Workers’ Party thumps PAP in by-election


The Workers’ Party has scored a resounding victory over the ruling People’s Action Party in a closely watched by-election for the Hougang seat in Singapore.

Its candidate, Png Eng Huat, cruised to victory over his PAP opponent with 62.1 per cent of votes, slightly down from the 64.8 per cent the party polled in the general election last year.

The victory was achieved in this opposition stronghold despite mainstream media coverage that Workers’ Party secretary general Low Thia Khiang reportedly described as hinting of “character assassination”.

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  1. Penangites can learn from this.
    make sure your state governement is still with Pakatan although BN can still rule the country.
    Hougang people in singapore gets the best of both worlds from Workers Party and PAP.

  2. You wonder what UMNO people are thinking about this. The smart ones will recognise the world has changed against the establishment with social media and movements like Occupy Wall Street/Arab Spring. UMNO’s problem is that too few have the brains to understand this including most of the top leadership and their … Mahathir who is too old and too much guilt to ever even admit it.

  3. No surprises here. The locals are moving out and the foreigners are moving in. The locals have to do NS while the foreigners get to make their millions in safety.

  4. Next will be the defeat of AMMO, Barang Naik and Nacheap together with the coalition partners from MIC, MCA, PPP and Gerakan etc


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