Bukit Mertajam in spotlight – for the wrong reasons


A few news items caught my attention recently.

The first one is datelined Bukit Mertajam, the link for which I put up recently:

Trafficking abuse of Myanmar Rohingya spreads to Malaysia

The United States recently downgraded Malaysia and three other countries to Tier 3 – the lowest possible ranking – in its annual Trafficking of Persons (TIP) Report due to insufficient action taken to prevent human trafficking and forced labour. We are in the same group as Zimbabwe, North Korea and Saudi Arabia! See this Guardian report: ‘US penalises Malaysia for shameful human trafficking record’.

And the second revelation is about dead bodies, some of them reportedly foreigners, found dumped in and around the Bukit Mertajam area:

Penang fast becoming a state where there is no peace for the dead!

I found several recent online news reports of such cases quite easily. I didn’t even have to do a comprehensive search.

29 June – Body of man, human foetus found at dam entrance

26 April – Maggot infested body found in Bukit Tengah

15 March – Body of man found in durian orchard

26 February – Body of man wrapped in bedsheet found on pavement

10 December 2013 – Stench leads to discovery of murdered man in quarry

What’s going on here? Is there a pattern here?

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  1. When you leave school you would have no job but you would have to start looking for a job some within the next 6 months. How do you define as what Dr Mohd Azlan Yahya is saying. Yes many graduates are in fields that do not commensurate with what they have studied just like my son studying accountancy but doing some other job so much different from what he is studying. That is not a surprise at all. I could say we are in full employment and full employment means an unemployment rate of less that less that 3%. Its just that many are choosy like most Malay graduates whose English proficiency is not good and so they are afraid to apply for jobs in the private sector and instead rather wait for govt jobs. And many are very choosy about salary. Starting salary for even graduate are not as high as one thought it to be. One with a Master degree start his job at RM2,400/=. Most important is to gain experience.

    • …most Malay graduates whose English proficiency is not good and so they are afraid to apply for jobs in the private sector and instead rather wait for govt jobs.

      How do they pass SPM English?

  2. You said it right “`NOT SURE“`. NOT SURE if there are really 50,000 unemployed or unemployed graduates. Please make sure and don`t assume. Because of people and opposition from Pakatan leaders like you that is always NOT SURE make an assumption that the country is bad when it is not such. Please make sure or you are not only belittling our country but yourself as well.

    • But MAS will SURELY cut at least 3000 headcount from its payroll. MAS should also sever the inflight catering contract of … Nasi Telanjang.

      Any update by Abbott on the molest incident by MAS stewart on that Aussie girl?

      • Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc is shutting down its operations in Bayan Lepas, Penang as part of a worldwide manufacturing realigning exercise, which is likely to see over 1,000 jobs here axed.

        Looks like electronics manufacturing sector is heading for sunset in Penang?
        Another reason why my neighbour does not want his children to study engineering.

    • NST 28 June 2014:

      According to the Ministry of Higher Education, a quarter of all graduates in 2012 had not secured employment at graduation, and World Bank finds that nearly one in five degree holders under the age of 25 were unemployed in 2012.

      “Youth unemployment in Malaysia presents a puzzle: if the economy requires increasing numbers of talented workers, why does a relatively large share of better-educated youth have trouble finding a job?”

      Talent is cited as one of the top business challenges and a recent survey conducted by global consultancy Grant Thornton) finds 62 per cent of Malaysian firms have difficulty finding skilled workers, and 48 per cent identify lack of talent as a constraint for future growth.

      It warned that the demand for skilled talent is only set to increase further: across all National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs), most firms already demand basic Mathematics and communication skills, even for mid-tier positions.”

      The World Bank said to enhance the employability of its youth, Malaysia needs to address the mismatch in skills formation and build a functioning feedback mechanism between educational institutions and the industry.

    • Ananars may have missed out this news on The Star (27 July 2013):


      Up to 40% of public university graduates in Malaysia are either jobless or are stuck in mismatched occupations.

      According to Education Ministry official, Dr Mohd Azlan Yahya, studies have shown that between 30% and 40% of graduates have no job after finishing university or are in fields that do not commensurate with what they have studied.

  3. Fact: “her” a “man” itself is a joke. Changing the cleanest MB in human history, BTW I mean Selangor MB, is a total fail. No doubt about it. Changing the secular Malaysia to islamic hudud ala PAS is a fail. No doubt about it.

    And BTW I’m talking about the total fail by Pakatan.

    when you pakatan macai are going to recognize the perfectness of Barisan Nasional?

      • @ivan

        A **fail** is a FAIL no matter how you try to sugar-coat it, be it with any language, slogan (for example CAT), etc. Pipul like me and others can see it. Lu tarak paham kah? Tak boli ini machiem. FACT: you are stupid macai.

