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Limbo low now, how low can we go – before things get better? (By the way, where is Jho Low now?) Everywhere you go, you hear gloom about the state of the economy – and this public sentiment is not without basis.

The following graphs speak volumes about the state of affairs of the country:

Malaysia’s external debt stood at a staggering RM745bn in the fourth quarter of 2014. And that would exclude contingent liabilities and off-budget/off-balance sheet items. This is the graph for the last five years:


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The City of Dreams project site

This statement by a group of Seri Tanjung Pinang residents hammers home the point as to why land and property development-for-infrastructure swap deals are a bad idea.

Such deals compromise the development regulatory process by presenting the land reclamation or property developments projects as done deals – because they are needed to finance the infrastructure projects.

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The beatification of the slain Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Romero, on the birthday of the church marks a watershed for the church under Francis’ stewardship.

At the start of his ministry as Bishop of Rome, Francis had expressed the desire to see the church transformed into the Church of the Poor. And on Pentecost this year, the Spirit, it would appear, is propelling the church in exactly that direction.

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A major project near the Gurney Drive roundabout

It is the turn of the Gurney Drive residents to feel the pressure of high-density development in the absence of a gazetted Local Plan and the apparent flouting of density limits stipulated in the Penang Island Structure Plan.

At least four major projects are in the pipeline:

  • a large project near the Gurney Drive roundabout
  • a 20-storey block addition to Sunrise Tower
  • a 41-storey hotel at the site of Corner Club.
  • the Setia V Residences: a 43-storey tower and a 48-storey tower.