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Adam Adli, Fariz Musa detained; Nik Nazmi slips away

Student activist Adam Adli and PKR supreme council member Fariz Musa were arrested when police moved in on a solidarity protest at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman for the imprisoned Anwar Ibrahim.

PKR Youth leader Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad had a close shave with plainclothes police and managed to slip away after being pulled away by supporters.

Adam and Fariz are now having their statements recorded at the Jinjang Police Station. Lawyers have been informed that they are expected to be released in the coming hours without any remand extension. Supporters have vowed to wait for them outside the police station until the pair emerge.



Another vigil for Anwar at Sungai Buloh

This is the scene at Sungai Buloh tonight.


Meamwhile, I am checking out a PKR ceramah in Pasir Gudang tonight.

Now Pasir Gudang used to be an Umno stronghold. But at GE13, Umno’s majority was whittled down to 935 votes. What will happen at GE14?


Vigil for Anwar: Lighting candles in the dark

Even as 1MDB struggles to repay its debts, a vigil is taking place at Sungai Buloh Prison to express solidarity with Anwar Ibrahim. At this rate, he could turn into a Mandela-like figure in no time. He has already been in jail/detention for eight years: two years in the 1970s and six years since 1998. Now, another five years.