Vincent Tan blinks as Cardiff fans back Mackay, who refuses to quit


Vincent Tan has reportedly lifted his threat to sack Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay, who reiterated his decision not to resign after the club’s supporters chanted “Vincent out! Malky in!”

Here they are chanting “Don’t sack Mackay!” after the game against Liverpool:

Cardiff chairman Mehmet Dalman said that Mackay was is “in charge for the foreseeable future and will be until something else happens”, reported the BBC.

And The Independent has carried a report: The worst owner in football? Vincent Tan faces fan backlash as Malky Mackay clings to Cardiff job

Anyway, this is what happens when Big Money from certain sources gets mixed up with football.

And the fact that the Cardiff football players’ jerseys have the word Malaysia emblazoned on them could now backfire.

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  1. Sick to see people in Malaysia supporting Cardiff City FC because of its Malaysian boss.
    Now Malaysians dare not identify themselves as Malaysians while in Cardiff because of the fan backlash.

    (Someone) is said to be (allegedly) setting up a casino in JB, as (his company) has just acquired the hotel in the JB duty free zone(?) Of course the state government is quiet on this matter.

  2. I lost my confidence on Dez Corkhill and Shebby Singh when both of them show their support to Vincent Tan (whom they addressed as Tan Sri as a sign of brown-nosing?) on Astro’s ‘Turning Point’ program last nite in this Resign-or-be-Sacked saga.

    Shebby himself is famous for sacking many Blackburn managers.
    Dez is a cari makan guy in Malaysia, continuously hyping the local… football on Astro.

  3. Vincent’s new Cardiff logo has the red dragon on top of the little bluebird, symbolising his arrogance supressing the poor bird?
    Very disrespectful!

  4. K Rajagopal’s timing just right. Finished contract with FAM. Now he can manage Cardiff to the envy of Shebby Singh.

  5. The football business
    It isn’t an easy game to play
    There are rules to engage
    Once you forget the backlash begins

    You depend on the people
    To come and watch the game
    It’s a live product to bring in the millions
    Once you aren’t in it the nightmare begins

    Berjaya Tan has no clue
    In Britain it is a different ball game
    The fans are critical and fanatical
    Once he oversteps it he gets the lashes

    In his home field he can do
    The way he wants it with Amno support
    He thinks he can apply the same tactics
    He blunders on it in UK

    He better leaves it to the football professionals
    These are the people who know the rules inside out
    He should know he is dealing with live product
    He isn’t dealing balls in a small globe

    With Visit Malaysia 2014
    The country doesn’t need the bad publicity
    We have the bad report on the cheating investment
    We don’t need a football adverse reporting in UK

  6. Ha! Ha! This is a good slap in the face for our great Vincent Tan! He thinks he can run the football club like how he ran Berjaya! Unfortunately for him, the English couldn’t give two hoots who he is!!!!

  7. And lest we forget, Tourism Minister Nazri thought it was perfectly OK and good to splurge RM15 million of the rakyat’s money to place the Visit Malaysia logo on the front of Cardiff’s jerseys.

    Are the large numbers of angry Cardiff supporters, and the even larger numbers who witness the outcry against Vincent Tan’s clueless and despotic handling of the Cardiff team, not associating Vincent with the the very prominent logo?

    Huge chunk of the people’s money up in smoke…

  8. Aiyaa don’t exaggerate the impact of Cardiff club crisis. Lots of people don’t care about Cardiff / football / political issues. They just want to be relaxed and enjoy their holidays in Malaysia. I think Chelsea owner is way more ridiculous than this Tan Sri.

  9. If Vincent Tan wants to sack Mackay, then he must pay 3 million pounds in compensation.

    But he wants to save the money by pressuring Mackay to resign.

    This is a bad reflection of Berjays’s HR practices?

    Malaysia brand name on the Cardiff jersey is thus tainted?

  10. Vincent Tan’s effort to promote Malaysia on Cardiff Jersey may backfire ?
    The British may boycott Visit Malaysia 2014 campaign now that Vincent has angered the football fans there ?
    Tourism Malaysia have to step in now fast to contain the fire to spread even worse ?
    Will Vincent Tan now a liability to Malaysia ?
    Tony Fernandez can learn not to repeat such mistakes at QPR football ?


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