Poll on NajibRazak.com shows ‘cost of living’ is No. 1 concern


A poll on the website NajibRazak.com held in the run up to the 2015 Budget confirms what most people already know: the number one concern among many Malaysians is the rising ‘cost of living’ followed by ‘housing and urban living’ issues.

See the poll results here.

‘Cost of living’ easily outpaces all other issues and the government can no longer pretend that it is unaware. In many households, the expenditure on food and housing has soared by leaps and bounds. This is what happens when farm land is cleared and housing caters to the wealthy while improvements in public transport are carried out at a glacial pace.

And what happens when GST is introduced next year? (About a month ago, I heard from a source that only 10 per cent of eligible businesses in Penang had registered for GST, but that’s a different story.)

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  1. Petrol price up 20 sen. Expect chain reaction for prices of other things to go up soon citing higher transportation cost. Is this how BN subsidising your life? My household incone is far lower than RM5900 per month!

  2. Sultan Nazrin of Perak cited figures that showed the low earnings of a vast majority of households and noted that those struggling to make ends meet were exposed to petty corruption:

    1) New Economic Model report showed that 80% of households earned less than RM5,000 a month, and of this, 40% were earning less than RM2,000 a month.

    2) The data also showed that 78.6% of Employees Provident Fund account holders were those earning less than RM3,000 a month.

    3) While investment power among majority Bumiputera were manifested in the Amanah Saham Bumiputera, 75% of account holders only had an average of RM611 in savings.


    So, how to believe that average household incomes have surpassed RM5,900, as claimed by BN?

  3. If Najib is able to negotiate successfully with the Ukraine rebels, why then Msian recovery team dare not enter the MH crash site?

  4. I wonder why this smart guy still wants to live here. I thought he wanted to migrate. Like I said tak berani because he could see the like of Zimbabawe, Myanmar, Bangla Desh and those in Africa and Middle East. As for the US and Western nation who would want to take in failure

    • Sg Petani is still willing to take back such soul.
      More so after the collapse of cosmopolitan lifestyle of the reckless & arrogance.
      Penangites will then ‘convalesce’ Pearl of the Orient from the coast-mud-politan unsavouriness of CAT Kapitan.

  5. โ€œWe welcome the Honourable Najib Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia to New York city,โ€ says a billboard at the Times Square, in New York.

    Don’t play play. PM 1Malaysia is highly regarded in USA after his ‘successful’ negotiation with Ukraine rebels on the MH17 incident?

    • There goes some of our hard-earned tax-payer money.

      Money (paid to USA public relations firms that work to enhance the image of
      Third World leaders)) can always buy you recognition.

      Remember that “product placement” was invented in the USA !

  6. Main concerns of the ordinary, non-elite Malaysian, and signs of economic/QOL problems:

    Food –> getting more and more expensive to eat out (even at hawker stalls),
    infant formula under lock and key in neighbourhood shops
    Housing –> house prices getting absolutely sky high. How are those who just joined the labour
    force going to buy houses on their own?
    Transport –> My prediction is that more people will move from small cars back to motorbikes
    Medical fees –> still heavily subsidised in govt facilities, the worry is possible deterioration in quality as
    experienced specialists continue to move out to the private sector. Sprouting of
    private medical schools with low admission standards.

    More and more ads for quick loans (peddled by loan sharks) in KL and the Klang Valley

    Accelerating inflation with stagnant wages. Official inflation figures that don’t match reality.

    • It will take a radical mindset to go against the flow of runaway inflation + low wages + nil social security + high costs of medicare + unaffordable homes + an indifferent government.

      Downshift lifestyle is one way to go.
      Self sufficiency in green food. Learn hydroponic which takes no more land spaces & grow vege faster in a styrofoam-container.
      Be your own Ori-Maestro. Eating out is no more enjoyable to be poorer. If still prefer to eat out, suggest Temple of Fine Art. Pay according to your heart’s affordability conscience.
      Debtless, debtless, debtless. Rm10 in the pocket is still king.
      Be your own boss. How much you want to earn is up to you.
      Being a cheapskate is nothing to be ashamed.
      Bin chui is a costly ego. Will you wake up any happier tomorrow after getting that iPhone 6?
      Be carless. Maintenance costs are better used for own health maintenance.
      Go public i.e. travel in Rapid Penang. No GST, no car sales tax, no road tax, no bin chui to worry, & can take eyes off the road to day-dream.
      And live simplicity lifestyle. Once you do that, you actually can live in the moment instead of figuring out kangkong economic theory.

