Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement in a nutshell


The latest round of secret negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is underway in Utah, USA. The principal beneficiaries are expected to be large corporations.

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  1. It is not “USA” or some other country that is trying to exploit. After NAFTA, the people of all 3 North American countries woke up to find that they were being ripped off. Now, an agreement parallel to TPP called TAP is being finalised to ram down the throats of the suffering people of Europe. The international capitalist cabal owns the politicians in all countries. Legislators may complain that they are not shown the drafts or allowed to discuss them, but they are the ones who authorised these governents. This is capitalism gone completely beserk. The kangaroo courts for “investor protection” will effectively complete the global coup.

  2. Only 5 of its 29 chapters are related to trade? 24 chapters on how corporations can gain control? Internet freedom jeopardised? Copyright infringements even if I simply send a recipe to a friend? Good Lord! This is scary! The Malaysian Government owes the rakyat a full explanation for even considering this agreement in the first place!

  3. TPP Agreement will forbid direct negotiations that cater for warlords & cronies hence Malaysia government can never sign up for that. Other reasons are just excuses.

    • Those ‘Jaguh Kampung’ cronies cannot compete globally and TPP will therefore be a disadvantage to them. I support TPP in this aspect for the sake of Malaysian rakyat, not just the selective elites.

  4. Signing the TPP is a clear sign of an act of … selling the nation’s sovereignty.
    We should stop this madness. The problem with the BN govt. leaders is not that they
    did something bad, it’s that they are undiscerning and never learned why it was wrong.

  5. The more I hear about the TPPA, the scarier it seems. If corporations can turn against governments and if our internet freedom is jeopardised, why is Malaysia even considering having discussions? Is it only doom and gloom or are there parts to the TTPA that are beneficial to us? The fact that so much secrecy surrounds the TPPA is even more worrying as it allows for rumours, exaggerations and the like. Surely we as the rakyat deserve to have the full picture.

  6. I have no concern for TPP but more concern when Najib BEEPs to favour only malays in his transformation program that deprives other races the economic opportunities.

  7. Anil, off topic.
    Should there be a 12-year lifespan cap on cars in Malaysia?
    Look, $mell & $ound fi$hy from Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS).
    May have something to do with TPP?
    Or Proton (“Problem by the Tons” – very ironic, isn’t it given the national emphasis on vehicle safety).

    Many are already saddled with all sort of debts, can we add more car debts every 12 years?

  8. U.S. must never be included in TP.P., U.S. will be there to give themselves all they need just like like the membership in UN. What good can they bring, they can’t even balance their own balance sheet, just look at the shambles they are in, the trillions they owe. The debts are certainly not managed by a nation who is able to look after their own ability. It is costing them hundred of billions in interest alone yearly plus the constant arguments it draws every time when they try to balance their books,
    They have bases all over the world, Hawaii, America Samoa, Guam just to name a few !
    In spite of these they are still going round setting up bases, the most recent one is the establishing of the US base in Australia. Who in the world, if any, is threatening their military might ?

    And if they are so powerful why was it that Vietnam such a primitive and backward country was able to drive them out of Vietnam almost 50 years ago yet they appear to have not leant their lesson to mind their own business ! They should considered themselves well blessed they are sited so far away from the two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific and now they are, in the name of business, trying to be a member of the partnership the TPP which they will eventually influence the whole region as a member ! They should instead concentrate themselves looking after their economy without minding the business of the world or going round the world pretending to give alms to everyone when they themselves is so badly in debts !

    Why are they so afraid of the armed insurgents or better still why are their embassies all over the world always the targets of the insurgents ? According to the popular believe if you are guilty why should you be so concern of being attacked ! No one has appointed U.S. to be the police man for the world history will show no country in the world, except Japan, has ever attacked U.S. yet to day you are spending billions or trillions protecting them ? Protecting the Japanese from being attacked by China after having committed the many atrocities, like the Nanjing massacre, the construction of the railway between Malaysia and Thailand, the Bride of the River Kwai, just to name a few examples during world war two, not to mention the atrocities the Japanese had committed all over South East Asia,

    Also why are the Japanese so afraid of being attacked by China, or shall I say from the revenge China will take, even though a little late, for the Nanjing massacre where the Japanese killed and raped million of Chinese. Even nature is trying to use the constant earth quakes, the tsunamis to warn them of what is to come to the Japanese For every sin the Japanese had committed they must now pay and that is why the Japanese are so afraid of being attacked by the Chinese. This equation has to be balanced, even if it takes 50 or 60 years and still the Japanese are paying homage to their war criminals annually, showing no remorse, for the crimes they committed….

  9. There is an urgent need to BLOCK the Najib GOM from signing the TPP Agreement amidst growing concern worldwide that IT is a instrument to override not only the participating nation laws and sovereign rights but also ursurp the democratic freedom of its people in almost all aspects..
    The People of Malaysia MUST confront its Ministers who appear to be in cohort to establish and enforce this end. As this recording shows the TPP is reputed to have 29 Chapters of which only five (5) are related to trade and the other twenty-four are concentrated on how corporations control and maintain stranglehold and gridlock on individual and criminalise all rights to free enterprise, freedom of choices, ownerships of properties and resources of the signatory participant nation.
    In a NUTSHELL the democratic rights of the citizens of Malaysia zeroed and decimated!
    NAJIB has done all this in secret towards an obvious sinister agenda and We must stop his men and him … without delay and any concession.
    This government is (burdening) its people slowly but surely. … they are blatant liars.
    They are traitors as sure as they did giving instant citizenships cum voters to immigrants so they could maintain Power to rule and plunder the nation’s wealth and bountiful rsources to feed their avaricious greed.
    No Najib BUMNO GOM no TPP Agreement.

    • More like arm-twisting by a bunch of global-madmen vent on controlling the world.
      One example is Open Society by George Soros the Sorowful.
      Penang state gomen should learn from this real-life global corporate arm-twisting of local politicians in the name of global free market.
      One reason why I always oppose this global-cosmopolitan concept for the rich & famous & politically-linked.
      Coast-Mud-Politan Gurney Drive is still there for all to see in disgust.


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