Meteor crash in Russia injures hundreds


A meteor has crashed in Russia injuring hundreds of people. See this video report from Russia Today.

The meteor struck in the Ural mountains in central Russia.

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Meteorite explosions (booms) in the heavens over Russia, Cuba & San Francisco in one day, notwithstanding the ‘close-flyby’ of another asteroid. Coincidence? I hope Nostradamus has mistaken in one of his Quadrant about the future.
The world is not getting any better, economically, socially, environmentally & morally.
Could this be a warning that God is not pleased?
Let’s self evaluate & tighten our seat belts for more deadly heavenly displays, anticipated or not.


Seems the ‘explosions’ are actually soni booms. With speeds ovder 5 mph per second, you can imagine the sonic boom (breaking the sound bearier) it caused.