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Cartoon books on cartoon phobia seized

Update: Zunar arrested. But his book launch tonight will proceed as planned, according to Malaysiakini editor Steven Gan. See CartoonKafe.

A couple of days ago, I thought that would make a strange and ‘arresting’ headline.

Sad to say, reality can be real strange. Malaysiakini reports that half a dozen police personnel raided Zunar’s business premises and confiscated 66 copies of his latest cartoon book ‘Cartoon-o-phobia’, due to be launched tonight.  (more…)


Pornthip: Thailand’s trail-blazing detective

The New York Times carries a feature on Thai forensics pathologist Pornthip Rojanasunand.

BANGKOK— THE mild-mannered bank manager poked his head into the doorway, then quickly pulled it back. His wife was at work, and he did not want to look. He has never looked. He is afraid of corpses.

If the body on the stainless steel table inside had somehow awakened for a moment, it might have jumped, too, with shock. (more…)


Three hurt in police action

Three people were reportedly injured in the police action at a Pakatan ceramah yesterday.

Naguib Mahfuz Ismail (left), Abdul Khalid Hassar and Tahir Said were reportedly injured during the incident last night – Photo courtesy of Shamsul Iskandar’s blog

The three, who were members of a Keadilan youth squad, were reportedly hurt when police disrupted the Pakatan ceramah and forced it to move indoors.