What I believe

I believe in a world where justice and peace rules, where all human beings (and not just a privileged few) will be treated with the dignity that is theirs as the children of the one God.

I believe in a world where the economy serves the people and not the other way around.

I believe that it has become even more urgent for us now to become stewards of the environment and to hold corporations and political leaders accountable for their wrongdoings.

I believe in the love, justice, compassion, simplicity and deep peace that Jesus (and many great women and men down the ages) taught us – not the materialism, consumerism, avarice, hatred, violence and war that the power structures of the day promote.

I believe in people-centred globalisation – a globalisation of solidarity – not corporate-led globalisation that promotes a world ruled by corporations aided by greedy politicians, bureaucrats and tycoons acting in cahoots with one another.

I believe that real journalism serves the interests of ordinary people and holds to account the powers-that-be and their associated vested political, business and corporate interests.


  1. Hi Anil, I agree with your comments on the USA housing bubble and it could happen anywhere where the Govt is all about itself and not about the People and Country as a whole.
    I’m trying to get a blog going but am having problems understanding how it works?
    John W

  2. Its like asking you to give your wife away to some rich man because she attracts more attention and therefore perhaps is capable of a greater economic contribution to your welfare. The analogy may be crude but it reflects the mindset.

    Penang was never made prosperous by its Chinese inhabitants who began as opium traders. It was a thriving entreport for centuries. The Chinese dominated it. If you put a million Malaysia or Indians there it would still be prosperous. Its position like that of Singapores is critical to commerce. It is also the hub of foreign investment activity created and fostered by the Mahathir government. It became attractive to the electronics industries of Japan and the west and the rest as they say is history.

    However Penang also has a tremendous attraction to foreigners and Malaysian’s alike for its serenity and picturesque beauty. It will always be a popular tourist destination.

    As for the Penang government’s attempts to gradually sinofy Penang, well it will not work. They have no magic that any of the other races themselves do not possess.

    As for your analysis with China you are way off the mark. China has more than de facto control of either Macau or Hong Kong. They are well entrenched in every respect in each of these places. Each of these two places have certain advantages which they allow to continue to prosper. But they control them in every respect.

    Penang always Malaysia.

  3. I believe in this situation when the country is facing financial burden. We must follow bold steps like China has taken. Even though HongKong and Macau belongs to China, but it receives revenue without controlling them. This is why the Chinese make money. If Penang given autonomy like S.A.R.C Hong Kong, the Penangites can bring the economy of Penang Island skyrocketing. Penang must become Special Administrative Region of Malaysia(S.A.R.M) – PENANG. The Federal Government can collect yearly income. Area Penang that needed to be separated is the Island only. Prai area should remain as the state of Prai and not Pulau Pinang. Special Administration powers will allow them to create their own monetary fund and denomination. Own set of liberal law. Build its own port at Balik Pulau deep sea area.

  4. Dotcal what do you mean by this overused term “a true Malaysian”? What is a “true Malaysian?” is it any different to being a Malaysian? or is there a qualification there too? A racial thing? It is the Chinese and the opposition who support them including Anil Netto and his blog that make everything into a racial issue.

    What they lack is the courage to openly vilify the Malays. Instead they attack UMNO and by doing that they attack the Malays. In so doing it is hoped that such yellow livered attack of the sort poorly disguised as a political attack will be somehow accepted by rational beings as being a political and therefore non racial . Nice try. Doesn’t work. The same with this claim to environmental concerns as expressed by Netto and his mates.

    As for the invitations to go to Calcutta and Mumbai the response is this. Since when did the morals, the lessons and the examples of development and politics come from the Indians that it requires an analogy or comparison to be drawn by a visit?

    In truth to answer this otherwise rhetorical question is this. It did a long time ago and endures to this day but you are unaware of it. Malaysia’s legal system derived from the British provides a plethora of common law cases to guide its legal system. Its very foundations in politics and law were derived from and developed under the Indian example as administered by the British.

    But getting back to your point you are clearly calling a bluff that decimates your arguments. Mumbai is a thriving metropolis which now resembles the Manhattan skyline in many parts (Rome wasn’t built in a day). Its developments on the cards will place it amongst the top 3 cities and metropolisis within the next decade. It has few beggars on the streets, its streets may be old but they are far cleaner than what you describe it to be. There is more employment there in numerical terms alone than there is in New York or Los Angeles or Detroit once the showcase of US economic prosperity. All this out of their own efforts.

    As for the deforestation of most of Malaysia and places as Papua New Guinea, South America, Gabon and other places in this world, the Chinese have singular responsibility for their clanishness and desire to dominate the business.