      If desperate for quick small cash, can suggest to Anil opening a barter trade column! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 2 thumps up for you, tunglang for advocating how we should live our lives in times of poverty !!!

        A God’s given rich country to the envy of SG but landed in the wrong hands for 57 years, begitu la nasib kita semua. Vote la for GST, vote to be fooled la like merry go round !!!

      • tunglang.

        Did Ahmad Maslan took a radical mindset to say this:

        “If we add up the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M), the school aid, subsidies for petrol, diesel, flour, rice and cooking oil, I believe three months of our lives are sponsored by the BN government every year”

      • PAS information chief Datuk Mahfuz Omar said the three months of sponsorship that the government claimed to give to the people every year was a pittance compared with the billions allegedly given to cronies such as former Malaysia Airlines chairman Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli.

      • Tunglang, Are you in poverty. Look like someone can`t differentiate between poverty and saving. He is telling us that all of us here just because we are trying to save is living in poverty. Something must be very wrong with this fellow. Look into Africa and see the like of Rwanda and Somali and many others. That is poverty. Tunglang you have given a very bad impression of our country.

      • Don Anamalai, this 3-month “annual sponsorship” (equivalent of no need to work for 3 months) is nothing but a Ko Tai karaoke shiok-shiok with 3 China dolls booked for 3 months!

        Show me & bank into my saving account real cold hard cash (Ringgit) to survive on for 3 real months & I will believe every phonetic by this Ko Tai karaoke chhiau song-song.

        Since leaving school, never received financial clutches nor livelihood sponsorship from any gomen all my dog’s life. So what’s the big deal from this Ko Tai chhiau song-song?

        The same life long perception goes for CAT.

      • Yang, too bad that my comment invokes a Sg Petani snob impression of poverty!
        Too bad for a snob soul that can’t simply live below his means but have to play catchup with Cosmopolitan Penang lifestyle after migrating in cultural shock + awe to Kelawai Road.

        To live simple & debtless is not an easy option, much less for one that still fantasises he has 9 CAT-given lives to go thro’ 9 economic Depressions.
        His impression of cheap food @ Temple of Fine Art as fit for poverty souls smacks of a snobbish diner whose bin-chui is so toilet paper thin it cannot clean off the curry around his foul lips.

        Yang, we may not have met while staying in notorious Madras Lane in the 70s, but I know as town dwellers, you are better street smart (not the weeping type in Batu Lancang & SP) than the green horn one from ulu Sg Petani (who aspires to be among the CAT-inspired rich & famous yet unashamedly discriminative against the have nots in an overdue politically CAT-polite blame-game, a residual untreatable syndrome of the self-proclaimed pandai-pandai).

        Anil, have you tried Temple of Fine Art vegetarian cuisine?
        The crowd is a decent mix of office guys & gals, pensioners & bo lui lang like me. The Kopi-O kau kau is full of aroma, you will want to sip it slowly to live the moment! And the garden ambience evokes a sense of Bodhi tree meditative dining! And Ravi Shankar sitar music to sooth your soul & cleanse any snake-like double talk in the mind. And no service charge or govt tax. Just dine to your heart’s content without snobbish air.

        Yang, nothing to be ashamed of with living in simplicity & self-sufficiency which was already a radical anti-consumerism trend in the mid-90s in developed countries.
        Do read up America economic dire straits of the middle income group & those who once believed in the American Dream. There will be millions on the verge of poverty, if ever the social security is taken off the pipe line or a replay of another 30s Depression in the biggest economy of the world.

  7. But BN told us that the household income has gone up to RM5900 per month, so why should they worry about barang naik?

  8. re : public transport are carried out at a glacial pace.

    Glacial pace : after global warming the ice melts very fast and cause deadly avalanche of high speed pace. Does Anil mean Msia effective Public Transport to become a reality at avalanche speed sooner ??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Grapevines chatting about price increase already “happening” although most business entities yet to understand GST implementation. These biz-folks take no chance to ensure they don’t lose out at the expense of suffering rakyat.

    Now rakyat waiting for better National Budget news from PM in October on how Petronas money can truly help the people (janji to be tepati?)

