GST could be avoided


Is the GST really unavoidable? Blog reader bigjoe99 writes:

I actually blame the opposition for their failure to educate the public on how GST is such a failure of the Umno/BN govt.

Truth is if we get rid of corruption and leakages, GST could be postponed for many years.

The increase in meritocracy and productivity from better governance would mean it could be postponed for two decades or more. Over that time, thecsubsidy on oil could be removed and the surplus put into a reserve fund that could be invested for returns that could mean GST could be postponed for decades and when we are already developed and have high income.

Not only that, the truth is the GST is not going to stay at 6 per cent. In every instance, it is raised very quickly after a few years. When you accept the GST, you should expect it will double within the medium term. That means you really should be thinking GST of 12 per cent if you are going to accept it.

Think about it the difference is GST of 12 per cent within say 10 years and NO GST for DECADES… The difference for the average person is in the hundreds of thousands over that period…

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  1. Dear Anil, hamidah, charles and tunglang,

    Am actually very fed up in this land esp with the misuse of sedition act lately…

    It is like there is no light at the end of the tunnel as nonsense keeps popping up one after another… The country’s leaders talked stupid and nonsense all the time…

    I know some of you were disillusioned with pakatan but we cant expect them to be perfect, we really need to give them a chance in putrajaya and see how they fair, we cant be any worse, can we ?

    Will take a trip this weekend to visit our malay uncle, wan teh in kedah as he is getting frail too…

    Thanks for concern, my friends !!!

      • Yes, The Key To Success is Perseverance in times of great disturbances.

        Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ (in Sanskrit: ओं मणिपद्मे हूं) – Bless you stay on in Bolehland to fight for justice !

  2. You are too naive or a plain simpleton. How do you describe a decent meal. A plate of chicken rice, a bowl of mee or plus drinks. Lets take a plate of Chicken rice. In Singapore cost S4 -S5 dollars whereas the same cost RM4-RM5. Don`t count the conversion rate. Just count as per earning on both side. Malaysian earn about RM2k whereas Singaporean also earned about S2k. Open your eyes and mind to compare.

    • Anar must have gone to the ‘tourist trap’ in Singapore. He might as well quote the famous chicken rice at Chatter-box of Mandarin Hotel in Singapore which cost S$29 the last time I ate 20 years ago.

      A plate of chicken rice (with a complimentary bowl of soup) at Rochor Centre (near where the JB-Singapore shuttle station at Queen Street) cost only S$2.30. The stall is operated by Singapore chinese with malaysian chinese as helpers.

      At Johor Bahru’s Century Garden (near the famous/infamous Holidya Plaza), a plate of chicken rice is RM5. The taukeh is chinese but the stall is operated by Mymmar national.

    • Ananars
      Go lawatan sambil belajar to Singapura !

      Anthony Bourdain’s recommended Chin Chin Hainanese Chicken Rice (@Maxwell Rooad Food Centre near Chinatown) costs S$3.50 because it’s famous. Typical food centre Chicken Rice only S$2.

      Chicken Rice at Chulia Street costs RM3.50-RM4.50. If you ask for drumstick, it will cost more.

  3. Last nite panel discussion on Astro ch304 Sunday Break program (10pm) on rising cost of living/money no enough:

    A Singaporean earning S$3000 can get a decent meal in Singapore for S$5. One day $15 or $450 a month on food.

    A Malaysian in KL earning RM3000 can get a decent meal in KL for RM10. One day RM30 or RM900 a month on food.

    So a KL worker will have to spend a higher proportion of his income on food.

    I think similar trend in Penang as a meal would cost RM7 at least, right?

    Singapore may be expensive if you look at it from Ringgit perspective. So Malaysians are losing out because of Ringgit is not strong, contributing to higher cost of living.

      • Anil,
        Ali Nasi Lemak bungkus at Beach Street now RM1.70! Was Rm1, then Rm1.20, then Rm1.50 now Rm1.70.
        Need 3 packets to fill lunch stomach plus Kopi o so I spent Rm6.20 for a basic meal.
        Some say still cheaper than that served at Old Town political across the road or a Subway sandwich lunch deal over Rm10 !

      • Anil, go to Chinese Vegetarian food centres (served by Buddhists) where you can get affordable meals for Rm3.50 tar pau (take back). If still want to save, just get mee or koay teow with some gravy for Rm3.00. Drinks are optional cost consideration for a meal.
        That’s how I save for everyday afternoon meal while at work.