    They the Chinese must accept responsibility for their degradation of the environment. It should matter not whether I am a Chinese Eskimo or European posing as an Indian or whether I am Indian. Its a very typical of the “Malaysian opposition thing” to force identification or raise race issues in arguments as you have done.

    Netto conveniently in his quest for more democracy in Malaysia like the Chinese censors those parts of my postings that identify the Chinese culprits in this regard. Thats his and the oppositions idea of truth , free speech and democracy.

  5. Hello Kumar,

    Please do not make this a racial thing. Penang is not the only city that has the development versus environment problems. Since you sound like an Indian, you should visit Bombay, Calcutta and other Indian cities. The conditions there are deplorable! If you are a true Malaysian, go visit other cities in Malaysia e.g. Johor Bahru and the over developments are common sights. Please do not generalize and blame any particular race. Thank you!

  6. Its always good to be idealistic with any initiative and to be driven and motivated. But what do you term sustainability? how do you define it? Penang has a Chinese population that dominates the island. It has for sometime. They have turned it into what it is and that’s a very ugly sight if you consider sustainability and the environment. They are avaracious and have a voracious appetite for anything that makes a quick buck. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing if one is purely driven by an economic profit.

    Getting back to the point you have raised Eric what model of sustainability to you advance in your proposition? If we are to be precious about the truths we face in this exercise then it will not succeed. There is always the quick reaction to call statements as mine “racist”. Nothing could be further from the truth than what I have written.

    Till we get to the core of our problems with the environment (deforestation) and identify the culprits, we are engaging in cosmetic programmes for change and sustainability.

  7. In light of the Francis 1’s comment on the “redeemed”, would you revise your statement as his comments takes Christianity in to the 21st century in its love generated inclusiveness.

  8. If you don’t dream grkumar , you are a dead person, probably a zombie, every good thing comes from a dream . Go outdoor and see the world, it began with a dream!

  9. Further William and I don’t mean to be hurtful, you ought to learn to write in a manner that conveys what you wish to say. As it is your thoughts alone are on a subject that is contentious and of a subject that is of doubtful substance. To address such complex issues you need to at least get some assistance in putting together an argument that is understood by your adversary or your readers.

    But to your credit, you are not obscene or insulting.

  10. Dear GRKumar,

    I am not sure whether your question is for me or not.

    Well, let me answer your question. Those who do not believe in GOD still the definition of dignity will be applied, because somehow rather they believe in some kind of super-natural things or they may feel that something that leading them towards …

    As long as they believe in something or some kind of form, they actully beleive in GOD but they will not admid due to their arrogant thougths which controls their entire being.

    Even the Highest Devil who controls the eartly world and the darkness of the human being still believe in GOD for fearing that HIS power may cleanse the darkness from human being which the devil never like it.

    So you tell me now who doesn’t believe in something that they believe?… I have many more to testify if someone realy challenge that there is no GOD’s existance in this world.

    William Eethiah

    • Dear William it was not directed to you and secondly your “response” perhaps belongs amongst those spuernatural things you refer to in your respnse which I am unable to make any sense of.

      I do not believe in a God. In any God. I do not believe in Virgin Mary’s or in Jesus Christs both of which are a distrotion and re write of an ancient Hindu legend from their Upanishads, perhaps the oldest known logical records of religion and God.

      • ]

        Dear GRKumar,

        Curiously, what is your believe ? are you strongly intouch with your science ? or do you believe in something else which you want to share with, if you don’t mind can you could explain about the “Hindu the oldest distrotion and re write of an ancient Hindu legend from their Upanishads and the oldest known logical records of religion and God.


  11. Hi Anil,

    I’d like to get your email address if you don’t mind. This is for the purpose of us, to approach bloggers who would be interested to write about our upcoming KL Eco Film Festival in October 2012. KLEFF website is http://www.ecofilmfest.my. I hope to receive your response soon.

    Kind regards,


    In Malaysia, the politicians and their supporters are in the midst of meeting people, convincing and ensuring that they vote for them with their empty promises. Well no comments, it is politics. Every politician and the leaders ensuring everyone that they could do better than the other leaders’. You know that every Malaysian dreaming every moment that the “redeemer” will transform the Malaysia and tackle every crisis for peace and prosperity for better living but thus far never got for it. The rich becoming richer and the upper middle and the middle classes are drowning from their better living standard and facing uncertainty in thier daily live due to the political instability and I would bet the poors are likely to become the poorest of the poor in Malaysia if the Government doesn’t concern about the living standard of all Citizens regardless of race religion and colour.