  4. What a … shamble this , once blessed country, is coming to especially when you think it was solely under the administration of the Umno schmucks since independent.
    For a while Malaysia was rather peaceful or should I say life in Malaysia was peaceful and enviable. That was until this repugnant … Mahathir became the PM, when he began to change the very fabric that made this country the way it was. Millions of skillful and professional (people among the minorities) began to immigrate to all over the world.
    These skillful professionals not only left this country with their much needed professional skills but also took along with them their wealths and above all cease to contribute their taxes that had helped build Malaysia to be what it is to day. Just imagine the amount these immigrated professionals could have contributed in terms of taxes and at the same time kept the economy together and going. Imagine each of these 2 millions who had immigrated,on the average, was contributing over more than 15 thousand ringgits. Are you aware than annually what the total amount they would have contributed, hundred of billions if not trillions over their lifetimes ?

    This must be one of the real reasons why Talent Corp was formed not only to bring these immigrated professionals back to serve the country but another real reasons Malaysia is so desperate to bring them back even offering them with incentives and when these didn’t bring in the desired results. More added incentives are being offered and sadly that too didn’t do or will do the trick. In the beginning the schmucks in Umno were too worry about the problem because they were, for the time being, able to have lost revenues generated replaced by the black gold. As usual these Umno schmucks did not plan far enough because the black gold is not an endless commodity and when it ceases, what is going to replace the taxes the immigrated professionals were contributing ? The people especially the Umno schmucks, must be mindful of that, without the annual taxes of billions of ringgits plus without the revenues generated by the black gold. How can Malaysia be able to continue to pay the more than one million civil servants their salaries or pay the money they have borrowed with their interests, not to mention to pay the inflated bills for the mega projects they have in mind ?
    Now you know why the real reasons why GST (Goons Survival Tax) is introduced, it is to replace the taxes or lack of taxes the country has been collecting after the professionals had immigrated.

    Therefore comes April 2015, just for a starter, it is going to be only 6% but mark my words the 6% is only a starter. And when the black gold has run out the percentage will surely be increased, after all there is no other alternatives.One most important issue for everyone to look at is some of the oil producing countries like Saudi Arabia or Brunei
    do not have their people pay personal taxes or even have GST in place for their people
    to worry about. Just look at Singapore the first S$20,000- (more than 50,000 ringgits in Malaysia) a person earned in Singapore is tax free which is a lot of taxes in Malaysia.
    Especially when Singapore does not even have the revenue of the black gold to rely on.

    Unless of course the number of civil servants are drastically reduced and to cease providing the tongkats and wheelchairs to all the (people) in Umno. What a scene Malaysia will be in, another Bangladesh in the making !

    • Fact: BN is leading us to failed state.

      Pakatan may not be perfect, but it is our only hope of changing the path of our nation.

      Those people who have not lived abroad in a more advanced nation for at least a year (studying or working) are blinded by BN propaganda. This is evident in the comments of certain readers in this blog.

      • Those who have studied and lived abroad know next to nothing about here. Once they come back, they like it so much so that they would rather buy a home and lived here instead of their own country like the UK and US. If you think racism is a problem here try the US, Latin America or UK especially if you are dark skin. You ain`t see nothing yet.

  5. Ask ourselves, for the past 6 years under the CAT and DAP how much has our livelihood, neighbourhood, traffic dispersal, environment, cleanliness, greenery, affordable housing, jobs innovation, quality of lives etc etc improve. !!!! Virtually nil. Now why should we continue with such governance anymore. !!!!

    • One species of humanity is reeling in delirium: the greedy developers from KL & SingLand.

      CAT is in perpetual “I owe you” to these repugnant, irresponsible entities & both are responsible for the present state of environmental affairs & surreal property prices.
      No Penang Local Plan means a virtually free hand for these repugnant entities to carry on their ‘land crimes’ perfectly guaranteed with one CAT eye closed by a state authority. The other CAT eye is for sandiwara acts of ‘gong tai-tai’.

    • So you better believe in Idris Jala, that Malaysia is on track to achieve its high-income target of US$15,000 (RM47,414) by 2020, if not sooner, as a result of the policies under the National Transformation Programme (NTP)?

      Yes, follow Idris Jala method: sell your assets and you will be cash rich instantly?

      • Ken : You are right on point, many are doing just that. Many poor farmer in Relau and Sg Ara that own several acres have just done that. They said how much money can I now make from farming and moreover all my son are educated and is not interested in farming. They are now instant millionaires together with a double story units allotted to them.

      • ”all my son are educated and is not interested in farming”

        Not sure how many of them are one of the 50,000 unemployed or underemployed graduates. That is the problem when the government deprives the agricultural sector the traditional manpower by offering too many university places with courses not relevant to the industrial needs and with looose admission criteria, all in the name of new economic policy to elevate the social and economic standing of the bumiputera.

