Penang’s Dasha Logan climbs to No 2 in UK Soul Chart


Penang’s Dasha Logan is scaling new heights as she steps up to the number two spot in the UK Soul Chart, up from fourth place last week.

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  1. Dasha very likely be back in Penang Music Festival one day.
    She should be wise to be involved in right music events as the Mickeys might hijack her talents to get her involved in the BN’s Blueprint (GE13 hoo-haa at Penang downtown Heritage Little India that see no daylight until now).

    • Yes yes yes, they are luring dasha now, latukship is on the way…

      Lee chong wei is a foregone case now…

      Mischelle yeoh, the chinese has a saying di mana cooling, comfy, di sana saya duduk- duduk…

      Let’s see whether dasha has a backbone, whether she is different from the above two, or she is just another one, boot licker. Time will tell and we shall see…

      Wishing her all the best !

  2. Talking about Malaysians & Malaysian talents:

    MAS suffered losses because Malaysians stupid, says Dr M
    Now, this is betul, betul, betul bodoh tak masuk akal langsung comment.

    In the first place, who are the ones running MAS the way that leads to its utterly shameful performance (even prior to the MH370 incident) despite being a monopolistic-with-preferential airline in BolehLand.
    Ask yourself in the Helang mirror, Mad Hatter. Did you not approve for decades the way MAS fly-kite to its almost demise?
    Woe be to those still holding on to MAS shares & praying for miracles. And are they also blamed as stupid or bodoh-bodoh for trusting a national airline run by those you know who are the real bodoh?

    One Wishful Thinking: If Malaysian talents were to be given the ‘chance’ decades ago (based on meritocracy) to run MAS much like Air Asia was captained by Tony Fernandes, we wouldn’t have to fly-kite to the extend of flying in an Ang Moh Kau to resurrect MAS.

    Now, you still want to blame all Malaysians for the fate of MAS? Begitu Lah Bodoh Kau Kau!

    • there are many other equally qualified if not better other locals than “ang mo” to run MAS if only meritocracy over the abused affirmation being practiced in Malaysia.
      KL in the heart of booming part of Asia yet previous management not able to capitalise on that instead venture into Picasso-like paintings as if they were going to do auction on the planes ?
      MAS is just an example. The nation could have prosper benefiting the larger masses of bumis if meritocracy being given the deserving place.

    • Malaysians are not bodoh, only bodoh because meritocracy is not practised.

      Even Ong Kim Swee lucut jawatan as coach of Harimau Muda A!

    • With more Penangite talents making into the international scenes, Penang will soon become famous as Global-Cosmopolitan-Talented.
      Already Penang Ori-Meastros’ cuisine talent have carved a niche in Asian gastronomical delights crave by many Tham Chiah Kuis from far & near.
      Yesterday afternoon, while driving along Anson Road, upon reaching Siam Road junction I saw a group of Tham Chiah Kuis waiting patiently for their serving while this Char Koay Teow Ori-Maestro busily ‘char’ his recipe with charcoal much to the mouth-watering anticipation of those with dancing taste buds. Alas, I didn’t bring along spare Good Morning mini China towels to sell to these salivating food tourists!


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