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While most of us were focussed on the massive 1MDB scandal, we were nearly hit by the so-called TPP agreement. Do-or-die TPP negotiations were almost concluded, but thankfully, they were stalled at the last minute by some sticky points.

But this TPP won’t go away so easily: it is not an ordinary ‘trade agreement’. That term ‘trade agreement’ is part of the corporate media propaganda ploy to try and ‘sell’ the TPP deal to a naive public.

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If you thought the divisions in Pakatan were bad enough, Umno itself is split. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this clip.

How bad can it get? Even staunch Umno supporter Ummi Hafilda has had enough! Now, isn’t this poetic? She helped in the effort to remove Anwar as DPM and now here she is in tears over the ouster of DPM Muhyiddin! Boo-hoo-hoo. You reap what you sow.