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Penang Forum has just released a statement regarding the rezoning of Bukit Relau to residential use.

Botak Hill rezoning: What happened to CAT?

The Penang Forum Steering Committee is dismayed to read press reports on 19 April 2015 which confirmed that the Penang state government had quietly rezoned hill land in Bukit Relau for residential development in December 2012.

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More and more people are expressing disquiet over the model of development being pursued in Penang. From north to south of the island the voices are growing louder.

Even property prices on the mainland are soaring – and this before the tunnel work has even started. Double- and even single-storey houses in Bagan Ajam in Butterworth, close to the site of the proposed tunnel, are going for RM600,000-700,000, whereas only about three years ago, they were were about half that level.