    Meanwhile, I already started stocking non-perishble items to avoid price increase. As for perishable items, to start stocking in December 2014.

    ps 9th Emperor God festival begins in Penang today. Even if you are of different faiths, you can practise vegetarian diet during this period as going vegetarian is good to your health as well as your pocket budgeting ! Anil can find many vegetarian stalls at Sg 2 & Lip Sin areas…

    • Gerakan is now ‘standing up to 1Malaysia’ although many Malaysians are still confuse what exactly is 1Malaysia. Gerakan should explain to us what it means beyond the rhetoric slogan, else it is construed as another attempt to brown nose Najib.

      • Gerakan Mah pls be ori don’t copy Singkarpoh who has used motto like Stand Up 4 Spore! BANANARS BETTER ENGAGE PROPER CONSULTANTS LAH!

      • Gerakan never learn the lesson. 1malaysia has no more credibility, even Najib is slowing deserting it.

      • Gerakan borrowed ideas from PAP to stand up?
        Or maybe they used the same consultant?
        See this:

    • Prinyaka, thanks for reminding, i shall do likewise but how much can we stock.

      Anyway, a penny saved is a penny earned.

      Many thanks again !

    • Prinyaka; Stocking is not the issue. How much and how long can you stock. 6 month 1 year forever. Just be wise in your spending and work hard and SMART to make more money. GST is 6%. Sales tax that are 10% or less will have to conform to 6%. In a way there is an up and down tax for GST tax after sales tax is being replaced. Overall there might be some increase but not so severe and made out to be by the opposition.

    • So Anil ‘ s usual hunting ground have been revealed to the public ! May be Anil can post his selfish enjoying the emperor street dishes posing with toonlang yangnotying72k Charlie’s etc !???

      • Pokidoki : As usual Pakatoon supporters like you cannot rebut with facts, figure and truth but use mumble jumbo to comment

    • I realised how 1Malaysia has failed when I noticed the current Asian Games has the slogan ‘Diversity Shines Here’ in Incheon. It even eclipsed the ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ slogan.

  10. The smartest critics warned about inflation from Day 1 of Najib’s administration, yet when it happened and election came around, voters still gave back the mandate. Now just when inflation is subsiding when the Fed and China is also concern, they are still concern.

    What they should really worry about is stagnation, if the Fed and China will not stimulate even if growth slows because they are too worried about inflation, then asset prices will stall and there is no growth, and debt and new expenses such as GST, more toll, healthcare, education fees etc..keep piling up,.

    • Thanks to the 47% and now plus one bodoh bodoh !!! What to do when there was brain hemorrhage…

      The saddest of all is this 47% didnt even know and realise that they had been played by BN every 5 year…

      Yes, please continue to be bodoh and be played by as some just loved to be fooled…

      • The world is our oyster and what is happening here is what is happening throughout the world. Only failure like you will continue to whine in your small flat. Get out of the tempurung smart as and see we are all happy enjoying the luxury of our life in houses and condo and driving larger cars. We don`t whine, we fight for our betterment be it BN or Pakatoon. I wonder who is actually the bodoh. Supporting he thought is the angel and continue to live like the pauper whining day and night amah mah mah just like those on the street pavement

      • CAT up water tariff for all including poor and now discount for the big corporation. Property tax up 2%. Affordable up from the stipulated price of 72k to 240k. Did you all know TOL land rental and MPPP hawker rental stall all up. Banner, streamers hanging all must now pay license money compared with nil during Gerakan. Signboard in complex shops landed property must now pay license money to MPPP, did you all know that. Table and chairs on the pavement and road side must now pay to MPPP and they deprived us of parking and amenities place. Look at Paya Terubong coffee shop and you will know. Pasar malam stall must buy their uniform (T shirts) from their crony suppliers, did you know. If you put your ware on the pavement, did you know you have to pay. Well this smart as is not so smart after all.

      • The problem with someone who may be residing in Kelawai Road or as far as Sg Petani is this: this panda-pandai still sings 308 as if it’s only yesterday night (once more) at Han Chiang padang! This denial mode could be due to drinking too much of Cap Kucing Teh-O Pusing. Today’s realities in the streets, in the hills or at the beaches are fodders for more twisted blame-games on Gerakan ostriches while the Niau Kong is still worshipped blameless & absolute reverent, even so as that Relau Hill is still left botak-ed & naked seen from as far as Sg Petani.
        While we may be played out every 5 years, the truth has finally revealed to us that even the so-called saviour opposition entities are not much different to those who play us out.

        Can’t blame this pandai-pandai whose Ying Yang eyes are not opened…


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