        For those who still need to save more, just get a tua pau (XL sized pork meat dumpling) for a meal – only costs Rm2.80. Eat with the dumpling skin to get a better filling & money’s worth!

        If one can go to Temple of Fine Arts, you can get a good hearty meal + some meditation with no price tags. Just pay with your tight-money conscience tied to your hungry stomach!!! Om, Om, Om.

      • Annalakshmi restaurant at the Temple of Fine Arts in Penang – The vegetarian food is cooked and served by volunteers. The concept is “Eat to your heart’s content, pay what your heart feels.”

        I hope tunglang could pay according to the quantity he eat.

      • frankie, Keep Calm, don’t worry.
        tunglang is no tham chiah kui when it comes to good food served by volunteers.
        Must watch my weight, eat to make my taste buds dancing happy for a 15 min song.
        Rm5.00 is what I pay according to my dining conscience & with Om ringing in my ears!

        Makan-makan Sutra is like necking. You can only have that much of genuine passion + satisfaction for that much of minutes, unequalled to how much you can underpay or overpay. Beyond that is gluttony & wastage!

    • In JB mamak stall, a plate of nasi putih + 1 piece of chicken + 2 spoonful of cabbage = RM6.50. Add RM1 if nasi briyani. So an average simple mamak meal + kopi O will cost RM 7.70.

      In Singapore hawker centre, a plate economic rice with 1 meat + 2 vegetable dishes cost about S$3 or S$4 at air-cond foodcourt.

      A plate of mee rebus (with half hard-boiled egg) RM5 in JB but only S$3 in Singapore.

      So it is fair to say Singaporeans spent less on food (with proportion to their income) compared to Malaysians.

      • Do not forget Singaporeans could afford imported foodstuff like olive oil, butter, cheese, green tea etc at lower cost than Malaysians.

  4. Kee and Anil,

    Kee has not chosen the wrong place to go to and Anil are you sure this is Kee’s homeland ? Why are we always told first to go back to China, or India and now we are told to immigrate if this is our homeland ? Also why are the minorities being not even given the chance to work and make a decent living in our ‘homeland’ even though the early generations of minorities have toiled and contributed to what Malaysia is or what Malaysia was until, the repugnant Mahathir became the PM, but sad to say they are not being recognised but marginalised.
    As far as the minorities are concerned they are only here for two things, for their skill and taxes and what do they get in return ? Well at least for some of the more fortunate ones they have somewhere to go to but for … the Orang Asli as the original people. They have no where else to go to and this is really their homeland … and this is where they will die and be buried, they didn’t come from space or the antarctic , how pathetic….

    I feel very sorry that a lot of minorities are stranded here, in this no hope and no future land at least for now, just to work … till their dying days especially when they didn’t choose to come here in the first place. It is too late to put the blame on any body but at least for the sake of the descendants amend the mistakes while you can. It is better late than never Kee.
    Finally, Kee, you are making the decision,to move nearer to your roots just like your ancestors did when make the decision to come here, at least for your descendants, to abandon this forsaken country.
    Three cheers for you to go back nearer to your roots . Even more than 20,000 thousands … Malays have immigrated to Perth… do not see any hope or future for themselves and for their descendants. Three cheers for you and also for your decisions to leave this country and also three million cheers for Anil and the numerous unsung heroes for staying back to keep on fighting for the rights of the minorities and I hope your fight will come up with a better Malaysia for you, I hope, or for your descendants….

  5. Don’t forget that our 1PM will also submit a “supplementary budget” later in the year.

    Therefore the actual budget is the first budget plus all the supplementary budget(s) submitted later.

    And the real budget = initial budget + supplementary budget(s) + off-budget spending !

    • Pro-BN folks and media are singing praise of najib’s budget but usually they are keeping quiet on supplementary budgets and off-budget spending. If teh old habit of wasting money (corruption?) is not addressed, the deficit will unlikely be narrowed even with less subsidies and more tax income from GST.

  6. Abang tunglang, how right when you said we are sucked in the economy of kangkong, born at the wrong time wrong place and being a malaysian, worse a chinese/indian malaysian, truly tough luck!!!

    I hope Tuhan ku will grant me my desire to go elsewhere as i cant stand anymore…

    I am actually a permanent resident of a western country but i feel like going to somewhere now as all my buddies have moved elsewhere….

