Civil society


What do you think of this clock? If you like it, contact Aliran to get one for yourself and support the group in the quest for justice, freedom and solidarity.

You can also support Aliran by attending the group’s fundraising dinner in KL on 23 July. It promises to be a happening event. Details here.


The KL mayor estimates the clean-up bill for the Red Shirts rally would come up to about RM50,000. Alam Flora is supposed to be doing the costing. But Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Rahman Dahlan says the bill is RM38,000 and Alam Flora has confirmed the amount. Everyone could see in photos the piles of trash left behind by the rally goers. And Alam Flora personnel were photographed being deployed during the event.


Update: It was also a no show at Komtar, where the group was supposed to stage a protest after the Friday solat prayer. In the event, only light strike force and other police personnel were present.

Original post:

No one turned up for a protest at the Aliran office around noon today despite a notice having been circulated over social media saying a silat group would be staging a demonstration outside the reform group’s premises in Jelutong, Penang.