    • In that article on Lim Chong Eu’s chequered legacy, it stated:
      During his tenure under the BN, many of Penang’s top schools declined and talented Penangites joined other Malaysians in migrating to KL, Singapore and elsewhere in search of better opportunities.

      The same talent exodus is still happening in Penang, no thanks to the spiralling surreal property prices & low wages spelt out by greedy bosses.

      On low wages, the karma of economics is: Limited consumer spending power means limited businesses & profits for these greedy bosses. Workers are also the not-stupid consumers, bear this in mind, greedy bosses.

      The same karma of economics applies to property: Young buyers not keen on studios, SoHos

      The present Penang state gomen is more chequered than the ones before.

      • Lim Chong Eu had the vision & created Bayan Lepas FTZ now creating careers/jobs for thousands past 3-4 decades. Hence his legacy being honored with the naming of Lebuhraya Lim Chong Eu (aka Jelutung Highway).

        Koh Tsu Koon, if only he has the bravado to finance LTR with FTZ yielded revenues instead of pumping them to federal coffers in the 90s, would have a legacy for coming generations to honour. However, his “kow tow” behavior only loses admiration and hence being honoured with the name of a seedless Durian specy.

        How about Lim Guan Eng ? Better work for the people’s benefits from now to leave own legacy…..

  6. BM has been a DAP stronghold for so many many terms but the place and livelihood of the people has yet to be improved still like the 70s. Ulu and gangster like

    • My friend confided in me that many in Batu Maung’s Penang’s Voluntary Patrol Team (PPS) are (allegedly) comprised of gangster-like individuals.
      My guess is it is all the same in other districts.
      When the ‘head’ cannot control the ‘arms & limbs’, imagine what can happen.
      No different from the black-cake hot-heads.

      • Tunglang : Yes, you are 100% right. And I was wondering, are they not using our money to use these PPS to control their DAP ceramah crowd. Maybe the smart .. can enlighten us

  7. Bukit Mertajam is famous for “mafia-like” underground dark activities; despite many efforts to change its image like associating it with local born World Champion Lee Chong Wei.

    Bukit Mertajam now also experiencing speculative property hike like in the island.

    Today’s The Star hints of possible property bubbles. Household lending from banks WERY ALARMING now !


    “Essentially, the high household-to-GDP debt ratio, which stood at 86.8% at end-2013, is uncomfortably close towards 90%.
    Currently, half of the RM727bil total outstanding amount of household lending from banks is for residential property financing.
    In this context, addressing financial imbalances is also to tackle the larger issue of real estate valuation.
    If left unattended, the house price escalation at a peak of 12.2% house price index growth in the last quarter of 2012 may be a property asset bubble in the making.”

    • Speaking of Datuk Lee Chong Wei, he is already giving early excuse that he is now carrying injury into the World Championship in Copenhagen. So he could again falter at big stage even when Lin Dan is not playing?

      Datuk Lee Chong Wei epitomizes the ‘Jaguh Kampung’ syndrome, so long as he could not win the following major titles: Olympic Gold, Asian Games Gold and World Championship.

      • Datuk Lee Chong Wei could possibly be the MCA candidate for Bukit Mertajam in the next GE if he could win the Olympic Gold in Rio since Penangites could worhip him as the new tokong?

    • Karma of Economics is unwrapping. Let the Bubble bursts, anytime sooner. I love it.

      As for the many households in deep ‘s…’ of debts, go to AKPK for recourse.
      The banks will hate you, but AKPK will help you sincerely all the way. Don’t be ashamed.
      Penang AKPK is at:
      Bangunan Bank Negara Malaysia
      27 Corner Light/Pitt Street
      10200 Penang
      Tel : 604 261 2246
      Fax : 604 261 2243

      The other solution is to Downshift Lifestyle from today, painful as it may be.
      Cut the credit cards into pieces & cremate them forever.

      Still want ai bin-chui tied to lifelong slavery or want a freedom life to enjoy meaningful existence & to decide & run your own dream destiny?

      • The outstanding loan of PTPTN is close to RM50 billion, or about 9% of the national debt – a financial time bomb?

        In the US, outstanding student loans total US$1.1 trillion (RM3.49 trillion), which is equivalent to about 6% of its national debt. Already, financial experts in the US are predicting that this would trigger a financial crisis to the scale of the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008.

        The problems faced by the US are similar to what Malaysia is facing, perhaps even more so in some respects. For one, 40% of graduates are unemployment or underemployed, and without jobs, these young people cannot pay their loans.

        Read more from the latest issue of The Heat:

  8. And the Kucing has the nerve to say that because of PPS crime rate has dropped … without blinking an eye

    • Again this is a problem caused by easy admission of foreign workers/students to Malaysia.
      There are many foreigners enter the country with student pass, supposedly studying in local private institutions. But they never study but conduct illicit business and scams. Ever wonder why the authority never check the attendance of these ‘students’ at the local institutions?
      Do not blame PPS for this.


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