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Before the bitter PIL, there was PORR: What they said in 2002

The alignment of the proposed Penang Outer Ring Road, which was eventually scrapped

Before the current plan for an extravagant RM8bn 19.5km six-lane Pan Island Link (PIL) highway, there was the RM1.0bn 17km four-lane Penang Outer Ring Road project, which was eventually scrapped following an outcry from the then opposition party in Penang, the DAP.

12 eateries in Penang shut down – so much for xenophobia

Many Malaysians have this perception that eating places staffed by foreign workers are less hygienic.

International banker slams method used to implement transport masterplan

The original Halcrow transport masterplan

An overseas-bases international banker working with a prominent global financial institution has criticised the Request for Proposals procurement method used to select a project delivery partner to implement the Halcrow masterplan.

Alert: They are trying to push through that RM8bn six-lane highway

An artist's impression

Calling all Penangites: While the rest of the world is turning to more sustainable forms of urban mobility especially in view of climate change, here we are in Penang going backwards.

A birthday celebration with a twist in the new Malaysia

Cute video above. I don’t think such a warm clip would have been possible – it wouldn’t have been so relaxed and natural – in the old Malaysia. But you can see what we have missed all these years just by watching the above clip.