    • Alasan alasan. Mengapa masih di sini, sejak anda mempunyai permanent residence. Tempat ini mesti sangat baik. Jangan tipu kita u ada permanent residence. Jikalau anda ada permanent residence dan tidak tinggal sana selama 1 atau 2 tahun, permanence residence akan dibatalkan. betul betul satu penipu

    • You have been complaining day in day out that our country is so bad and will be bankrupt soon. You already have a permanent residence why still wait. Your tuhan has already grant you the wish of a permanent residence. So many people find it so hard to get. Either something is very wrong with you, or you lied about the permanent residence or our country is too good for you to leave. Don`t worry you will not be missed

      • Ah nar, you cant read, is it? Didnt i tell you my buddies have moved elsewhere, so i am moving elsewhere also, this time not to an angmo country but some where near my root, same culture, same language…. This will be final for me, may my Tuhan grant me my last wish, Amin !!!

      • The latest sandiwara was when Ah Jib Kor telling MCA that vernacular school will not be abolished (but also hinted that chinese must vote for BN to enjoy more goodies).

        MCA should have asked 1PM why he did not censure that Umno guy in the first place?

        But we all know this is a wayang to allow MCA to show the chinese that it is protecting chinese education.

      • Not all are emotionally connected by the song ‘Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta’ and pursue migration plan.

      • Coming to hudud and October fest, Bible confiscation. Why did DAP still want to sleep with PAS ??? Is this not sandiwara. Look at this simpleton

        Selangor PAS’ newly-installed executive councillor Zaidy Abdul Talib has announced his intention to close massage parlours, prostitution and gambling dens in the state. He said in a statement that there are about 15,000 such outlets in Selangor. “Selangor PAS exco members will attempt to close a…

        Full article:
        Follow us: @MsiaChronicle on Twitter

      • Sure Ananars can read but you can`t understand. You wanted to boast you have a western countries PR but do not want to go there. So you cannot stand anymore. Asking tuhan won`t solve that problem. Asking Anwar will do. Don`t play the sympathy cards.

      • Speaking at the MCA’s 61st annual general assembly, Najib said BN would only be fair to the Chinese if they supported the ruling coalition instead of PR.“I’d like to do more, maybe one day I can do more. But I also need the Chinese community to support BN. Come on. You have to do your part. “You can’t demand and then support DAP. You can’t demand and then support PR. You demand, you support BN, we will be fair to the Chinese,” said Najib.

        Has anybody noticed that this is like a slap on the face to the Chinese community and it was spoken in MCA’s general assembly? No one in MCA stood up to protest or dispute. And the Chinese depended on MCA to be their voices. MCA is nothing but a puppet on the string with no guts to stand up and defend. MCA is truly dead.

    • Abang Kee
      Bila u migrate kurang lah vote for Ubah?
      Yr buddies have moved out but bolehland still got new buddies same aspirations as yours.
      Get to know them and u will be surprised.

    • Abang kee, you are the ‘lucky’ few to have overseas options.

      For people who are ‘stuck’ here, we have to make do with what we have – earning skills, savings, networks, convertible assets & some ‘maruah’.
      Or change our perception, lower expectations & redefine life values in order to survive in a marginalised existence.

      To stay on & fight a good fight depends on how much hope (for a better Malaysia) one has & at which stage of one’s life.

      In a materialistic world, to live a marginalised existence in a racist country is hard life. But it doesn’t mean the end of one’s world. You just have to ‘Create Your Own Future’ anywhere on earth which no gomen can do for you.
      After years of Merdeka, I thought my children will have a better future (that’s why I ‘produced’ them) than what I faced since the 70s of CHANGE by Dr. MadHatter. Nope. My children expressed the same disappointment as if I am living my school days life over again.

      To stay on or just leave this Boleh Land is an option, at least for those who have what it takes.
      For many dead ancestors, there is no awareness to think about this, nor ask why leave now.

    • Don`t ever read the MC or Tony Pua, Tony Pua have been saying Malaysia will be bankrupt for years but we are still standing strong

      • 1PM getting extra time reprieve when he removed more subsidies and started to tax everyone via GST. Don’t you get it?

      • National debt to GDP ratio is 55% and household debt to GDP ratio is 86.4%. Are this no worrying enough?

