never been stuck at the traffic jams in Gurney in the evenings and on weekends. Otherwise he will not have come out such such a totally crazy tunnel idea.

  3. Rights to land reclaimation of 44 hectares is equated (development gains) for the four road packages and the tunnel (costs). Like the Chief Minister had reiterated, the tunnel will not proceed if specific assessment reports do not get authorities approval. (an early disclaimer for all to heed or in fact a red herring?)

    My layman question would be, if the tunnel does not receive the necessary approvals would the rights to land reclaimation be reduced too, logically? Shedding some light would be ideal.

    Furthermore, out of the 44 hectares would it not be superb that Penangites get to enjoy the likes of a New York Central Park or even London Hyde Park, planned within such a great master plan.

    Penang to date has only the early colonial hand downs of The Esplanade or Polo Ground as green lungs for Penangites enjoyment and use. Sadly Penang’s chase for international city status in new peripheral city areas have been veered towards volumetric tons of concrete poured rather than great expanse of green lungs.

    If only…?

    • Thanks, Adil. I did highlight that ad. I think many have rightly dismissed the BN proposal for monorail as a serious option.

  4. Yes so what is Gurney. In fact under Gerakan master plan, Gurney is to be reclaimed right up to Seri Tanjung in Tg Tokong

  5. LGE, don’t waste your time & no need to beg for the “go ahead” from anyone for building the tunnel & expressways. You really can hold your head high for what u have done for the last 5 years for the state & its ppl.

    A clean & responsible government will not let its ppl down & disappointed. “Jia yu” & I deeply trust u can do the best for Penang.

    Trust LGE for a better Penang. UBAH !!

    P/s: If Penang can be selected as world 10 most liveable city, so what is Gurney?

  6. I agree with the tenor of these new set of comments. Penangites should see the forest for the trees. As a Penangite and Malaysian, my primary goal is to get rid of the corrupt, unjust and incompetent BN. Too much is made of the deleterious effects of the tunnel. CAP had exactly the same complaints about the first Penang bridge. Don’t most Penangites on the island and the mainland find this now a necessity? The CM already held a public forum on the tunnel question; let’s monitor the project and ensure that it ultimately benefits the large majority of Penang people. Are islandists bordering on elitistism in rejecting the tunnel? Let’s call for a referendum on the tunnel after GE 13. Let’s not cloud the election issues now with this. Don’t let the BN capitalize on this!

  7. It is opposed by ONLY a very small group of SELFISH people who only think of their own backyard just like those opposing high rise residential condo without any consideration for the overall development of the state

  8. Regret to inform that I can’t make it there.
    Appreciate it if someone can make my voice be heard.
    Firstly I’m Not going to ask trivial questions like how to reduce cars on the road or
    why so many houses & building being built when everyone is busy making babies unless
    we stop having children. I’m not going to ask about saving the environment when everyone
    impacts the environment before even leaving the womb unless we stop having children.

    I’m going to ask one realistic question and that is how do we plan for the transportation needs
    of Penang in a cost effective manner, with minimal environmental impact together with provisions for future growth in a manner that can surpassed geopolitical & socioeconomic

  9. Finally the famous & wealthy from Guyney came out to protest. Fear their super condo appreciates too much & no one afford to buy?

    By the way, pls dont simply put your heading The Citizens Chant group lah. Ppl might confuse it represent all Penang citizens. The Gurney Citizens Chant group sound better & more specific to the topic lah.

    Wonder why this protest king Lima Hui so free, MPPP got nothing for him to do ah?

  10. Having hundreds of public dialogue in this matter will be of no use because the governing side is already resolute and determined to push this project through even if it cost them votes..Only a change in state government will knock a sense to their head that people power prevails at all times.Or we can have a mammoth demonstration such as the like LGE,DAP & PR had never seen before until they rescind the contract given and cancel this project once and for all.

    • A tunnel is something that is beneficial in the long run IN REDUCING TRAFFIC CONGESTION and the govt has given its reviews through forum and dialogue and it is only opposed by a small group of NGO NOT the majority

      Lynas is toxic that is harmful to the people and environment. Almost the whole world are now reducing the development of red earth factory. The MAJORITY of people from all walk of life and NGO couple with the MAMMOTH demonstration have opposed it and yet Ah Cheap is NOT WILLING to dialogue and is resolute to push through it.

      Yes you are right only a change of govt will make it right.
      CHANGE is what we need.

    • We people of penang would rather vote for pr dap to govern our beloved oenang rather then changing and giving back penang to the corrupted bn government. We would have the tunnel then bn in penang. So gobind88 your idea of trying to change people here to vote to bn won’t ever came true. Wana hild massive rally? How much u wana gather 200 people like that day at komtar? Dont make more traffic jams near komtar with uneeded demo like this.

  11. Projects of this scale requires years of feasibility studies including social and environmental impact. Such hasty award raises question mark, not to forget, very much unlike what that has been said in buku jingga on the environment . And of course, the implementation on toll system. Remind me again on the PR manifesto!!

    • isn’t it obvious that its hurried before the GE. LGE is committing the state’s fund
      coz he’s not sure whether PR will win again. Rather than letting it fall into be end’s hand.
      Wud u want him to leave the assets/money in the state’s coffer and wait for GE to see who
      got to put in their hands into the cookie jar?


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