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Charlie Hebdo terror mysteries

Why would a judicial police commissioner allegedly commit suicide while wrapping up a report on investigations into one of the biggest criminal acts in France in recent times?

Helric Fredou, a 45-year-old French police commissioner, reportedly shot and killed himself in his office at 1.00am, while he was wrapping up a police report after meeting with the family of one of the Paris murder victims. (more…)


Darth Vader music chases Labour MPs in Glasgow

With just two days left for the Scottish independence referendum, excitement is building up, with events at times taking on a bizarre if hilarious turn. A group of Labour MPs (about half the Labour shadow cabinet) arriving in Glasgow to campaign for Scotland to remain in the union found themselves heckled by a man in a rickshaw who blared the Imperial Death March from Star Wars. (more…)


Now Malaysian speculators snap up properties in London

An informed source has revealed to me that at one upmarket seafront apartment suites complex in northern Penang Island, the actual occupancy rate is just 10 per cent, even though the apartments have been sold out.

Contrary to popular belief that much of the property speculation/investment in high-end properties in Penang is by foreigners, the rough breakdown by nationality of owners of these particular apartments is as follows:

  • Malaysians based in the country (60 per cent),
  • Malaysians residing/working abroad (20 per cent), and
  • foreigners/others (20 per cent). (more…)