  7. UMNO/BN is now trying to sell the point GST is a replacement tax rather than a tax increase. Its true GST is a more efficient tax but when the govt spending is not efficient, ALL taxes are bad. No point having a more efficient tax to replace and inefficient one if govt spending is bad..

    What is bad about GST is that its merciless towards everyone including the disadvantage. What makes the idea bad is that answer towards it mercilessness is BR1M and some exemptions – exemptions just makes the implementation difficult and inefficient and BR1M is not an economic replacement for the poor but a narcotic. When the efficiency of a better tax system is used up, waste spending still exist and the narcotics wears out, we are left with a worst system..

    GST should begin with more efficient spending. Otherwise, its pointless from the start..

  8. Its the people`s budget. Brim RM650 to RM950, 450 to 750 and single individual 300 to 350. An extra 300k will not have to pay tax. Petrol 95 & electricity and many many essential item or 2900 items will be GST free. Corporate tax also reduce. Civil servant also get bonus. Bereavement next of kin to get 1000. Malaysia GDP expected to grow 5.6%. Deficit will be reduced. GST 6%, lowest in the Southeast Asia region, lower than the 10% imposed by Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Laos and 7% in Singapore and Thailand. Government pensioners will also receive special financial assistance of RM250
    Wowow so many goodies not said. Who said our govt will be bankrupt. Who say this is not a people caring govt. Only those that gloat and whine will definitely be bad luck not our country

  9. Small and medium businesses have to spend at least 10k to upgrade their software for this gst purpose…

    Hamidah, you are right if they manage the country prudently without wastage and corruption we dont have to pay gst or it can be postponed for decades like what bigjoe said in his article.

    Just pick one eg see how much the 2 useless submarines the Ah govt bought, and worse, a dear human life was lost for for greed and power grab leaving an otherwise happy family shattered…

    Anwar said it before we are a rich nation the rakyat can live in comfort but bad luck befall us because we love being fooled, conned, kicked around and played by every 5 year…

    • We are at full employment with millions of foreigners that come here looking for job. We have one of the highest GDP. We have one of the highest number of car ownership. The rich and famous chose here for their retirement. Every week end we can see the people enjoy eating heartily in the cafe, restaurants, Star bucks, Mc Donald etc etc etc. Look like some smart guy got bad luck ??? Must really find out the reason ????

      • Foreigners came for jobs here because we simply build IPTAs indiscriminately with irrelevant courses that produce mediocre graduates that chose to be jobless because they are now refusing low end jobs but are not equipped with skills for higher end jobs. So with many pendatang asing the wages are suppressed and no incentive for productivity gain.

        Meanwhile rakyat continue to pay for government PTTA that is becoming loans to be written off when graduates refused to pay back, all because of poor moral upbringing at the IPTAs!

      • Millions of foreigners that Yang so happy about ? If a fraction of them start to engage in illegal activities like internet scams, GRO services or ATM thefts then of course they can retire in comfort in Bolehland !

      • 1st, You betul betul cakap tak pakai otak. Foreigner come here because of abundant of jobs. Every course has its relevancy. Its just that some are in higher demand than the others. Most foreigner that come here are given jobs that is low in skill or no skill at all which the local shunned. In some
        cases the foreigner ways may be lower but not as low as you take it to be. Some are on par with the local and its definitely better than in their own country.

        Talking of PTTA loan, Pakatoon leaders like Anwar, the CAT, Rafizi and a host of them have double tongue. When the govt is lenient, people like you and Pakatoon leaders will blame the govt of poor upbringing or it will bankrupt the country or or it will not benefits others who are in need of the loan. Worse are those racist that will criticize that the govt is lenient because many of the student who take the loan are from that particular race. Now that the govt will be strict and steadfast in getting back all these loan, these Pakatoon leader tongue twist again. They criticize the govt of being to harsh and cruel, wanted to deprive the student of their future and so on and on. Any which way you turn, they will like to poke your back. This is the traits that Pakatoon partners are learning fast from their defacto leader.

      • CLP : I am never happy about foreigners here. Do you understand what I am saying. I am trying to tell one smart guy say that our country is not so bad as claimed by him. Think first before rebutting.

      • If our local universities are good, why then the BN government would spend unnecessary money on SL1M to retrain graduates to ensure their employability?