    Recently, two of our fellows are fighting one another and ensuring everyone of their political stability, one is Dato Seri Najib Razak the other is Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. To me it doesn’t matter who will become the prime Minister of Malaysia, my concern is can you deliver? do you have “a caliber to clean the mess” which done by many ?. One fellow, promising that he will continue to serve us and to do better for us if he wins and the other fellow says, he would do better than the other if he becomes. As for me, I don’t see their weaknesses, but I see their ability and caliber (my rate for them is only 50 50). I may be not worthy to generalize their stands and views for their choice and ability to serve the country but I as one of the Malaysian have my fundamental rights which allows in the Federal Constitution to express my view.

    One Malaysia is a Secular Country which constitutes multi national, multi racial, multi cultural and multi lingual but is not sure whether the Government and its leaders have shown or reserved any respect for those multi nationals without malice and ethnic cleansing. I am not talking for one community but as a whole. I leave it to your conscience. But be careful, don’t be overconfident on your deeds. People of Malaysia are watching, knows what you are doing and make sure when you come to power rectify as quick as possible before it is too late otherwise expect uprising! This is only my view.

    Uprising doesn’t ignite by someone, you believe it or not it is an act of GOD, He will instrumental someone to lead the uprising. Along the way I read so many leaders looting the Government wealth in the pretext of administering the Government of the day. The middles eastern are an example, due to the leaders greed the uprising ignited in the now there are uncertainty for peace and Prosperity. Thousands of Billion Dollars been mishandled by the cleverest leaders all over the world but they all went down and still going down one by one due to their greed. So, believe it or not, this is an Act of GOD which you and I cannot escape from our deeds. This time our country is facing very crucial moment which I and you can not predict, only God knows what will happen.

    Finally, my opinion is opposition is unlikely to control the power but likely to gain more seats. The opposition has to come out with new mandate, the mandate of unity with total “secular heart”. Please don’t give your empty promises to other ethnicity that anyone can become a Prime Minister. Of course the Federal Constitution allows, even I have that ambition to become a Prime Minister of Malaysia in order to lead my people with peace and prosperity but thus far none of you even the past leaders are being humbled or accepted the humility and let other races, who are struggled for this country since the early kingdom, the foundation of the Malaya and thereafter the Federated Malaya now Malaysia for the Chief Executive Post. The Americans, the well known Super Power, accepted the Black President and he is doing well. Sooner or later a black Pope is possible in the near future, everything is possible for GOD. Be broad and value your promises and serve our NATION AS ONE with peace and prosperity.

  13. Hi,

    Its good to hear of Malaysians who respect the dignity of human beings. It is seldom though.

    Please keep up your good work in not supporting the introduction of nuclear technology in Malaysia and I would say in ASEAN countries which can choose freely to become NUCLEAR FREE – supporting each other in embracing the huge potential of renewable energy and not competing to become the first to have a nuclear plant.

    Thank you and good luck.

    Mani Suprayan, Berlin Germany

  14. Hi Anil,

    We know for the fact your knowledgeable in various topics. As such, we are in need of your help.

    The problem is that the Office of Penang Diocese is (allegedly) planning to install a Telecomunication Antena on top of our new builded Activity Centre in the Church of Risen Christ, Air Itam, Penang.

    We heard that the Antena is from xxx, for their new cellular company called xxx. We also heard its not safe as there is possiblity of electomagnetic radation on prolong usage.

    Our children uses the centre for Sunday Classes. This is worring us. Please need your help to provide some facts in order for us to prepare a letter protest to the Bishop of Penang before the installation starts.

    Your kind assistance to the above matter will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards
    Concerned Parents

    • I haven’t heard about this. But perhaps, as a first step, you might want to verify the facts with the parish council/parish priest, and if at all it is true, express your concerns to them.

  15. “I believe in a world where the economy serves the people and not the other way around.”
    as a businessman, i share the same belief. there are many little napoleans in the civil service hampering our growth , also we are peppered with lousy political with bad leadership skill who serve their own personal , party agenda not taxpayer’s interest.

  16. Hey Anil

    I KNOW your middle name! … that’s because I remembered it from school. It’s been a long time. Have read several of your handywork in several sources. Good work buddy – keep it up.

    Pax Vorbiscum

  17. Hi Anil,


  18. Dear jerry, Your comments have their merits. But if you are catholic I am sure you know the church, no matter its faults must carry on the Lord’s Love (his instructions etc)and hand it back to him as unblemished as humanly possible on the last day. Therefore let us have some compassion for the humans running the church as did Jesus have for mankind.

  19. Hi Anil,
    Have been reading your writing with great interest. I think Sarawak needs people like you to write about the state. It’s a pity there is none at the moment willing to forego their comfortable job and turn to freelance journalism. My salute to you.

