Human trafficking syndicates believed to be behind grisly mainland Penang murders


Police have said they believe human trafficking syndicates are behind the series of murders in mainland Penang.

This was what I was alluding to in my blog post in August 2014: Bukit Mertajam in the spotlight – for the wrong reasons. The news about human trafficking syndicates operating here had emerged in January 2014.

Penang police said yesterday:

Polis Sedang mengesan empat lelaki warga Myanmar yang dipercayai terlibat dalam kejadian culik dan bunuh membabitkan rakan senegara mereka pada selasa lalu.

YDH. Ketua Polis Daerah Timur Laut, ACP Mior Faridalathrash bin Wahid berkata identiti empat lelaki berusia 30-an itu telah dikenal pasti dan mereka dipercayai masih berada di Pulau Pinang dan Kedah.

” Empat lelaki termasuk perancang utama dalam kes culik dan bunuh itu telah dikenal pasti dan siasatan kami juga mendapati mereka adalah anggota sindiket pemerdagangan manusia. Polis percaya dengan beberapa maklumat dan perkembangan baru yang diperolehi kami mampu mengesan mereka ( empat lelaki Myanmar itu ) dan menyelesaikan kes berkenaan.”

The latest body to be found was on Tuesday morning – and police are probing whether this case is linked to a human trafficking operation in Kedah.

The United States had downgraded Malaysia and three other countries to Tier 3 – the lowest possible ranking – in its annual Trafficking of Persons (TIP) Report due to insufficient action taken to prevent human trafficking and forced labour.

We are in the same group as Zimbabwe, North Korea and Saudi Arabia! See this Guardian report: ‘US penalises Malaysia for shameful human trafficking record’.

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  1. Penang Mainland’s Cherok To’kun Forest Reserves unknown to Islanders as some travel far to Belum Forest instead.
    Hope no corpse dumping at Cherok To’kun to draw unwanted spirits there.

      • Orang Asli boleh jaga keamanan hutan supaya gangsterim tak bakar orang macam Dato Sri Bukit Mertajam ? Tapi bila ke bandar ambil duit BR1M patut berjaga-jaga tak diragut nanti.

      • Pandai belajar dari LGE, berapa bulan di Komtar?
        Siapa tak mau duit percuma BR1M?
        Sama juga duit dari DAP.

        Gunalah otak sebelum cakap yang tak siuman.
        Kalau orang nak bunuh, hajat mangsa sebelum mati pun tak boleh lari!
        Kalau nak bunuh, di rumah sewa pun boleh. Orang Seberang lebih tau dari saya orang asli jauh di Belum aman syurga!

        Cakap rempek, rempek!

    • All Forest Reserves are great places to visit & unwind + re-energise the souls ‘damaged’ from the restless & stressful living in cosmopolitan cities. Some folks upon experiencing the ‘magical’ rainforest decided to turn their backs away from city living.
      Cherok To’Kun looks inviting & nearby.
      For my x-ploring spirit, I prefer the ‘wild & dangerous’ rainforest where you are advised to “jangan pandang belakang”. Taman Negara is one place “keras” but at the same time awesomely beautiful & enchanting to the senses. The nearer one is Gunung Jerai.

      Belum rasa, Belum tahu. Hanya merepek saje.

  2. One property salesman here in anilnetto tries very, very hard to convince older folks & bo-bin-chui Penangites to emigrate (fast) to dangerous-living mainland while simultaneously trying to blame taukehs for employing cheapo immigrants for the dangerous crimes in Penang.
    But the inevitable, incontestable fact is Penang mainland has the cheapest rentals in Penang for these taukehs to house their workers. Too bad the illegals among immigrant workers brought with them gang criminal tendencies like murders.
    Salesmanship of this kind is very irresponsible, not least tak perut hati.
    Why not show us his example of his buying home, sweet & cheap home in mainland???

    Cakap tak serupa bikin(i).

    • As this blog has been inundated with complaints about the high cost, high rise, high density, high congestion etc of the living in the Penang island, we should appreciate those suggestions by certain readers to offer alternatives on the mainland for people who could no longer tolerate the fast development on the Penang island.

      Life is about options/choices, timing and the decisions you make. Certain readers must have made wrong decisions not to invest in the Penang property before the skyrocketing prices set in. Now Seberang Prai is offering new options while the price is still reasonable. So I am very thankful to the insights provided by readers on the new residential development in SP.

      When you make a decision to relocate to the mainland, certainly there will be some trade-offs againsts the benefits of lower cost. I urge everyone to think carefully and consider their needs vs their wants. If you want peaceful and simple lifestyle, then you must also be willing to forgo the nightlife (pubs) and the glitz of the shopping malls the Penang island can offer.

      Of course people who never think and make wrong decisions in life (eg. missing out the opportunity to invest in the properties on the island while the price is low) would not admit their mistakes but the vent their frustrations here like blaming the so-called salesman. Salesmen are doing your job, but ultimately you are the one who make your own decision.

    • No permit for Thaipusam procession in mainland due to crime last year.
      What is wrong, raja raj.
      Must be poor anger-management of some Hindu individuals on holy days.
      I leave that to your judgement.

  3. Human trafficking is not as serious as having homegrown terrorists fighting in the name of ISIS.

    Watch this video ‘The Jihadist in Our Family’ by The New York Times on why Mohd Lotfi Ariffin leave his wife and children behind in Malaysia in search of martyrdom in Syria.

  4. Penang Island Developers to cash in on notoriety of crimes on mainland Penang to strike fear among buyers to continue to stay on island despite higher cost of livings (eg monthly maintenance fees to lifestyle condos) ?

    something to ponder…

  5. Human trafficking thrives because many taukehs are capitalising on cheap but illegal Myanmar labour, and the authority seems to be blind to the situation. Very common in the rural part of Balik Pulau eg. those homestay resorts.


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