  10. Najib and Rosmah should pay for their electricity bill and the use of 1Malaysia private jet with their own money.

    • I wonder whether the CAT use his own money to pay for the various trips like the trip to Hong Kong & Xiamen recently. Or did he use his own money to pay for the electricity and water bill at CM official residence in Macalister Road. Or did he use his own pocket money to pay for petrol for usage of his Merc 300L. Come on wake up !!!!!!!

      • The expenses of those official overseas trips by LGE are detailed in chinese newspapers (but not on The Star, NST, BT, Utusan…) and are much lower than those incurred by ex-CM Koh of Gerakan.

        However, expenses of Najib & Rosmah on 1malaysia jet are shrouded with secrecy.

      • Lower or higher is beside the point. The point is whether the CAT paid all such expenses from his pocket since that commentator has ask Najib to pay for the electricity and use of the jet. If not than that commentator should shut up and not ask Najib to pay. Don`t side track the issue

      • Yang should note that the difference is the E&O extravagant and opulent way PM and his 1st Lady lavishly spent public fund.

  11. Yes it could be avoided. Increase of income tax, property tax, RGPT tax, cigarettes and liquor tax, car tax, road tax, insurance premium, etc etc etc. Then finally its back to square one which is even worse. After all these taxes have been increased then the GST tax. That will be a double triple blow.

  12. How else can all the Umno dorkys and schmucks get all their inflated bills paid and also to enrich themselves ? I have always maintained that this is only the beginning and without the slightest doubt more new taxes will be introduced. Also the nation budget is in deficit and also heavily in debt and soon, very soon, when the black gold ceases to come Malaysia will desperation will rear its ugly head. Just imagine with the black gold now the country is in a shamble, what will happen when it stops ? … they may beg Singapore to return to Malaysia and thus avoiding austerity and bankruptcy.
    The one sure way to impede the above from happening is to have them kicked out of Putrajaya in the next GE and have the bloated services trimmed down to a more dedicated and realistic level. Best of all is to tighten up the belt and cease to pretend that Malaysia is so prosperous that the PM can afford to have a private jet to take him and his wife plus the countless of luggages around. So please ensure the present regime that has brought nothing but misery and more taxes to the people after 57 years as the administrators of this country.

  13. Productivity is only a minor part of the issue. The dogma of capitalism – ceaseless growth, nearly unregulated markets and industries, and the treatment of the environment as a rubbish dump, and the supremacy of capital over humans – means ever more and bigger “development,” out-of-control immigration, poisoned food and many other staggering issues. Earth will soon teach us reality.

    • So you are saying that Singapore, Hong Kong, Asean countries, Japan, US, UK and almost all the Western countries that also have GST are not managing their country effectively and prudently without wastage. This is just an alasan by the Pakatoon

      • GST surely avoidable for a resource rich nation with almost nil natural disaster like Msia.

        Anyway,BR1M kena tipu only RM650 not RM1100 expected with GST money and less subsidy !

      • If I take chilli, I will feel the “pedas”.

        If I feel the “pedas” does that mean that I had taken the chilli ?
        There is szechuan peppercorn, black pepper, white pepper etc.

        Mana ada logik ananars ? These jokers are real cartoon !!!

    • Reduced or stagnant incomes + fewer job opportunities +
      inflation + unaffordable housing + unreasonable medicare costs +
      higher insurance premiums +
      higher education fees +
      higher food costs + groceries expenses +
      less & less subsidies + one-way-up prices of fuel & electricity +
      crimes on the rise + road rage + murders +
      increase of mental depression & suicides

      PLUS this mother of all inflationary pressure in a 3rd world nation: GST.

      Being a Malaysian is truly hard-luck, born in the wrong place at the wrong time, & sucks in the economy of kangkung.

      Cheers Kopi-O kau kau (one cuppa a day before GST kicks in our door of household hardship).

      • Stick to your kopi O or may be it is time for you to upgrade to frappucinno at Starrybuck since Jibby said no GST on coffee?

      • Kopitiam kopi-o has to upgrade price. GST or no GST.
        Becos gua tiok upgrade kopitiam – Wifi, new deco, Vietnamese coffee girls speaking Inglish. Rental also go up oredi. If not, no young lim kopi customers!
        This is veri real. This is Penang Cosmo.

  14. The government is not doing enough to educate the public about GST.
    Many businesses are still unclear and confuse about GST.


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