Something is afoot at Pulau Jerejak. The local government must explain what is going on. Has any development plan been approved? If not, who has built this contraption next to the old resort jetty and for what purpose? Is this part of the work to build a new jetty for handling building materials? It looks as if they are surveying the soil on the sea bed to assess its conditions?

Mohd Faiz Subri from Penang has clinched the Puskas award for best goal of the year last night. The swerving wonder goal was scored at a time when Malaysians were enthused with the Ola Bola movie.

Unfortunately, our national team’s world ranking is almost at basement level.

This was the original post from 17 February 2016:

80% of Independent readers feel Faiz Subri should be given Fifa award now

Something to lift our spirits during these depressing times. As Malaysians flock in droves to Ola Bola, Penang’s Faiz Subri has scored a wonder goal, which is already a contender for goal of the season. He curled a magical shot home during a Malaysia Super League game in which Penang trounced Pahang 4-1.


Our guest writer today is Eric Britton, who discusses the land reclamation in southern Penang island, which is linked to the over-the-top SRS proposal for the Penang transport masterplan.

Step 1: Dump the land reclamation plan which has no good reason for existing. It is a rapacious, wrong-minded insult to the people of Penang, to the environment, nature, culture, wellbeing and way of life. You are being held hostage by your government for no good reason. And certainly, not that of needing more money to finance a ridiculous “transport master plan” that cannot stand independent international inspection.