Elected reps in lock-up uniforms

These are the elected representatives of the people of Teja and Simpang Pulai. They were arrested when police swooped down on a Pecat IGP sit-in at Dataran Merdeka earlier today.

Simpang Pulai Adun Chang Lih Kang and Teja Adun Tan Kar Hing – Photograph: Fahmi Fadzil

Meanwhile, Rafizi Ramli is the latest elected rep to be arrested while a UM lecturer Dr Khoo Ying Hooi is under investigation for an article he wrote.

Another day, another arrest(s).

We are still waiting for action to be taken against those who have squandered billions of ringgit of public funds or accumulated billions of ringgit in debt.


Anti-GST protesters: Names of the 25 held overnight in Shah Alam

These were the 25 activists taken to the Shah Alam District Police Headquarters last night. Release them now!

  1. Megat Khairul Anuar Razali
  2. Suhaili Wan Azahar
  3. Azhar Achil
  4. Md Sani Md Shah
  5. Mohd Nasaie Ismail
  6. Ahmad Syukri Ab Razab
  7. Arul
  8. Suresh Kumar
  9. Muhammad Safwan Anang
  10. Akmal Noradzmi
  11. Edyes SAMM
  12. Dr Jeyakumar
  13. Nasir
  14. Khairol Najib
  15. Dr Hatta Ramli
  16. Che’gu Bard
  17. Pian
  18. Tan Chee Hooi
  19. Nagen
  20. Bawani
  21. Saras
  22. Sook Hwa
  23. Annie Ooi (Auntie Bersih)
  24. Nashita Md Noor
  25. A Jerit activist



Stunning reversal: Developer freed from order to rebuild historical mansion

madame pykett

I am baffled as to how the order to rebuild the demolished 19th century historical Khaw Sim Bee Mansion (along Pykett Avenue) could be so easily lifted.

The lifting of the order seems to follow a certain modus operandi – order a halt to construction work, make a big show of ordering rebuilding or restoration, wait until the public outcry subsides or until enough people forget, and then allow business as usual to proceed. (more…)


89 anti-GST protesters arrested; MPs Kumar, Hatta among 26 held overnight

A total of 89 anti-GST activists were arrested today, of whom 26 are being held overnight by police.

Twenty five of them, including six women, are being transported from the Kelana Jaya Police Station to the Shah Alam District Police Headquarters. (The 25 arrived there after midnight; the remaining one of them is still at Kelana Jaya.)



89 anti-GST protesters arrested

About 80 people were arrested at an anti-GST protest at the Customs complex in Kelana Jaya this evening. Several more were arrested late tonight; they were among a crowd holding vigil outside the Kelana Jaya Police Station tonight.

The crowd outside the police station are chanting, “Hidup, Hidup, Bantah, Bantah!”