The Economics of Happiness – Tales from Ladakh


This important video discusses how corporate-led globalisation is harming the planet. Well worth a watch.

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  1. BN thinks happiness for rakyat means receiving BR1M?
    But fails to realize the fact that rakyat are unhappy over the high level of corruption and wastage of public fund,

  2. Let me share my childhood days experience in my stays at my god father’s homestead in Balik Pulau hills.

    The agro-based work life started as early as 5am when the adults would rise up from cozy mosquito netted beds & head for the water-freezing bathroom.
    Some would go rubber tapping while others hiked downhill to deliver fresh vege produces to the Relau or Ayer Itam market middlemen. Still they had ample free time of afternoon breaks/naps & also to sit around after dinner (7pm) to talk & share jokes. Life revolved around the family besides farm work, which was less than our now typical 9+hrs of hard work in order to stay competitively/favorably employed.

    Brands? Beyond the Pagoda t-shirts, what was a brand to these simple folks? TV? Occasional live opera stage shows or ‘ko tai’ in Relau market square were the only plausible night entertainments (for which they had to hike 1+ hrs downhill to enjoy). Lifestyle of the rich & famous? You must be kidding in the middle of rainforest hills. The favourite topics of debate I would frequently hear were Mao Tse Tung, Japanese occupation & the American Pacific colonialism. Besides clothing & a pair of slippers, no materialism was evident in the lives of these folks, majority of whom had never ever rode a Bengali bicycle. Wrist watch was a luxury & served no purpose in their unhurried life of slow ticking clock.
    And there was no such word as debts in their daily vocabulary. Malayan Banking must seemed like a Bengali watchman’s house in Penang Road (opposite today’s Komtar)!

    To sum up, my god father with his Chinese wine ready at hand must be a truly happy patriarch of the house living together with 5 families of 3 generations in a wonderful homestead surrounded by farm chickens, ducks, pigs, pigeons, durian+rambutan+mangosteen+banana trees.

    If only my god father didn’t sell his homestead, I would want to relive these moments of genuine happiness.

      • Anil, this could lead to a paradigm shift of our consumeristic urban lifestyle if more awakening awareness are created to counter today’s frenzied voracious appetite for more & more, which fundamentally leads to more personal debts at the happiness of bankers & large conglomerates own by the rich/wealthy & powerful.
        A lot of in-depth pointers in the video which our leaders can learn from instead of pandering to the fancies of MNCs, banks & World Bank+IMF+US’s free trade mantras.

        Local, Local, Local makes good sense when survival comes first in a chaotic world.
        Still fancy a Cosmopolitan Penang Vision ala SingLand?

      • Yes we need to move away from unsustainable GDP growth at all costs and focus on human well being and happiness.

    • Have you been there, Blackhead?
      What a negative person are you, it will be time you gonna change your attitude
      we all get second chances… also!!!!

      • Miami, I am not being negative. I am just telling you the true fact of life. Yes its good that we must be positive but to be positive we must understand the reality of life. Whether I have been there or not is immaterial. Its whether I have been to and experience such area of life and tales of Ladakh is just like anywhere else of a remote country which most urbanite will think that it is slow and easy but in reality a struggle.

    • You dont understand the meaning of the video or you didnt watch it!.It Is finally going about globalization…to wake you and others up! You can live as a happy tribe but as you see everywhere all around the world where tribes are living happily The West, US and many others are destroying there countries by taking out the minerals, polluting their clean rivers etc. etc.
      Every war what is going on at the moiment is organized by the Elite, the NWO and most of what you see is not true, dont believe main stream media they want to give you fear so that you will do whatevetr they want.
      We, is more than 99% of humanity, they are not even 1 %. So if we spread the words with love Love will always prevail!

      It is not about only being positive if humanity is not aware of what is going on you can be so positive but you will also struggle because you believe what the governments are telling you.
      I see how they destroy Malaysia within not even 9 years it is a terrible country, they lie to the people, destroy the nature, steal oceans…….food become worser so people get more sick
      87% of Malaysians are having an illness and probably the rest they do not know yet.
      Investors from outside the big multinationals are ruining your country….Takie Nestle do you know how many children already died by eating their products. Lucky my mother gave me breast milk otherwhise I would have died or end up as a disabled child. In all their product is msg which is ruining malaysian people also. To help; do not buy their products

      Go to local market and local supermarkets eat healthy gives you more energy as well and avoid Tesco, mc donald, ketucky and all this other people killers
      You can find 4 pages of illnesses because of msg on the internet.
      Give it to the children keep them dumb give them brain problems.
      I know I know too much…..and I have to be careful
      but still i go on to awake humanity with the love of God. I am grateful I may serve and will do this till the end…..The Earth and we are his creation and I will do everything what is in my possibilities and that is in many ways.

      We dont have to save the planet…the planet will save herself
      but….we can save humanity and if they dont want to listen…up to them there are many who want especially the youngsters. Do not waste your energy.

      We are all God’s children
      and we have to live the spiritual laws

      Have a good day, keep your eyes and ears open
      Walk in the light,
      with love


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