Woman attempts citizen’s arrest on Blair


Anti-war protesters gave former British premier Tony Blair a torrid reception when he turned up to sign copies of his autobiography at a book-store in Dublin.

One activist, Kate O’Sullivan, who managed to enter the book-store, tried to make a citizen’s arrest on Blair for war crimes in Iraq. Here is her account:

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  1. can we do a citizens arrest … for altantuya killing and (a top leader) on tons of corruption???? Gerakan K,what you think ???

    • Do you know that altantuya case already in court proceeding and almost over as the accused already been sentenced ???

      What is your complain ???



      • ALTAN: IT”S FOR REAL!!!


  2. Yaeh, I was brainwashed in Dublin into supporting this pro-Islamist and aggressively anti-Israel Western Marxist-left hypocrites! Many Muslim fanatics have infiltrated the mostly God-hating Western left groups in Dublin and all over the West – using them to gain political power and gain strategic alliances in the West! The Left and Msulim fanatics are also united in their common love for Fascism. Thankfully, Christ open my eyes to such evilness before it was too late!

    • We are given a choice – for peace or for self-destruction, for multilateral / multicultural co-existence or for one-world dominance.
      Already the world is infested with dictators and power mad ‘Hitlers’ clones bend on wrecking havocs, mischievous adventurism and eliminating ‘enemy’ nations not in their favor of twisted political doctrines and dogmas of religious fanatism.
      Are we to fulfil ‘The Clash of Civilizations’ as proposed by Samuel P. Huntington?
      I’m afraid humanity is already on that path led by Ahmadnejad, the dark horse of anti-Semitic-hatred, terrorism and self-proclaimed spiritual champion of the Arab world.

  3. Hell will be an empty and lonely place if we have clean politicians…Bolehland alone, will contribute half the evil souls as permanent residents in God’s “Hot House”! hehe

  4. Anil,
    Do we have a universal jurisdiction’s right to make citizen’s arrest in Malaysia?
    Irrespective of who’s the criminal?
    Is is risky? (Just to make it clear, though this sounds like the DPP!!!)

  5. The only difference between the democratic Western countries and the rest of the world, is this protester will get some sort of publicity… that will as far as she will get. The end result is, no difference from those powerful dictatorial countries! Plenty of play, play…nothing will happen!
    Only third world countries and fallen communist dictators will face some sort of Western trials for misconduct!

  6. Watched a bbc report on this which said that there were more pro-blair supporters than protesters.

    How come there is no video of this on your site or are you also one that is inherently anti-blair for his past?

    • The first video report above is from RTE, Ireland’s national television broadcaster. Even IF there were more pro-Blair supporters at the event, that doesn’t reduce his responsibility for the carnage in Iraq and the lies he told before embarking on the invasion.

      • Anil,
        This woman is an idiot. What Blair does is a policy that was in consensous with the decision making by his Cabinet and Parliament. The blame should be on Saddam Hussein who has used force to invade Kuwait and has boasted of having weapon of mass destruction. What if indeed Iraq has WMD. How dangerous the world would be. Again could you turn a deaf ear to Iran and its leader, Ahmadnejad who does not follow international law of immunity by raiding and holding hostage staff of the American embasy in the 70s. Could we believe their lies that their nuclear programme would be for peaceful means when its leaders boast of wiping Israel off the map. Would invading Iran be a carnage if there is a likelihood that Iran possess nuclear weapon. The answer is no. Example Bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima help to end the war and save many million more lives. It could be the same in Iraq even if there is no WMD because Iraq and Saddam would still wage war against its neighbour and the world. We cannot wait until something drastic like 911 to happen. Action and prevention first would be a better option even though there might be some mistake. After it is for the peace and security of your own people and country

      • Yang, it is so pity that you supported the war against Iraq.

        You are truly a pure idiot.

      • Not only that. I supported the war in Afghanistan most of all I will support any war against fanatics and terrorist. And I also supported Israel style of no negotiation against these fanatic and terrorist even if they are not muslim. Even god do that. Example is Sodom and Gommorah when the entire city was wipe off….

      • I agree the fault doesn’t lie solely on Blair alone but doesn’t developed nations have a responsibility to be examples to other countries? I mean shouldn’t they be more careful and sure of it in the first place. On Hiroshima, I disagree, the Japanese were already on the run and eventually the war would end. The move was solely to stop the Soviets from gaining ground in the East. It wasn’t to end the war.

        It was a cunning political move. Worth it? I think not.


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