15 arrested at Sogo #Blackout 505 flash mob (Video)

15 arrested at Sogo #Blackout 505 flash mob (Video)

Footage of the arrests at Sogo during a flash mob yesterday to generate publicity for the 22 June rally for electoral reforms.

The group also called for the resignation of the Election Commission chairman.

It seems the arrests have inadvertently provided even more publicity for the event. All the detainees were released on police bail last night.


  1. No childish spin lah. All people in Malaysia know PAS = hudud and UMNO/BN is against hudud. BN rules Malaysia since merdeka and if BN really wants hudud, they already implemented it decades ago. You forgotten that it was BN/Dr. M stop the hudud law in Kelantan. Google for detail lah.

    Anyway, 505 chinese tsunami already proved that the chinese don’t care about hudud anymore as they have done their civil duty in opposing hudud for decades. It was malay who support BN and can be interpreted as no supporting pas version of hudud.



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