Education and students' rights

1. UKM is the only public university to receive an increased allocation in the 2016 Budget. Its estimated allocation will be increased by 5 per cent from RM488m to RM512m in 2015. All other public universities, including UTM, which is the highest ranking Malaysian university, have had their budgets trimmed, leading to concern among many that next year could see university tuition fee hikes. The above image is an excerpt from the 2016 budget allocations. What makes UKM so special?

I spotted a group outside USM this afternoon and didn’t realise what was going on until much later. Turns out that the gathering was part of the Jelajah roadshow by a group of university students to “free the universities” in the country.

The group was reportedly barred from speaking at USM by campus head of security Assoc Prof P Sundramoorthy, who asked them to disperse.

0131 (Monday): “Menurut Pengerusi Pro-M UMSKK, saudara Muhammad Asyraf Che Ani, kesemua yang ditahan telah dibebaskan. Syabas!” So says a tweet by @MsiswaGANYANG.

The eight, who were being held at the Karamusing Police Station, are Fahmi Zainol, Ainullutfi, Asyraf Che Ani, Fathihie, Jamhuri, Fadhil, Nazrin, and Tan Choonan. They were without a lawyer.