Rohingya human trafficking at our door-step


While the authorities are busy investigating nudists scampering around at Teluk Kampi, an even more outrageous saga is taking place under our nose.

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  1. Another proof of what Malaysia is up to ? When the sunni muslims who are the same as the sunni muslims in Malaysia is, while the world condemns the Jihadist for beheading the journalist they may not be aware (what) the sunni muslims in Malaysia is even doing … When these sunni muslims in Malaysia are (going after) the shiite muslims in this country, (and) the journalists and even the lawyers for reporting the truth and also … all the (wrongdoings) in this country.

    Just remember Israel does not forbid the shiite or the sunnis for embracing or practicing their own religion or beheading a journalist from reporting the truth of what is happening.

    (Here) they don’t permit the Christians in Malaysia from terming God as Allah. How come the muslims, for example, in Indonesia or India many times the size of Malaysia don’t do that(?) …

    • Ironically I was told shiite muslims from Iran are allowed to come to Malaysia to study in local and private universities


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