Energy resources

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Nymex oil price 22 July 2015 - Source: Nasdaq

The last time around, at the end of June 2015, petrol pump prices rose by 10-20 sen per litre under our ‘wonderful’ monthly float system even though the global oil price fell during the month. So what will the price be at the end of July given that the oil price has dropped even more in July (so far)?

Was the 1992 blackout across wide swathes of the nation avoidable? Was it to pave the wave for the privatisation of TNB?

Selangor Kini, bearing the copyright of the Selangor state government, has published a report about former TNB CEO Ani Arope’s memoirs in which he claims the 1992 blackout need not have occurred as TNB had already made plans to expand capacity to meet future demand.

Francis, the Bishop of Rome, has been photographed with anti-fracking activists from Argentina. That’s not surprising. At the start of his ministry in the Vatican, Francis had mentioned his concern about our broken relationship with Creation. He is now believed to be preparing a major new encyclical on the environment.

Posing with Francis are anti-fracking activist Juan Pablo Olssen and Argentinian politician and environmental filmmaker Fernando Solanas – Photograph: Olssen