  20. Hi Anil
    A voice from the heady accountancy days of London!Very good to come across your blog site & what you stand for. With the change in regime (long awaited, but rewards come to those who are patient!)in Pg state, there’s now an opportunity to get involved with outreach work to school kids on environmental education via the deputy CM’s office. Perhaps I should email you separately about this to see if you might be interested to become involved in some way, or publicise this? (I’m still in UK by the way, but planning a trip soon to coincide with ‘the new thinking’ & see if we can contribute, even in some small way.)
    ‘Màs vale trade que nunca’
    Look forward to hearing.
    All good wishes

  21. Dear All,
    Jesus is the son of god in the flesh.Meaning he is the Alpha and Omega.Many during his time failed to see it, as do many even now.Even demons and Lucifer himself acnowledge Jesus as “Son of the Most High”.
    I just want to point out that Jesus did not come to teach anything “new” BUT to request each to live our lives as new beings. As Saviour for ALL mankind he will be the JUST JUDGE in the 2nd Coming… So what does this mean for all of us? Simple.
    Love God with all your heart, Love your neighbor as yourself.Are we doing it? Peace to all.


  22. Hi,

    I found the articals you share and opinion you voice out is fair and i like your website to search and know the latest news shared without prejudice.


  23. GOLDART, you should read Deepak Chopra’s new book -‘The Third Jesus’.

    He talks of the 3 Jesuses in the world today.

    The first Jesus was the historical Jesus.

    The second Jesus was an invention of the Roman Empire to perpetuate it’s vested interests.

    The third Jesus is the philosophical Jesus which many Christians don’t know because the church only accepts 4 gospels whereas there were 30 over books written about Jesus and the Apostles.

    The philosophy of Jesus parallels the philosophy of Hinduism and Bhuddism in many ways. I’m talking about the philosophy, not the rites and rituals of Hinduism and Bhuddism.

  24. I don’t follow the so-called “christian” teachings of churches of the world today. I only follow the true teachings of Jesus.

    I’m not obssessed with healing the sick. Just following the teachings of Jesus. Didn’t Jesus always tell the Apostles to go and heal the sick in the Gospels? Liberating the people from oppressive structures in society and healing of the sick was what the Apostles did. Shouldn’t this be the main thrust of the churches today instead of focusing on building buildings, saying masses and administering sacraments?

    Remember Jesus was also very critical of the scribes and Pharisees during the time of the early church.


  26. I believe that religion divides people. Organized religion breeds power mongering and corruption.

    The ignorant need religion but the wise believe in God and respect the laws of nature as nature is a manifestation of God.

    Jesus didn’t come to start a new religion but just advised people to respect God in nature.

    Many christians today go to church every Sunday but are absolutely clueless about the teachings of Jesus thanks to St.Paul the Roman centurion, the Roman empire and the Roman Catholic church.

    One can see how far they have deviated form the true teachings of Jesus and the Essenes. That’s why in US when parents entrusted priests to take care of their children because they saw them as role models, the priests instead sexually abused them.

    The main activity of priests/ministers should be healing of the sick. This was how Jesus and the apostles evangelized. They became well known in contemporary Jewish society for their ability to heal the sick. Today our priests are busy saying masses, building churches, administering the 7 sacraments (and fainting during mass – (one priest) fainted in church one Sunday during mass. Poor chap was not taught the healing teachings of Jesus in seminary).

    After killing thousands of innocent Iraqians, Britons, and Americans in their war for oil, George Bush is given a special audience by Pope Benedict and Tony Blair is baptized a Catholic by the Pope. (I feel) this was done to show Catholics worldwide that the church approves of what Bush and Blair did in their war for oil. The Axis of evil is Bush, Blair and Benedict.

  27. In the worst of difficulties, Mother Theresa saw the play of the divine and, in serving the dying poor, she discovered the mercy of Jesus. Mother Theresa called it “meeting Christ in his distressing disguise”

    An old Tibetan Lama who was thrown into a Chinese prison for eighteen years said that he viewed his prison guards and torturers as his greatest teachers. There he says, he learned the compassion of a Buddha. It is this spirit that allows the Dalai Lama to refer to the communist Chinese who have occupied and destroyed his country as, “my friends, the enemy”.

    It is impossible to sin when you live in love, truth and awareness. When the majority in the society lives in love, truth and awareness, then unconscious politicians will become a thing of the past. Spirituality will be infused into politics by the group consciousness which lives in love, truth and awareness.

    Our job is to raise our awareness and, if allowed to, help others raise their awareness. That will help the group consciousness to live in love, truth and awareness.

    You are doing a good job towards that end.

    The meek shall inherit the earth.

    Blessed Be.

  28. There is so much of truth in what you said and i believe in that truth too.

    May the Truth prevail.

    K.R Pramila

  29. Yes anil If everyone feels the same way too this world would be a better place. We can pray for it to happen, yes we can!

    God Bless


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