What I believe

I believe in a world where justice and peace rules, where all human beings (and not just a privileged few) will be treated with the dignity that is theirs as the children of the one God.

I believe in a world where the economy serves the people and not the other way around.

I believe that it has become even more urgent for us now to become stewards of the environment and to hold corporations and political leaders accountable for their wrongdoings.

I believe in the love, justice, compassion, simplicity and deep peace that Jesus (and many great women and men down the ages) taught us – not the materialism, consumerism, avarice, hatred, violence and war that the power structures of the day promote.

I believe in people-centred globalisation – a globalisation of solidarity – not corporate-led globalisation that promotes a world ruled by corporations aided by greedy politicians, bureaucrats and tycoons acting in cahoots with one another.

I believe that real journalism serves the interests of ordinary people and holds to account the powers-that-be and their associated vested political, business and corporate interests.