Education and students' rights

I spotted a group outside USM this afternoon and didn’t realise what was going on until much later. Turns out that the gathering was part of the Jelajah roadshow by a group of university students to “free the universities” in the country.

The group was reportedly barred from speaking at USM by campus head of security Assoc Prof P Sundramoorthy, who asked them to disperse.

0131 (Monday): “Menurut Pengerusi Pro-M UMSKK, saudara Muhammad Asyraf Che Ani, kesemua yang ditahan telah dibebaskan. Syabas!” So says a tweet by @MsiswaGANYANG.

The eight, who were being held at the Karamusing Police Station, are Fahmi Zainol, Ainullutfi, Asyraf Che Ani, Fathihie, Jamhuri, Fadhil, Nazrin, and Tan Choonan. They were without a lawyer.