Human rights

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  • Ambiga, Arul, Anthony Loke and Dr Hatta have been released by the magistrate
  • 23 youths were slapped with three-day remands
  • Six under-age youths were remanded one day
  • Hisham Rais has just been nabbed (under s143 unlawful assembly) by seven men
  • Rafizi was asked to report to the police station
  • Police are said to be looking for Fariz Musa

Rafizi is the latest to be asked to report at police headquarters. Yes, Rafizi again. And now Hisham Rais has been detained.

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The good folks at Kajian Politik untuk Perubahan Malaysia have gone through the Prevention of Terrorism Act bill and are struck by how closely Pota resembles the ISA.

Here are their observations:

KPRU mendapati, POTA memaparkan beberapa ciri-ciri yang dikongsi bersama sebelum Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) dmansuhkan seperti berikut:

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Update (3.40pm): The Prevention of Terrorism bill was tabled today in Parliament. The bill, which allows for detention without trial similar to the ISA, will go for a second reading this week. “They’re going to steamroll the bill through,” says one MP in Parliament.

Preventive detention could very well be making a return soon with the tabling of the Prevention of Terrorism bill and a string of other related bills in Parliament tomorrow. We got rid of the ISA, which allowed detention without trial, not too long ago. Now this…

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Incredible. I am lost for words. But then again, this photo says it all. Words are superfluous.

[Terkini] Saudara Rafizi direman lagi 3 hari.Hanya kerana melawan rasuah dan kezaliman.

Posted by Rafizi Ramli on Friday, 27 March 2015

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Why 20 cops to detain Tian Chua (according to his tweet)? Why was Mat Sabu detained by armed men in ski masks? Why was Hisham Rais bundled away by unidentified men? What message is being conveyed here? That these activists and opposition politicians are dangerous?

The arrests come ahead of a planned protest rally outside Sogo at 4.00pm today, which also happens to be the day of the Big Wedding.

He was taken to the Jinjang Police Station.