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Petronas’ profit before tax has slumped by about 43 per cent so far in the current financial year and this is bound to have an effect on government revenue and Petronas’ own reinvestment plans.

In fact, profit before tax was almost halved in the second quarter compared to the same period last year while cash flow from operating activities dropped by a third.

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This is Najib speaking at the UN general assembly, where he delivered an impassioned speech about the need to oppose extremism. (Check out 2:45 in the video to see the other Malaysians at the UN.) All well and good, but will he oppose extremism, whether religious or racial, which threatens to tear us apart in Malaysia? We are watching, and so far not many are convinced by his resolve in reining in the bigots out to create trouble here.

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Check this out, the position at 28-29 September, courtesy of The Edge.

Change so far in 2015
Currency Latest bid End prev year % Move
Japan yen 119.29 119.66 +0.31
Sing dlr 1.4307 1.3260 -7.32
Taiwan dlr 33.280 31.718 -4.69
Korean won 1195.24 1099.30 -8.03
Baht 36.43 32.90 -9.69
Peso 46.92 44.72 -4.68
Rupiah 14715.00 12380.00 -15.87
Rupee 66.13 63.03 -4.68
Ringgit 4.4750 3.4965 -21.87
Yuan 6.3644 6.2040 -2.52

And the end is not in sight. Another key test looms this week.