Human rights


It is amazing that these Red Shirts seem to think they have free rein to intimidate and try and stop others from exercising their basic rights. What are the authorities doing about such brazen behaviour?

Have these Red Shirts given 10 days’ notice for their outdoor gatherings (aimed at intimidation) as required under the Peaceful Assembly Act?

Is this the kind of Malaysia we want? Malaysians must condemn such behaviour, urges Bersih 2.0.



Johor police appear to have acted professionally and firmly in keeping the Red Shirts away from a Bersih 5 convoy on 1 October 2016 without resorting to heavy-handed tactics or brutality. This is in sharp contrast to what happened in Perak.

Hopefully, their counterparts in the other states can emulate the Johor police in the way they separated the Red Shirts from the Bersih 5 supporters.