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If we thought the divisions in Pakatan were bad, Umno itself is split. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this clip.

How bad can it get? Even stauch Umno supporter Ummi Hafilda has had enough! (Now, isn’t this poetic? She helped in the effort to remove Anwar as DPM and now here she is in tears over the ouster of DPM Muhyiddin! Boo-hoo. You reap what you sow.)

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Let’s get to the point.

Aliran’s P Ramakrishnan has issued a press release, in which he says:

If the PM can either confirm or deny what has been written concerning him on two counts, it can bring to a close the controversy that is presently raging.

  1. The private accounts that have been attributed to him in the AmIslamic Bank – are they his personal accounts?
  2. The alleged RM2.6bn that had found its way into these accounts – is this indeed true?

The PM so far has not denied these but can he at least affirm that these are facts?

If he can do these, we need not go after those who are only acting in the interest of the nation. These innocent people need not be hounded and their lives made difficult.