Occupy movement reaches South East Asia


The Occupy movement has seen similar gatherings sprouting across South East Asia, including almost weekly Occupy Dataran gatherings – and now an event in Penang.

The Global Voices Online website provides a useful glimpse of what’s been happening in the region.

Actually, the Occupy Dataran gatherings in KL started on 30 July 2011 – well before the Occupy Wall Street gatherings. From what I hear, they were apparently inspired by the gatherings in Madrid earlier this year. Now, I see messages on Facebook about a similar gathering in Speakers’ Square in Penang this evening.

But perhaps the Thais were the first in the region in recent times to come out and make their voices heard with their red-shirted gatherings against what they perceive to be an unjust system in Bangkok.

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  1. Will we be seeing the significance of Speakers’ Corner at Penang Esplanade from now ?

    Freedom of responsible speech should be gaining the momentum when people voice out their frustrations & suggestions.
    This platform should be taken for granted for sure. Aliran has not seized on this controlled priviledges granted yet.

    Anil still not able to capture the mood at People’s Corner of Penang for writings on this blog; unless some folks start covering sustainable development which is the pet topic for Anil. Right, Anil ?

  2. And in the Little Dot down south, the folks seem to be very vocal as well. Vocal on facebook and such, that is. In real life… quoting from Asia Sentienl’s report published yesterday:

    “Almost two weeks after the “Occupy” protest turned out to be an utter failure in Singapore, almost alone among Asian cities, the city-state’s political observers are still trying to figure out what happened.”


    “The island nation’s bloggers are as vociferous as any on the planet. And, although the event’s Singapore Facebook page scored 3,000 “likes,” however, and 75 people said they would show up at Raffles Place in the middle of Singapore’s financial district, almost nobody showed up.”

    Singapore’s Failed Occupation

  3. Such gatherings should be encouraged and supported by the Rakyat in their search for more freedom, truths and the right to peaceful assembly, with a noble cause, unlike those organized by certain quarters like HIMPUN! Gatherings like HIMPUN must be avoided at all costs.

    Anak Bangsa Melayu sudah bijak, sudah bangkit, and they do not want to be associated with and made use of by such irresponsible people who use race and religion to advance their dirty cause! It is not easy to get Bangsa Melayu onto the streets without a noble cause anymore. Call a Bersih Rally, and without unfair obstructions like locking out the entire city and spreading water laced with chemicals at peaceful marchers, brutalizing peaceful marchers, at any one time, one million Malaysians of all races will come out to rally for a good cause!

    In this world, the more one suppresses the more the people will resist!
    Jadi, macam mana? SEX,SEX and more SEX, LIES, LIES and more LIES from the power that be, and so unashamedly so! To lie, one perlu ada otak juga! Look at the horrendous lies spread by pro UMNO bloggers and supported by MCA/GERAKAN! Buat malu bagi Rakyat Malaysia!

    What we had seen of the latest squabbles in Sabah, where UMNO is openly opposed to the idea of GERAKAN contesting there come PRU 13 is a clear sign that UMNO is not going to be that magnanimous to entertain candidates from GERAKAN/MIC/MCA! They know Rakyat TAK NAK and MCA/GERAKAN will be severely thrashed come PRU 13 by the electorates! Poor GERAKAN, having snubbed by Peninsular Malaysians and trying to sneak in on the quiet by accepting frogs, which they thought will give them automatic entry into Sabah and Sarawak! SERVE you right, GERAKAN! MCA and MIC mesti dihapuskan in Peninsular Malaysia to effect a change in the Federal Government! Salam REFORMASI! Selamatkan Malaysia!


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