Animal Farm revisited


The ending of this animated version may be different from George Orwell’s classic, but it is no less compelling.

If the sound on this version is too faint, try this copy.

All of us need to be familiar with this tale so that we can be aware of how some of those who ride on people’s aspirations for greater justice and freedom can sometimes betray those very same aspirations.

Be warned that sometimes, those who place themselves in positions of power, purportedly to protect the people’s interest, may end up living off the wealth produced from the labour of the masses, who toil long and hard with little to show in return.

Highly relevant for our times.

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  1. With regards to the latest seizure of 30,000 Malay Bibles from Kuching port, as a Christians in Sarawak, I am angry and fed up with the systematic move to deny our religious rights as enshrined in the country’s highest law.

    • I think you need to read the Constitution again. Non-authoritative version from Wikisource (because I’ve never been able to discern the source for the authoritative version of the Constitution):

      Article 3:
      1. Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony

      What comes after the semicolon is a condition, not a guarantee. What Article 3.1 says is that Islam may be practised free of conditions. Other religions may be practised on condition that they are practised ‘in peace and harmony’. “in peace and harmony” is an appallingly ambiguous phrase to have in the highest law of your land. It allows the right to practise other religions to be selectively withdrawn depending on the interpretation of “peace and harmony”.

      I think you have a perfectly reasonable right to get angry, but it seems to me that you do not have a Constitutional right to be angry. Even if reasonable anger works for you this time and you get what you want, you will once again be emasculating the law by demanding favourable interpretation – you will be encouraging patronage. What you really need is better law. I suggest you demand a law (in line with the UDHR and international norms) that says it’s illegal to discriminate on the grounds of religion. ‘Peace and harmony’ shouldn’t be in any law anywhere: it should be a consequence of laws against specific and incontrovertible wrongs.

      Of course you live in an alleged democracy so if most of the people want the Constitution to stay the way it is, you might just have to put up with your optional ‘right’ and resign yourself to rigorous campaigning in the hope that one day you’ll have decent rights unambiguously enshrined. My own view is that pretending that the law says what you fervently wish it would say is the worst possible course of action – but that’s what faith is all about, isn’t it?

    • Because the government made me study BM as medium of instruction, my English is not good to understand the Bible in English. I need a BN version of Injil for me to get in touch with my God.

      So tolong lah berikan saya Bible versi Bahasa Malaysia.

    • As a Christian I am not ashame of my faith. However we must tread with care. The ‘Allah’ lawsuit, Herald vs Govt, results in a few churches burnt. Even though we are only fighting for our rights, some unscrupulous people will twist this into religious war. I’m not afraid of the government, but no innocents should suffer.

      • As Christians we should not compromise on our religion. I wonder why the prolonged silence from the Christian Aduns and MPs? Hey! you guys! If you want our vote, do your part to protect our religion or else you can kiss our vote good-bye.


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