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The other 2014 World Cup song: Desculpe, Neymar (Sorry, Neymar)


A protest song against the 2014 World Cup by Edu Krieger is going viral. It highlights the inequality among Brazilians and the lack of desperately needed public infrastructure such as inadequate public schools, public hospitals, public transport and affordable housing.

The lyrics of the song, below: (more…)


As Fifa World Cup opens, a People’s Cup protest movement emerges in Brazil


As football fans around the world train their sights on the opening of the football World Cup opening, the real story is on the streets of Brazil, where hundreds of thousands of people are calling for affordable housing, better public hospitals and improved public schools. (more…)


Two nuns working with disadvantaged children assaulted, critically injured


Update by Facebook user Mary Josephine Prittam Singh:

I was at the hospital with the family and IJ Sisters throughout most of the day and felt their pain and anxiety over the incident. Mary-Rose was transferred to the ward around noon whilst Julianna was still at the emergency ward until this evening unable to be moved due to her unstable condition caused by the drop in her blood pressure and very bad brain injuries.

church of the visitation Two Christian nuns working among poor and disadvantaged children were viciously attacked this morning at a church in Seremban. (more…)